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The Blind Collab Group

(What is a blind collab, anyway?)

A group for helping keep track of blind collab fics done.
Please keep thread notifications turned on, so you'll be informed of the progress!
(at least until you've done your chapter)

Remember: no peeking! Don't tell the other authors anything about chapters they're not supposed to see.

January 2014 project:
Chapter length target: 3000 words.
Rating: Everyone
Prompt: "Breaking the law; it seemed like a good idea at the time."
Author List
Chapter 1--Neko-sama ZERO
Chapter 2--Sidain
Chapter 2--Jioplip
Chapter 2--Pump It Up
Chapter 3--ThatOneWriter
Chapter 4--Midnight Sonare
Chapter 5--Flint Sparks
Chapter 6--ocalhoun

There has been another setback, and now the author for chapter 2 has changed again.
✓Restart project
✓ Authors sign up for the project
✓ All authors join this group
✓ Decide which chapters each author will do; choose a first and last author
✓ First author writes chapter 1
✓ First author sends chapter 1 to Second author.
(in progress) Second author proofreads chapter 1
(in progress) Second author writes chapter 2 -- Deadline: July 20th
_ Second author sends chapter 2 to Third author
_ Third author proofreads chapter 2
_ Third author writes chapter 3
_ Third author sends chapter 3 to Fourth author
_ Fourth author proofreads chapter 3
_ Fourth author writes chapter 4
_ Fourth author sends chapter 4 to Fifth author
_ Fifth author proofreads chapter 4
_ Fifth author writes chapter 5
_ Fifth author sends chapter 5 to Sixth author
_ Sixth author proofreads chapter 5
_ Sixth author writes chapter 6
_ Seventh author sends chapter 6 to Seventh author
_ Seventh author proofreads chapter 6
_ Seventh author writes chapter 7
_ Seventh author sends chapter 7 to First author
_ First author collects all the chapters ✓1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6_7
_ First author proofreads and makes edits for continuity
_ Determine which author has the most followers
_ First author sends final story to the author with the most followers
_ Most followed author posts the story

*Remember, this is a collab, not a competition. Keep the other authors in mind when you're writing your chapter, and try to make sure you give the next author a plot he/she can work with.
*Proofread and edit your own work. Don't be sloppy, expecting the next author to clean up your chapter.
*Put your name and the chapter number at the top of your chapter (to help avoid confusion). In the end, it will be appended on to the chapter title so that readers will know who wrote each chapter. The 'author's notes' at the bottom of each chapter will include a link to that author's profile, once posted.

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Thanks for creating this group! I'm half blind so this group is officially awesome

It vaguely concerns me that I have absolutely no recollection of joining this group, nor did I even know of its existence. Strange. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I'm in it, by whatever means.

It very well might. :derpytongue2: That's part of the fun. :trollestia:

I just realized that, due to how the chapters are sent to the next author.
This story might derail into the brick wall of clusterf*ck that I'm desperatly aiming for on my own.

Yep. With as much attention as this one is getting, there's definitely going to be some more in the future. Keep thread notifications on to find out when.
(I have no idea how long this is going to take to finish.)

Well, the author after you will help clean up your chapter some, and the first author (ElectreXcessive) will be looking over the whole thing. They'll help tune it up if it needs it.
(And it's a just for fun thing, anyway. You can only get writing experience by writing.)

Just for the record, I'm likely to be in a different time zone to most of you fine folks, being British and all :moustache:

I literally have troubles sleeping because of this.
What if I'm not good enough...
Oh well, bite the bullet! I suppose.

This shit sounds badass. Let's make some stories!

I think I'll join this next time it opens up. Sounds like fun! :twilightsmile:

Well, this round is full (unless some cancel), but you're welcome to go for it next time around.

Keep an eye on the forum threads to see the announcement when the time comes.

I love this sort of thing! I do it all the time! May I participate?

Hm... only two showed up so far...

If not everyone's here by tomorrow, I'll send the stragglers PM's

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