You know Flint Sparks? One of the administrators in Twilight's Library? Creator of the sassiest thing ever to be on the Internet? An awesome dude who deemed me worthy of a follow? :rainbowkiss:

Well, he doesn't have a fan group yet. And I took it upon myself to remedy this problem!

1. Follow site rules.
2. Don't be mean.
3. NSFW goes in the NSFW tagged threads and the NSFW folder.

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344422 then it would have been overcontrolling white bitch woman in equestria

oh btw my mom i can say what i want mmmhmm!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I actually thought of your mother. :trollestia:

344418 true story i was the character base for lashona the SBWIE even though i am a tall white dude

1.) He used my OC in my profile pic: Ember.
2.) I'm totally cool with it. Back when I was an editor, I edited for him. We go back. :heart:

344409 character's a mare

she's technically in my story so i added it have fun

I feel that I belong here. :pinkiecrazy:

Congrats Flint, you've gotten popular enough to have your own FAN CLUB! :fluttercry: I'm so fucking proud.

Eh, why the hell not? I know you're not supposed to make/ask for one, but there's no rule against joining your own fan club.

Also, I pity those who add all my fics. I have a lot. And they are bad. :moustache:

Why you gotta be so quick, MetaKnight145?

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