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In a blind collab, each author writes his or her chapter based only on the one before it.
You're 'blind' to any chapters that come before or after that. -- until the end, when you get to see what it all created.
The goal is still to create a cohesive fic, though. Each chapter should build on the ones before, and each should flow on to the next smoothly.

It goes like this:
:twilightsmile: After a few authors sign up, (say, for the sake of explanation, 4), author A writes the first chapter of a fic.
:ajsmug: Author A sends chapter 1 to Author B, and Author B writes chapter 2. (and proofreads chapter 1)
:unsuresweetie: (Here's where it gets tricky) Author B sends ONLY chapter 2 to Author C; Author C writes chapter 3. (and proofreads chapter 2)
:rainbowhuh: Author C sends ONLY chapter 3 to Author D; Author D writes chapter 4 (and proofreads chapter 3)
:facehoof: Author A then collects all 4 chapters, proofreads them, and makes a few minimal edits to try to get the thing to make sense.
:twilightoops: The resulting fic gets published under the name of whichever author has the most followers (with the coauthors listed and linked to in the description, of course).

Chapters will be of (around) a set length, and guidelines for content will be given for each round.
For some rounds, things about the story's plot, setting, or characters may be dictated beforehand, in other rounds, it may be anything goes.

If that's something you think you might enjoy, join the group, and make sure thread notifications are on. We'll start a new one every time one finishes.

So, I'm assuming that we have enough authors and that we should begin planning the sequence and such?

Group Admin


Next steps:
-get everybody to join the group (to make keeping track of everything easier)
-decide who writes what chapters

Feel like doing the first or last chapter?
They'll be especially difficult, but especially rewarding.
First is difficult because you've got to come up with a premise that can keep people busy for 6 chapters... last is difficult because you've got to somehow work what you're given into a satisfying conclusion.
But, for the first chapter, you get to set the premise and tone of the whole thing, and in the last chapter, you get to decide how it ends.
(I've taken a look at the other authors, and most of them do look a lot less experienced [sorry guys :twilightoops:], so I'm hoping you'll take either the first or the last, and I can take the other one.)

I'd be more than happy to take either the first or the last. I'll take whatever you feel will put less of a burden on you :twilightsmile:

Group Admin

You can have the first then. :rainbowwild:

Might as well get started on it. :twilightblush:

I shall have it done fairly soon, my friend.

What kind of word count are we lookin' at here for each chapter?

Group Admin

I was thinking around 3000 to 5000 for each chapter. That's flexible, of course. Only need a guideline to help make sure we don't end up with vastly longer or shorter chapters.


I usually can get about 2000 done, is that okay?

Group Admin

Whatever you can manage. :twilightsmile: I'm just anxious to finally get this thing moving.

1913580 This... is brilliant. :twilightsmile:
But I won't join yet. :twilightblush:

Group Admin

Um... okay? :rainbowhuh:

1913580 wow. That is chaotic and could go in so many wrong directions.

I love it.

Group Admin

That's the beauty of it! :pinkiehappy:

1913580 I'm down for this, if you have any spots open.

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