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Dementia Ravenmane

I'm just a simple horse trying to make my way through the universe. People say I'm bad at writing happy endings.


A friend of a friend needs some help · 8:48am Oct 29th, 2015

Foals Errand explains it better than I ever could hope to: Link to the original blog post, click it out of the goodness of your heart.

No, I'm not completely dead. Just have a lot to do in real life and a distinct lack of inspiration.

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Hurrah a new stalker!

1728737 lel, good fun. I really can't stand those kinds of people. :heart:

1726970 Oh, that incident. Your triggers were triggered by the aftermath of a review I posted. Some kid wrote a really bad fanfiction featuring his self-insert Mary Sue (Gary Stu in this case) Original Character, and I posted a lengthy comment telling him what I thought of it. I especially focused on how awful his OC was, I do so enjoy pointing out why an original character sucks.

You can probably guess the rest; kid got mad, threw a tantrum and made silly threats against anyone criticising the story and/or OC, got himself banned.

1726911 When I first visited your userpage there were 2 comments with more than 10 downvotes. Some kid screaming about Mary Sue... it's the sort of thing that triggers my triggers. :heart:

1726204 Controversial you say? In what way, exactly?

1726141 I don't know, but you seem controversial. :heart:

1726065 Greetings. What brings you to my user page?

Thanks for joining Overly Stupid Fanfiction! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and remember to have any stories you might want to add approved by the Story Approver or admin.

1423867 Heh, not sure if it's to be called a review, it was more of a quick thought.

  • Viewing 111 - 120 of 120
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