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The freshest beats available any time, here. Also, the freshest ships and editing. Seriously, if you want me to edit something send me a PM. Please. I'm so bored. Also my favourite pone is Vinyl.


Loving it · 2:03pm Jan 7th, 2015

My break before uni is amazing.

I'll be doing some more writing throughout the night, so look forward to that!

Also, I've doing some more beats, and this time even including some inspired by fanfictions!

Here are the two, inspired by separate stories.


Misty Mornings

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Mmm, delicious.

Also my favourite pone is Vinyl.

Vinyl is best pone.
Also Tavi.

lel feget u liek horsez? lm@0 u shud kil urself stoopid borny leleleleelel maymaymaymay xDDD

love u bby<3

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

1627041 It's a pretty great story so far mang, keep it up.

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