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The freshest beats available any time, here. Also, the freshest ships and editing. Seriously, if you want me to edit something send me a PM. Please. I'm so bored. Also my favourite pone is Vinyl.


Vinyl Scatch was a successful pony. Sure, she didn't have mountains of cash or a penthouse apartment, but she lived comfortably. Besides who needs all that stuff when you've got the music?

Trixie, on the other hoof, had lived on the edge of poverty for most of her life, making little money and living in a cart. In a last ditch attempt to make something of herself, she turns to Manehatten, the city where dreams are made.

But neither could have predicted what would come of their unlikely partnership.

Follow Trixie and Vinyl on the uneven road to happiness, as they attempt to explore their unexpected friendship. But will something more emerge?

A Trixie x Vinyl Scratch story.

Chapters (12)
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Comments ( 84 )

Yay, new story!

As always, comments, critism, yadda yadda yadda.

new story? NEW PAIRING. :twilightsmile:

well, that was nice.

The first part seemed to drag ever so slightly, but that might just be from the large paragraphs.

hey, vinyl*trixie? haven't seen that one before... -tracking-


An interesting pairing, tracking, hope it goes well

Glad you guys like the idea.

Heh, sorry 'bout dragging it on, I just love description. Don't worry, I'm sure the next part will capture your attention more.

Are you telling me I came up with something original. HYES! :raritywink:

Do you know how awesome this idea is?


This awesome.

I suggest making your chapters a little longer though, and adding a bit more "meat." The detail in the intro was pretty awesome, but the rest felt kind of ...Bare. Don't really know what else to say. But your writing is good and your idea is [image] so this is probably going to go places I like. Me gusta.

And Vinyl...?
This... Actually seems interesting. I'll read it! :V

I uberaba what you meant by meat, as in depth. I need to add more reasons to like the characters, and I need to describe settings and actions more. Mind you, it only took me twenty minutes to write this, I needed to get itout before I left for Japan.

Also, if you look at my other stories, most of their chapters have 4000 words plus, sone expecting the next ones to be longer.

>dat pic.


Well then buck me sideways with a thermic lance, you know what you're doing.

see if you can find a way to effectively break it up and it'll seem to move faster.

I just hate when it seems to take forever to get through a paragraph, something that carries over from when i read books and it takes forever to get through a page, it makes the experience seem to drag.

Oh. My god i have never been so exited for a trixe pair up let alone with the greatsest dj evar soooooo trackingchzb.gr/xTFZhT

I love where this is going! Thanks for writing this!

Just when I think I saw every ship, I see a new one. Probably for the best. I probably would have gone mad if I saw one more Twixie Fic (not that there not good, its just there are a lot of them)

Wow! A Vinyl Scratch story! Excellent! She is one of my favorite ponies, JUST because she plays dubstep. It's not really normal at all and that's why I freaking love her! She's in my story as well, but not as detailed as you had made her. Excellent work with the musics in the beginning, I could hear it in my head as that bass dropped like a rock. I really need to add more detail to the chapter I just wrote. My excuse, it's 1 AM

VinlyXnot octavia?

Since when?

Trixie seems to be getting around lately. Just yesterday I saw a Trixie x Rainbow Dash fic, now here she is getting shipped with Vinyl.

Anyway, it's an interesting premise, and it's pretty well written so far. I wanna see where it goes :pinkiehappy:

Yay, people like my idea!

Question, how is it that a story that took me twenty minutes to write, gets three times as many comments and favs than one that I spent three days to do? Drat you internet!

Also, cheese.



Yup, this fic will prove once again that any pairing can be a success if it's written well.
Tracked. :yay:


I like the story idea. Waiting for more. :eeyup:

Oh no, now I have people expecting me to write well. I shall try my best!

I'm in Japan at the moment (Hi from Japan!), so I can't really do any writing.


The next part should be out on Feb the fifth.

Updatin' them tags.

The slice of life tag is from the ending (which I Only just figured out). It's based around a part Of my life where sad stuff happened. You'll see.

Bye from Japan!

no, i dont see what you did there (or DID i?)
yay new chapter, and vinyl is a baws

Haha, I am the fifteenth person to follow you. I like that number. Also I don't know about you but I love Vinyls eyes, they are so amazing.

Oh god, slumber parties! :rainbowlaugh: Can't wait for the next chapter.
You're doing an excellent job so far and I absolutely love the pairing! :pinkiesmile:

Yeah, the pairing name seemed kinda awkward to me, but the pairing itself is far from it! (Trinyl?)
Thanks for spotting the mistake, I'll try and get it fixed. At the moment, it's just me reading and proofing this story, although I have been recieving help and advice from Sanitylost.

Fifteen?! Excuse me whilst I go outside and sing to myself, it keeps me happy!

Yup, slumber parties one-oh-one, the best fun anypony can have ever. I can't wait to finish the next chapter.

Thanks for the comments, when I see 'em in my inbox, I feel all fuzzy inside!

interesting very interesting

how i imagine a trixie dialogue would go... I approve

I suppose you like dubstep?

"Still Getting It" Foreign Beggars Feat Skrillex

Probably the only good song Skrillex has ever made.

Out of Skrillex?

Why not Tristam?

Dead mau5 can't do a good drop for shit, bratkilla is pretty good, tristam, yeah he's pretty good.

547124 Thanks. i will check him out,oh yes have this:

Strictly made an account to say I love this story! And want moar >:3 pwease c: and ya know I am very serious face cause I set the account up on my IPhone D: anyways awesome reads! Can't wait to see more :3 :pinkiehappy:

Also on the topic of stellar dubstep, check out dubstep violin - Lindsey stirling - crystallize. I feel like thats something straight from Vinyl and Octavia's perspective :trollestia:

Obsidia Ft. CoMa - Falling
Cyberoptix - Geisha
Vexare - The Clockmaker
Cryptex - Slay it

Sweet I'll check those out.

Also, have you listened to Droptek's newest EP, fucking SWEET!

Okay, so on the topic of the story: I'm sorry.

I've been neglecting my writing for a long time now, but with good reason!

First, I had exams, but this was a while ago. After that, I received a Dota 2 key, and lost myself in that awesome game! (Wanna play with me? Add me: Razzamatazz969) Then I went to New Zealand with my Jazz Band for the Rhapsody Roturua festival, which was awesome! And then I was stuck at my mum's for half of the holidays with something I caught in New Zealand.

But I plan to do some writing tonight! I have a half finished chapter for this story, meaning that, hopefully, I'll be able to update it by tomorrow afternoon at the latest, and tonight if I don't die from coughing too hard.

Anyway, that's about it from me, cya later!

Oh, and thanks for the song suggestions, if you have any more Dubstep, Electro or any EDM suggestions, don't be afraid to send 'em my way! :scootangel:

Yes Dota 2 can be very addicting. (off note)

otherwise I like the story and hope you continue despite not having word.

Good shit. Where are the comments?

EDIT: After a quick refresh I find I'm 2-3 minutes behind of first comment, even if it is in favor of the rules to not brag about it. But being able to use the question would be nice.

Inteligint sied ftw

yay your back i missed this story a lot :pinkiehappy:

I've had about 18 views, so there are all the comments :D

On a side note, yes DotA 2 is very addicting, and I've been playing it a lot!

995313 If I remember correctly, you're supposed to be one of the highest rated ficwriters... Where are your hundreds of views?


Oh, my sides!

I don't know where you heard that, but it's definitely not the truth. I may be good, but I'm not the best. Thanks for thinking that though! I certainly would like a lot of views and comments, so if you could, just pass this around to different people.

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