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Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here and working on stories with a religious fervor.

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One-Thousand Likes! · 6:48am Nov 20th, 2015

'Living Forever...' just reached 1,000 likes. My first story ever to achieve such a number.

...I am so happy right now.

Report Whateverdudezb · 286 views · Story: Living Forever... ·

Tutelary Spirit Universe: Main Installments

  • Lessons Learned from Loyalty Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a young stallion soars high into the clouds, searching for the Element of Loyalty. by Whateverdudezb 13,829 words · 2,165 views · 743 likes · 12 dislikes
  • Truth Earned from Honesty A young mare crosses the countryside, searching for the Element of Honesty. Tutelary Spirit universe. by Whateverdudezb 14,103 words · 2,014 views · 673 likes · 6 dislikes
  • Wealth Granted from Generosity A young stallion explores an urban metropolis and is brought before the Element of Generosity. Tutelary Spirit universe. by Whateverdudezb 20,320 words · 1,727 views · 563 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Strength Grown from Kindness An equestrian soldier recounts the story of his time meeting with the Element of Kindness. by Whateverdudezb 12,000 words · 2,163 views · 250 likes · 3 dislikes

Tutelary Spirit Universe: Minor Installments

  • Living Forever... A (not really) sad story about Twilight (somewhat) lamenting the (supposed) deaths of her friends. by Whateverdudezb 4,480 words · 11,484 views · 1,145 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Tales of the Tutelary Spirits Short stories and snippets from the Tutelary Spirit universe. by Whateverdudezb 14,550 words · 2,858 views · 362 likes · 6 dislikes
  • The Guardian of the Elements Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a certain dragon has his own role to play in the world. by Whateverdudezb 14,473 words · 3,917 views · 402 likes · 4 dislikes

Unrelated to the Tutelary Spirit universe

An accurate description of my mind

Stuff I Like

  • What Hath Joined Together Sequel to "The Order". Despite receiving a harsh reprimand from Captain Ironhoof, Flash Sentry still struggles with his feelings for Twilight. When he is assigned to escort her to the Crystal Empire, tensions on all sides escalate. by Bad_Seed_72 168,925 words · 7,153 views · 842 likes · 94 dislikes
  • Rainbownomicon Losing a friend is only tragic for those who don't know necromancy. by Void Chicken 3,621 words · 11,180 views · 1,530 likes · 41 dislikes
  • Onto the Pony Planet Dale finds himself hospitalized in Equestria after defending Lyra from the Coast Guard. Worse--he's not the only person there. by Admiral Biscuit 260,781 words · 12,454 views · 1,381 likes · 39 dislikes
  • How to Preen Your Chicken After a long day of flight practice with Scootaloo, Rainbow Dash teaches the filly a little about preening. by Drakkith 2,804 words · 31,213 views · 3,528 likes · 53 dislikes
  • Of Lilies and Chestnuts Fancy Pants and Fleur are living a good life in Canterlot. There's something they miss, though: the joy of having a child. Conventional methods have failed, but perhaps adopting a batpony is what they need to make their family complete? by Prane 44,233 words · 11,777 views · 1,660 likes · 21 dislikes

More Stuff I Like

  • I Against I, Me Against You Twilight is teleported to Blood Gulch Canyon after meddling with a ship that crash landed in Equestria. She must enlist the help of the local red and blue soldiers to get home while unraveling a dark conspiracy linking her world to a shadowy agency. by Flynt Coal 388,255 words · 13,858 views · 1,106 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Project Sunflower: Harmony After the events of Project: Sunflower, Erin returns to Ponyville to study magic. Meanwhile, something is stirring on the newly-discovered world of Harmony. by Hoopy McGee 171,076 words · 15,310 views · 2,378 likes · 53 dislikes
  • Over the Edge and Through the Wood a human gets cut off from his group while traversing a mountain. finds himself in a strange land by JarOfHearts 90,314 words · 41,382 views · 3,663 likes · 67 dislikes
  • A King Unmatched A monstrous force of nature has awakened in the far east, and it is up to Twilight and friends to stop it. The only question is; can they really stop a God? by Mister Friendly 111,751 words · 3,903 views · 268 likes · 15 dislikes
  • The Last Human: A Tale of the Pre-Classical Era “It's a rare man who is taken for what he truly is.” by PatchworkPoltergeist 170,004 words · 15,885 views · 1,426 likes · 42 dislikes
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You still working on these?

I just spent three hours reading the entirety of the Tutelary Spirit Universe. That's three hours of my life I'm glad to give up.

It would be interesting if Pinkie has her own Chaos (Party) Dimension like Discord in your Tutelary Spirit Universe

Are the three you've updated reposts but split for each into chapter bites? I could have sworn to have read these before.


Well, that's 'cause they all updated at the same time. :ajsmug:

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