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Second main installment in the Tutelary Spirit universe. Recommended reading order: Loyalty, Honesty, Generosity, Kindness, Laughter, and Friendship.

Many ages after the original adventures of the Elements of Harmony, a hybrid mare crosses the countryside, searching for the Element of Honesty. And just like the rest of her friends, Honesty is no longer just a simple bearer of her Element anymore.

She is her Element.

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I like it! It almost makes me cry!1:applecry:
yay! good luck with real life!!

You glorious sob
I salute thee

I really like this setting you've come up with. Not only do my favorite characters get to stay around forever, but getting a decade to spend in the afterlife with friends and family helps keep the from suffering "Highlander" syndrome. Keep it up, and Ill keep reading. Also, I'm curious, does Twilight die and reincarnate, or, being an Alicorn, does she stay alive all the time?

I forgot to ask earlier, but is it safe to assume Golden is an Apple?

5157140 5158215
Thank you, I'm glad you guys liked it.

Considering that this whole thing started off as an alternative to all those immortal woe-is-me-all-my-friends-are-dead alicorn fics, then yes, she does die and reincarnate with the rest of her friends. My reasoning behind this is that she's closer to what makes her an Element of Harmony (and thus operates on the same 'rules' as the rest of her friends) then she is on what makes her an alicorn like Celestia or Luna. Also, thank you, I'm glad that you're enjoying this setting that I have created.

Sorry, but no, Golden isn't an Apple. I thought about it, but decided against it to show that Applejack would drop in unexpectedly and stay at any farm, not just an Apple's. To tell you the truth, she actually started off as Golden Underwood, as a reference to the famous country singer (I was listening to a lot of country and folk songs while writing this) before I edited that out because there was nothing to make the reference appropriate for the story (other than referencing for the sake of making references).

I love this story, and I love this verse!

Screw stories about Twilight losing her friends to the cruel ravages of time!

I know right? This universe is my metaphorical middle finger to that entire depressing genre of pony fanfiction. Twilight and friends live forever, kinda! WHOO!

I kind of take issue with you giving them the power to send others to pony hell. That's a little too damn much divine authority for limited, finite, and less-than-divine beings to have.


Why not? They did it to Tirek.

That said, I do see your point and I want to reassure you that their standards for doing such a thing are incredibly, incredibly high and that it needs to be confirmed by all six of them for the go ahead. They really only reserve that for the most dangerous of foes that threaten all of Equestria. Here, Applejack was just subtly reminding Candlelight of the path she was going down before she turned her life around.


Don't worry, the next one will come, but it is going to take some time. After all, stories of this kind of caliber aren't something that I can just hash out like lint in a pocket.

Also, those coffee cups are expensive and I expect some re-compensation. I assume Asgardian gold will do?

Makes sense. You don't waste the almighty ban hammer on your everyday crook, you save it for when you're re-imprisoning an escapee or when a genocidal maniac manages to empower him/herself through a dark and horrific arcane ritual.

Talking about the afterlife makes me want to sads D:

Hell, in and of itself, is a pretty messed up concept.

Well for one I question how limited/finite/less-than-divine they actually are in this setting. Being effectively immortal embodiments of ideals is pretty high end divine stuff (there are/were Gods that had less lofty concepts and were not nearly as immortal as the Mane Six are in this). Honestly the way this story describes them they are far more like "Gods" in how they are portrayed than Celestia and Luna are in the main series. There Celestia and Luna are just powerful beings who don't age and move the sun and moon around. In this the Mane Six are eternal beings who are living embodiments of concepts, that's some powerful stuff (of course what Celestia and Luna might be like in this universe isn't said so maybe they are godlike...).

Second, considering "hell" or "Tartarus" is an actual place you can go to in MLP (and Twilight has at least gone to the entrance of it, if not inside of it, in the show under her own power as a "normal" unicorn) sending someone there is less a "Divine Act" and more an act of transportation (for example, Winona probably could physically drag people to hell in the MLP universe by literally picking them up and running off to wherever Tartarus is located, putting people there via a beam of rainbow magic on the other hand would be more impressive but only in so much as you're moving someone without physically transporting them). And then there is the fact that the Mane Six have done it while they were "normal" ponies (imbued with power by the Tree of Harmony) so one has to ask how much more power do they have now and why would it be unfitting now when it wasn't before?


You could always split the difference on Twilight by making her unaging, but not immortal.

As to Tartarus, remember that it's a physical place. If Cerberus will let you, you can just walk in or out. Therefore, it doesn't have to be eternal.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading that explanation/description you wrote there, Not quite sure why, I guess I just enjoy phrases like, 'immortal embodiments of ideals' being thrown about.

Also, yes, Celestia, Luna, and even Discord are going to be considered pretty godly in this series, although only lowercase god, not uppercase God. That's reserved for somepony/thing else.

I totally agree. I've always loved stories that have characters who are embodiments/avatars of concepts (like Justice or the like). It's why I like the more old school gods (Norse/Greek/ect...) more than the "newer" God god. Having a God of War or Love is just so much more interesting and fun. The Mane Six naturally have very good/fun ideals for them to be embodiments of.

As for who the capital "G" God is, well you did already mention Faust's name in relation to heaven so...

I don't want to imagine how Angel turned out.

After you finish the short stories you should write a follow up story where the Elements have to fight a large enemy that is extremely powerful, like a Discord from another universe that is trying to take over the multiverse. Also you could have the good Discord fight the bad Discord.

Me and Twilight mixed a batch of that up when we were tryin' to fix the wasteland a couple centuries back. Didn't so much work on that desolate place, but it works everywhere else.

Makes me wonder what the hell happened to that place that even Twilight and Applejack's super magic fertilizer couldn't even put a dent in it.

5276280 I'm picturing the Vorpal bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


All settings have their mysteries.

5276140 i know this isn't a reply to your previous comment, but i wanted to tell you that i'm seriously loving what your doing with this idea. the story is well thought out, well written, detailed, has depth and character i rarely ever see, no mistakes that i could see, and over-all was a highlight to my day. i read both stories one after the other in under 45 minutes, and i can't wait to read the other coming stories.


Thank you, I'm glad that my stories entertained and impressed you greatly. I'll do my best to make sure that you enjoy the next installment as much as you enjoyed these ones.

5276430 i have no doubt in my mind that i will.

5276060 They're not even IMMORTAL as Celestia and Luna. And in both stories thus far they do NOT like being worshipped... they, at least, know that they are not divine.

5276725 But it'd be wrong to classify them as mortal at the same time.

I'm more worried about opal. That cat already had a superiority complex.

Many gods in mythology don't care to be worshiped.

As for not being Immortal... They "age" and "die" but neither is permanent in any way. You cannot kill them permanently nor can old age kill them permanently. That's pretty much Immortal (and again, there have been actual gods who have had similar "life cycles").

That said why do you care if they are/aren't Immortal? Gods are very often not Immortal (usually they are simply Ageless though even that is debatable). The Norse/Greek gods could (and did) die and they didn't even have the "come back" clause.

IMO, being an Eternal Embodiment of an Ideal is certainly enough to be "Divine." Now whether you want to call them "gods" or not is up to the individual, I probably wouldn't but then that's because I like calling them Avatars/Embodiments, not because I didn't think they were worth it.

These are good stories with good plots (you know what I mean:ajbemused:) I love the universe that you're building here and the mythos therein. There are some really interesting things going on that aren't the focus as well; the obvious one being the Zebra/Pony zombie war. It's engaging and well written and I look forward to future installments.

I don't believe in an afterlife... But I know there are a few souls that I would be glad to hear a similar forgiveness from.
Beautiful story. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

On a side note; before you finish this series, I'm curious as to what happens with Cadence and Shining Armor.

I would like to make a simple suggestion:


...only Princess Celestia, the goddess of the sun, could claim to be able to stand taller than this Honest Mare.


...only Princess Celestia, the goddess of the sun, could claim to be able to stand taller than the Honest Mare.

Can't wait for more! Love this series. Can't decide if Apple Jack or Dash is the cooler Alicorn. :pinkiehappy:

Another wall of text has arrived! Again kudos for anyone who actually has the attention span to read it.
Well I almost finished typing my wall of text when my browser crashed. so curses.
First I want to say I love your attention to detail, your descriptions of the settings were fantastic! For me, if I can't imagine a scene, then i'm not likely to finish reading a story. That being said, the detail you put into each section's start made it easy to picture. Personally, the first scene was my favorite (probably has something to do with the fact that I, too, had been thinking of the sky as Loyalty's.). The interaction between Jazz and River Crosser seemed like a test to me, similar to that of Bourbon and the journey to Rainbow's domain. Bourbon's challenge seemed like a physical test on his loyalty to his friends and he had to prove that he was devoted to seeing this problem through to the end, no matter what, to be granted an audience with Rainbow. Jazz's test was less strenuous in that it wasn't physical. It was mentioned that River Crosser(I don't recall whether he is an official canon character or not...im slightly embarrassed by that) was blessed with Honesty's insight and so I perceived his questioning to be a test on how honest she was, a worthiness test I suppose.
Applejack's immediate reaction to Jazz bowing was great :rainbowlaugh: It was exactly what Rainbow had said to Bourbon, so kudos on consistency on even that detail.
The interaction between Applejack and Candlelight was intense from when it was mentioned that Candlelight had the experience of Winona's teeth around her neck, to Applejack mentioning the penance that was served. After that, the explanation of Candlelight's past was good, it could probably be a short story by itself. Also that would probably (how would I know?) be an accurate statement on how some spirits would react to such an event; conflicting emotions and what-not.
I'm glad you brought up their periods of Life and Death and the amount of time that passes, though it would suck if each of the Elements died ten years apart from one another because then two of them would never see each other or only briefly if they did.
I still get the feeling that the two elements shown so far seem kind of sad about not getting a more permanent death and only having ten years to spend with loved ones. It's understandable though. I'm glad you didn't give them a non-dying immortality because that's the worst kind, never again seeing who has passed on...it gives me the chills just thinking of it. Can the elements die by any other way than age? Can each of the Elements hear the spirits in the afterlife or was Applejack just remembering what was said when she last died? Both Rainbow and Applejack seem distracted whenever they recall past lives and afterlives. I would continue with such questions and statements, but by this point I believe I am rambling.....again :twilightsheepish:
Overall both stories display what I believe to be masterful storytelling skills and I applaud you for it. Keep up the good work, but don't hurt yourself in the process.
Ps. I still say i'm rather curious as to their first death(first few maybe?) and their reaction to it as well as the rebirth/reincarnation thing. Also, I like your idea on that, they can come out of anything that takes their shape. Onto Living Forever...!
pps. liked and faved

5285056 I don't think they became Alicorns.....

Oh. Yeah. I guess they didn't.

Wow. Just... wow. Very, very well done. The depth of the characters, the depth of the world, the attention paid keeping the Elements in character through the changes they've undergone, the plot, the morals, it was all perfect. I found the Loyalty story by chance, and my only regret is that I hadn't read it sooner.

The only thing I could nitpick is the few grammar errors that I saw, but the story itself is so amazing that they hardly bothered me at all, and I've been known to close a story and walk away at the first misused word I find. That's how good this is.

I'm curious to see what you have in store for us (and this story)

5276377 Maybe a Jackalope-Vorpal Bunny lovechild.

Alright, Dash's story was awesome, but AJ's straight up gave me goosebumps by the end. Between those two and the story with Twilight, you have my attention (and my follow).

I cannot wait to read the others.

In Loyalty, you had my interest. Now you have my attention.

I know that more details concerning this will be given later... but the whole "live for sixty years, be dead for ten, repeat" cycle thing is a really interesting concept. And I kinda want to know more about it...

Like #200!

... I just jinxed it didn't I...



*Tear exits left eye*

Chaser... where you quoting Bugs Life there?

I don't know... maybe...


This is currently the highest rated story without any dislikes whatsoever. Go ahead, click that statistics button at the bottom and check the story's rank.

Or, y'know, you could just casually peruse the Top - All Time list for awhile.

...I'm currently squeeing in joy at what's happening here.

Ooohhhh same thoughts on this as the story about Loyalty. The way you have written them just seems so natural? Right? Yeah, right. The ponies they were, wizened with time and experience. Can't wait for the rest of them.

Also, I like how you're giving us bit by bit of information on the process they go through in their semi-immortal reincarnation selves. You tease!

SOOO GOOOD. Just like loyalty. OH MY GOD.

5294766 No jinxerino por favor...

It took me a while to find this story, but I'm glad I did.
Your word choices were occasionally jarring, or even worth a laugh... The lantern cutie mark that embalmed Candlelight's quarters, for instance. :facehoof:
But the value of a story isn't only in such things. It was well worth overlooking the errors, to enjoy the tale.
Besides that, any story celebrating the virtues of the Elements will tend to please me more than trudging through yet another ship-fic, video game, or HIE mash-up.

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