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Luca is a wolf without a pack. He's been living in the Everfree Forest for months now. Private Eye has been caring for him and Luca feels he's found a home. With home comes a newfound friend, Winona. The lovable Border Collie starts showing feelings for Luca, and it isn't long before they are returned. But when they are caught during a moment of bliss, will a wolf and a dog be able to find true love?

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I love how this only has 1 view, but 3 likes!

Good story by the way ;D

LOL Luca is best wolf:pinkiehappy:

Poor Luca, he can't seem to ever get a break.

This was funny!! :pinkiehappy:

And a big :yay: that Luca and all the other animals talk...at least to each other!! Seems like someone has read "Fluttershy's Bad Hare Day" in the past, am I right?

Maybe there is a little point where somehow, Private is literally able to talk to Luca. I think that would be awesome!

An enjoyable story looking at the pets, Luca and Winona were just great though I've also enjoyed your take on Gummy.

3191849I did want to portray him as very odd. The alliterating thing was Kitty's idea though :pinkiehappy:

3192052 Kitty? That's something I've not heard in a long time... But that was one of the... best portrayals of pets I've had the honor of reading so far. But I have a question, who do you mean by Kitty?:rainbowhuh:

3192286Ahem, Incrediblewerekitty, she's my partner in crime when it comes to writing these.

3192289 Ahh, that makes sense now. I get confused too often on names. :twilightsheepish:

3192286 That would be me, the author formerly known as Sour Grapes.

this is a nice story you have here. poor luca though. when he catches a break, he just ends up losing it.

Great story.

Like the ending. :eeyup::twilightsmile::yay:

He's right you know... nobody ever listens to the wolf....

Good side story, I like it :)

Poor Luca, guess he's just one of those guys that life just loves to tease. Love your portrayal of Gummy, as well as your explanation of why he has no teeth.

wolves,hardly misunderstood....
applebloom,one gaddamn mood breaker....


I think the proper term, regardless of species, is cock-block :pinkiesmile:

Applebloom is the perfect example of one, if she was to finally get her cutie mark, I bet she would have one that have an image of a penis with a lock on it.


(Puts on sunglasses)

puppy love.



This is amazing! So different, yet so good.

Oh shi–

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