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Ever wonder what was going through those little heads in "Just for Sidekicks"? Well, here's your chance to find out! Go through an average day with one of your favorite pets.

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Philomena and Angel were supposed to be there, but they wouldn't fit :(

hmmm, the story seemed to go nowhere, but solid writing although watch out for using too much colour descriptive, a rookie style of writing where descriptions will come with words like lavender, cerulean, soft yellow

This...this...this was adorably sweet. The idea that Gummy is such a deep thinker but his body doesn't work right is just...too perfect, especially with how he sees those around him.

Well, this is turning out quite good. Given that the animals all seem to be at near sentience, the idea that the dog wants to be a pony - a full fledged member of the family is how I interpret that - is very believable and adorable.
A very good start to this story. Can't wait to see how you handle the other pets...especially PeeWee and Angel!

Well done, this is a clever idea and a fun read, looking forward to more installments.

You captured Opal perfectly...and I love the idea that Opal has feelings for Tank, that's so cute!

I'm really loving this, hope you do angel next!

Awwwww Opal has a crush on Tank! :raritystarry: :rainbowkiss:

Are we supposed to like Opal? unless she gets a lot of Character Development, She's going to be pretty detestable.
Other than that, great job:pinkiesmile:

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