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The Vinyl Scratch is a radio show known for providing entertainment to the masses. It's not however known to be a murder scene. A technician with a mysterious past is hung from the radio tower and Private is going to find out why. The mysterious Octavia joins him in this venture along with her co-host Vinyl Scratch herself. Private also learns that this isn't the first death in this manner. A secret reaching back decades will present itself as the danger rises. Private will need all his wit and instinct to solve this age old mystery, but can his new ally Octavia be trusted?

Who is this mysterious cello player?

(References to Les Mis���©rables allow for the crossover tag)

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And Lo Shattercrazy was the first, and the first was the best. Great so far.

1452404You certainly know how to make an entrance my friend

An apparent serial killer, more information about Octavia, and references to classic literature. this is shaping up nicely.

1452510I say welcome back to Equestria Noir :pinkiehappy:

Wow. Fenlock has a past as surprising as Private's.

1452537Everypony has a secret in Noir. This was my chance to flesh out Private's mentor and father figure. You guys only met him like...once before so here's more about him

Don't feed the Parasprites! That is all.

Fallout 3 reference? Just makes me love this story even more! Are there any other cases?

Also, Erik Dellums has a sexy voice.

1452543 Are there any more cases to this Equestria Noir?

1452802Check out my story section and you'll find all of the cases. It's grown into quite the series

This is the 12th case. There are 11 before it. You can find them by visiting his page and clicking the browse all 24 stories button. :pinkiehappy:

YAY I'm pony famous! Thanks for the cameo. :pinkiehappy:

Officer Hoof Dunnit

:ajsleepy: I give up. :rainbowlaugh:

“She’ll be fine, Kid like that with all that money. She’ll be just fine”
I heard Fenlock speak outside “Shut up now! She’s only sixteen and all alone in the world, money can’t fix that!”
“Whatever you say Fenlock, her butler is coming get her. Can you believe she has a butler?”

So apparently all the Les Miserables references weren't enough for you. :trixieshiftright:

1453549Nah, had to add batman after Darkskyz or somebody pointed it out to me

:twilightblush: I try,like I said keep up the good work.

Officer Hoof Dunnit...Hoof Dunnit...

Who dunnit!

Psycho Me, put this on the conspiracy borard!

Aww, I'm gonna miss Forceps, he was awesome. For some reason also, I'm seeing this serial killer as sort of like the Origami Killer from Heavy Rain.

1453668 Indeed! Perfect timing for a Batman reference!

Great new chapter, getting to see a backstory of Octavia and Fenlock. Is it too much to ask to see more Larksong, or are you hoping to flesh her character out over a few cases?

1456128She'll be back, actually she'll come back this case along with a certain accordion player...

1456624 And now, Psycho me, a duet with Potso.


1456086 No! That new M.E. pony is the best pony ever, ever. :pinkiehappy:



Need I say a single word?

Why do I get the feeling that it's Octavia's papa?

So Octavia is the Batmare. Why am I not surprised? :trixieshiftright:

And another case begins! Huzzah! always makes my day :D

1460991She's not Batmare believe it or not...

Maybe Fenlock's the killer? Dont want to believe it but now he's a suspect in my eyes. Maybe not the killer but definatly a suspect.

1462332I love it when you guys speculate!

Batmare, Jockvert...

Batman and Joker!

Psycho Me! Add this to the conspiracy board!

Damn, so much stuff went on in this chapter! Great to see the Rolls again, if only Potso knew he could squish and strangle his enemies with his accordian!

Octavia's father and Fenlock were my first choices for the killer too!


I wonder what will happen if Octavia kills Smooth Shot, and he isn't guilty...

Okay didn't see that one coming o.o;

Damn, Octavia's stealthy!

Great to see more lore to the series! Larksong is always nice to see, although she fits a bit awkwardly in Private's life going out with Twilight. I have a feeling she will interfere more at a later date in this series, after this "7 Elements" arc. Still, awesome to see the past, although don't you think it's also time that Private returned that call to his dad?

Also, will there be a side story with Scootaloo and Tailspin at the dance?

1468384Wait till case 15...shiz will go down

1468897 Well, somebody's feeling cryptic today!

1469313I'm having too much fun being cryptic, I love it when everypony speculates about my cases...
Also you might want to look at that conspiracy board again...

1469358 Psycho Me is analysing it.

Ey! What have we got?


Oh give me that!

Private is going to reach Smooth Shot either
A) Octavia about to enter the house and Private pins her down
B) Private will reach them mid struggle
C) Octavia is actually trying to HELP Smooth Shot.

Also, we've got that Larksong probably knows more than she's letting on.

1468384And yes I plan for the dance one to be after case 13

So, Private is on good terms with not one the leaders, but two criminal organizations? How... unorthodox of him. Oh well, make for good reading.

By the way, is that last line a quote from Les Misérables, or did create it yourself?

God, I feel so sorry for Private, every case some horrible shit happens to him. Getting gassed, having to save ponies from cages, trapped in a burning house with Dinky...
Does he ever get a break?

Oh also, are you ever going to do a "Case that breaks you" type of case, one that Private may only piece together at a later case and must go back and solve it?

Also if you've want some more Case ideas, just ask and I'll PM em to you.

1475828As for the "Case that breaks you" Again...case 15, also I want to bring back Glimmer soon to have Private finally put the crazy witch behind bars. Also I'd love case ideas from you send them over

1475725The last line is Javert's opening line during the song "Confrontation" Reworded a bit to suit Octavia

1475828Would also like some side story ideas

1476315 Its half one in the morning, I'll PM them to you tomorrow okay?

I keep reading Potso's voice as Luigi from Cars.

1479333Well he is Italian so I guess it works

Posto...coming to...Ponyville?

Ahem. Oh, I mean, that is okay...I suppose.

Looks like we're going to be early for case 13! At this rate it will probably end at Halloween I'd say! Epilogue is looking promising!

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