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A few days ago, RC-1207 "Sev" was pounding a Seperatist ship with Wookie turbolasers when he was overwhelmed. Now he's in a prison camp a few lightyears away. His cellmate is a male quadruped calling himself "Big Macintosh". He doesn't know where his brothers in Delta Squad are, or even where he is.

RC-1000 is the newest member of Tau Squad. Or was, rather. After the rest of Beta Squad was killed in action, he was assigned to Tau, who had just lost their own brother. They were tolerant but distant, and on his second mission with them the "new guy" got captured. Now he's sharing a cell with a female quadruped named "Octavia".

They're going to bust out. And as they try to adjust to the thought that they each might be the sole warrior on the planet, they will think more than a clone, even a commando, normally would. They will fight to defend their new friends. To defend aliens that care about them in ways they haven't experienced as mere soldiers.

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Also, Sev.

EDIT: You also seem to be a bit heavy on the genre tag overkill there. Would probably want to avoid that. Also, after reading it, it feels like it's proceeding along a little bit too quickly, but maybe that's because of their seeming lack of contact with the rest of the ponydom. The appearance of the changelings really does make the story pacing feel really quick, though.

nice. the game was awesome, and i haven't seen a crossover of it yet.

Hmm... a Republic Commando fic? I thought everyone'd forgotten about that game. I'd love to hear the story behind Coruscants name. Not every day a clone gets the name of the galaxies capital planet.

Ah, there are so many things I like about this fic! Straight Dashie with Bic Mac (Love that pairing, haven't the faintest clue why), commandos, Octavia and Vinyl and a solid length for each chapter. Kudos mate, this is a really good one.

Thanks for the tip. I tend to give my fics a more fast-paced start before things get deeper and the progression slows down a bit, as the characters take center stage.

I FUCKING KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE ABOUT STAR WARS. If there is one thing I like more than MLP, it's Star Wars. I was raised on Star Wars.

>Republic Commando crossover
>It's good
Instafav'd, good sir.

Honestly, I made this because my dad found the PC disk for RC a few weeks ago, which I couldn't play when I first got it because the best computer we had at the time wasn't fast enough. So I'd played the Xbox version, which at this point is scratched to Hell. I installed the game on this laptop, it worked fine, and I nostalgia'd so hard I wanted to write a crossover, so I did.

True story.:eeyup:

Oh my god, I just had this idea like 2 weeks ago! But then I scrapped it because I haven't played the game in years.....Still is one of my favorite Xbox games of all time. Good job, man! Insta-faved, liked, and consider yourself cool because not too many Crossover stories get my attention. :pinkiehappy:

I have reservations about the clones giving information that easily... but hey, what the hell, it's your story. Nice chapter, and can't wait for more.

EDIT: Just to add on, the information giving seemed to be a bit out of place with a specially trained elite like themselves...

I just got done playing this game...

Well, Coruscant is a bit... Trusting. He doesn't believe that they pose any threat to the GAR with their primitive tech, so why not?

Think of it this way. You have an A-10 Thunderbolt II flying over a medieval battleground and raining fire on X's army. You can tell the medieval mofos that it's a machine made by men, not a dragon, and that it uses turbines, but it doesn't really give them any help against it. They know a bit more about it, but they can't really do shit because they don't have the knowledge to exploit what they do know.:eeyup:

And there won't be a FOXDIE equivalent, which would be conveniently effective against genetically identical clones. Seriously, that'd be Solid Snake's best chance against an invading clone army.

Well, I have to finish the next chapter of my Halo fic, get it proofread, and publish said chapter. Then I have to finish the next chapter of my Crysis fic and publish it. Then I'll get to working on the next chapter of this and publish it. I've got an order I do things in, and I stick to it. :twilightsmile:

instafaved when I saw it. I've always wanted to write a RC crossover but never got around to it. Anyway, If you need a pre-reader, just send me a message and I'll see if I can help.

You are crossing-over my most favourite game of all time. Do not fuck this up for me.
Currently though, you're doing a wonderful job.

I'll read it later, but one little thing: The description is gonna be a major turn-off for people who don't know absolutely everything there is to know about Star Wars. Even I got a bit lost with it.

I'm taking the time to find genuine quotes for each chapter's intro, ones that are relevant to the chapter's content. I'm having fun writing this fic, just like my others, and like those, I do my best to impart quality into them. I won't let you down if I can help it!:ajsmug:

Just so you know, Sev wasn't in beta squad.
It was Delta squad.

Finally, I had this idea ages ago, but I lack the required skills to pull it off.

Time to read

Not to poke holes or hate but the republic commandos were engineered to think more than a clone normally would just saying

....:facehoof: a vibrator...:facehoof:really?

Nice, when my brother was younger he cried when guy sacrifice himself

Fast. Too fast! There needs to be some bloody set-up for how many Transdoshans are out there, and where their bloody camps are. Right now it seems like the prison camp was right next to everyone's houses and they're all bloody morons for not noticing it before and being perfectly okay with the trandos not being confirmed neutralized. I should have a general idea of where everything and everyone is in this story, but instead I'm left confused at what's going on in relation to everything else, and that's not good.

Oh, and I'm surprised you didn't use "Vode An" for the name of the story, to be honest.

>Stated that the camp is a few miles inside the Everfree Forest
>Stated that the camp wasn't the only one on the planet, but not stated whether it was the only one in the region
>Will describe the fate of the camp in next chapter
>For reasons unknown is greentexting:trixieshiftright:
I may be using Mando'a in this, but I didn't want to alienate any potential readers with Mando'a in the name.

Even a few miles inside the Everfree Forrest someone should have seen or heard all the construction going on with the massive concrete camps being thrown up. I mean, the Everfree Forrest is right smack dab in the middle of Equestria. You mean to tell me that no-one noticed the ships coming and going, the construction of a massive concrete structures, or the various EM signatures these guys have got to be pumping out?

Makes sense. For one of your later chapters, the starting quote thing should be a part of Vode An, to be honest.

1273870 star wars republic commando is like warhammer 40k firewarrior:great games that amost no one ever played sadly

Vor entye. (Thank you, literally "I accept a debt")



I F*ckin' loved this game when I was a kid... Hell, I still like it better than most games out there.

1273870 Yeah... I just don't see RD as a lesbian.

I don't get why everyone stereotypes her as one. (Besides the obvious)

1273870 It was said that he is called Coruscant because his tag RC-1000 has the triple 0 which is the GAR designation for Coruscant.

Yeah, I've never had her as a lesbian in any of my stories. I can name several straight tomboys and strong women in fiction: Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid), Rose of Sharon Cassidy (Fallout: New Vegas), Ashley Williams (Mass Effect), Ellen Ripley (Alien saga), Ziva David (NCIS), and Mary Pat Foley (Tom Clancy).

1308539 The obvious. Duh.

We... anyway. Good start to a good chapter, and I wanna see how this goes!

~Onward and Upwards!

Both squads were last known to be on Kashyyyk. More about Tau will be revealed later, and there might be a shipping pair involving a certain demolitions expert and Pinkie Pie.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

saw this fic

INSTA FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rainbowlaugh: I like it!
You might be interested to know that I'm typing a BF3 crossover PoE fic. Don't ask about it, just read my earlier blogs and the comments on them; that should cover what I'm comfortable revealing. I just don't feel like answering the same questions for the third or fourth time; nothing personal, and I'm not upset, I just don't want to derail the comments section.

wookie bandoliers...good to see you have your priorities right

They're just so fashionable!:raritydespair:


1314502 You said "Besides the obvious". THOSE ARE THE ONLY GODDAMN REASONS, You! Don't get mad at me just because I said that, you knew what you were getting into when you posted that comment! So don't complain. Also, be nice. I wasn't mean to you, so you shouldn't be an asshole. Especially Celestia's asshole... Eh, I digress. Anyway, my main reason for responding is to tell you, "You're an Asshole, but you should be nice about it."

...You're not nice. :rainbowdetermined2:

1314587 Eh, welcome. Just doing my job here, trying to... wait, that's not my job... Uh, I dunno why I'm here again... Well, don't worry about it. I was just a little peeved about how you posted that.

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