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2 weeks after Mugen, Fuu and Jin split apart, Mugen is wandering through the country side wondering where in the hell he should go next. When he notices a strange patch of fog in the middle of the woods... and when he steps through and the strange fog disappears entirely leaving his stranded in the middle of who knows where!

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hmmm.... how did he know twi was a girl? :rainbowhuh:

(and i think you got the dislike because you called twilight a b :facehoof: lol.)

461869 i didn't mugens just a dick :/ but if you guys dont want dick head mugen...

So much fun to be had with this scenario. :raritystarry:

i use to watch champloo as well n Mugen always made me laugh, he may be a dick but he's entertaining, especially his fighting style( or lack there of )........which might cause him some problems latter....:facehoof:..........heh i bet he'd make nightmare his B......:rainbowlaugh:......i like NM but she needs to be knocked down a few pegs...............:rainbowwild:

461925 lol, mugen can keep being a dick all he wants to. :pinkiehappy:

i'm simply saying that this is a brony community. And some of those bronies favorite pony is twi... So, only natural that they would get upset (more of a warning than any actual attempt to tell you to change your writing :pinkiesmile:)

You got yourself another reader, friend :ajsmug:

The part with the CMC...

Even Mugen's no match for their cuteness :rainbowlaugh:

Well they ever bridge the language gap?:rainbowhuh:

he says lead the way bitch and she smiles, great

i like it, i really doe, and i really hope to see more of it soon

and now I think of Legend of Zelda 2: Adventures of Link :rainbowlaugh:

more. this is a command not a request.


anyways normally i would have enjoyied a human x fluttershy fic but this is just as good.:yay:

Well at least his dream involved a human AJ. Awesome chapter :yay:

im gonna go with pony cocaine. dont make me regret taking it in the first place.

I don't see anything wrong with MugenxApplejack. They had a fic with ItachixLuna and that worked out well. This chapter was good with the SHED.MOV reference :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the good work, though you should probably work a little on the formatting.

490371 yeah im sorry bout the format when i type this stuff up i more or less throw my ideas up all over the computer screen. maybe i can try organizing it a little more before starting? now theres an idea take a moustache :moustache:


490455 :moustache: thanks, I'll put it with my others

I'm sorry for the lack of updates...its just the chapter im on is full of....WRITERS BLOCK.....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO:fluttercry:

O///O what was the favor?

509439 *slips into the shadows* very well...

Aw shit AJ's gonna go bitch mode on Fuu.

I can already tell that the next chapter shall redefine awesome! Who will win, Jin or Mugen? Or will a third, mysterious (Derpy :derpytongue2:) Dark Horse contestant take it all? Find out in the next chapter of Pony Ville Champloo!

509306 Probably to be turned into a pony :derpytongue2:

i guess the favour is that mugen and jin are allowed to fight

510634 i hope not, human mugen is best mugen

511732 be patient friends all shall be told...in time

511744 alright, ill get the lawn chairs and beer.

good, but at the end, its not Chow its Ciao

517004 FUUUUUUUUUUUUU knew there was something wrong with that:flutterrage:

I'll call you up to Canterlot in a while with a... surprise.
my expression: (Not Bad)

522425 'Bout time somepony got what i was getting at.:derpytongue2:

They will never find the bodies...:pinkiecrazy:

He'll come back later and finish the job...

am i first?:rainbowhuh:

The only problem that I found in this chapter was that you gave an incorrect description of Shining Armor's appearance.:facehoof: His coat color is not purple, but white.:pinkiesmile: And his mane and tail are made up of three colors: sapphire blue, cerulean, and phlato blue. :pinkiesmile: Hope that helps.

Liking the TF2 reference :rainbowlaugh:

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