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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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Applejack is laying on her back, a tan stallion looming over her. They're lips lock and they move against each other, groaning past their lips. The the stallion pulls free of the lip lock and smiles, “Damn Aj, you sure know how to lip lock.” Pony Mugen laughs.

Applejack shoots up in her bed, ripping the sheets off of her. She shivers at the thought of what just happened and emerges from her bed, still shaking terribly. She trots to the window of her room and stares at the moon, basking in its glow.

“What the hay is happening to me? That there was the third dream like that this week.” Applejack mutters under her breath. The moon doesn't say anything in response and Applejack scowls before climbing back into bed.


Mugen can barely keep himself from crying as Applebloom bawls her eyes out.

“W-w-w-why d-d-d-d-do yah gotta go Mugen?!?! Wh-why cant ya'll stay a-awhile more?” The little filly can't stem the flood of tears falling from her eyes. Mugen smiles sadly and lifts the crying filly. He gently smooths her mane and begins scratching her behind the ears. “Shhh its okay squirt, it ain't like you're never gonna see me again. I'll come by and visit everday.”

Applebloom nuzzles against his chest, sniffling, “Y'all mean it?”

“Of course squirt.”

Big Mac stands right in front of Mugen, completely silent. Mugen looks the red stallion in the eye and stares....Big Mac stares right back. The human stares, the stallion stares....the human offers a hand and the red stallion shakes it with his hoof. “Eeyup.” Is all Big Mac says. “Eeyup.” Mugen replies, a devilish grin on his face.

“Did you get to ride Fluttershy like a work horse yet?” Mugen asks with a cocked eyebrow. The red stallion cheeks light up almost immediately, and Mugen chuckles as Big Mac stammers out a definitive no.

Mugen gets a very familiar hoof smack upside the head, “Now don't ya'll go teasing muh bruther like that Mugen. Ah don't take kindly to it.” Mugen turns to Applejack still rubbing his head. He smirks, and gives Granny Smith a quick hug, she was still napping as the human wrapped his arms around the old mare, “Oh watch out for the zap apple wolves, they'll get ya.” She spat at Mugen, covering his face in spittle before immediately falling back to sleep.

“Well Mugen, are ya'll set to go to Rainbow Dash's?” Applejack asked in her usual drawl. Mugen didn't say a word as he thought of the things human Applejack had done with her lips to him and simply nodded instead.


Mugen frowned as he stroked his chin. three times....three times Mugen had attempted to step on the floor of RD's cloud home and all three times he fell straight through. The first time, she hadn't budged it all and he had to fly up in Pinkie's balloon and went in almost immediate free fall.

The second time, Rainbow Dash moved her home closer to the ground and the same exact thing happened.

The third time, Twilight cast a spell on Mugen and the pegasus moved her home to a mere ten feet above the ground....Mugen fell right through....again.

Mugen glanced at the mane six, each were grinning sheepishly as they attempted to think of a solution. He shrugged and casually spouted, “Fuck it, I'll just sleep on the ground.” With that the human held out his arms making a large 'T' and simply flopped onto the grass below.

“Oh nonononononono. As one of the Apple family ah can't just go and let ya'll-” Mugen cut her off with a wave of his hand. “Wanderer remember? I spent more nights under a night sky than a roof, I can tell you that for sure. Besides, grass is a comfy ass bed.”

Mugen closed his eyes and almost began to nap when he felt something looming over him. It began to breathe....heavily.... in his face. Mugen scowls, “Go away I'm tryi-” “GET UP RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE IN RAINBOW DASH'S BOOT CAMP!” Mugen cracked an eye, right in his face was RD, she had a strange hat plopped right on her head, black stripes painted under her eyes and a small silver thing hanging around her neck.

Mugen cracked a smirk, the smirk widened to a grin, the grin cracked from ear to ear, until finally the man was rolling on the ground laughing. RD's eyes narrowed and she turned around and bucked....the kick made full contact....with Mugen's groin.

Mugen's eyes shot wide open...and a soprano scream left his lips as he cupped his groin and rolled from side to side. RD smirked, “ That shut you up didn't it?” Mugen grunted in pain, “Of course it did you stupid cunt, you just destroyed any chance I had at having kids.” Mugen's eyes watered in pain as he continued rocking.

RD's eyes grew wide as she prances back and forth nervously. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh OH MY GOSH! A-are you alright? I mean, I meant to rough you up a bit but I didn't mean that.” RD glanced at Mugen, concern painting her face.

Mugen sighed as the pegasus hovered over him, now only a few feet from his face, he eyes displaying pure, unfiltered worry. Mugen looked right into the eyes as they grew bigger and bigger, the look was complete as RD's ears flopped downwards and at the point Mugen just rolled his eyes, “I'm fine, just give me a bit.”

Mugen rolled around for a bit more and slowly started to stand to see RD on the ground in front of him, smiling sheepishly. Mugen looked up at her, still crouching and holding his crotch, “So what now chief?”

RD thought for a moment and just shrugged her shoulders. Mugen rolled his eyes, “Great....just great.”

The rest of the mane six could no longer contain their laughter and at last began rolling around crying on the ground from the whole scene. Mugen took it with a grimace and RD huffed before turning to face the completely opposite direction.

The sound of steel on steel rang out in the empty forest. A few more blows of steel and a blade cut into the flesh of the first outlaw, spraying blood all over the lush forest floor. One down, three more to go. The outlaws surrounded a man in a simple, baggy blue robe, with glasses and a cold calculating look to him. He had his back to a tree and seemed to be protecting a young girl in a pink kimono with oddly colored flowers decorating it.

The last of the outlaws charged, straight at the calm man in the glasses....with a whistle of wind and a single moment... the man steps forward, clicking his sword back into his sheath as all three of the bandits heads roll off their shoulders from the single stroke.

The girl blinked, “Wow Jin, that was quick.” Jin merely nodded, before looking at the bandits, “Mugen apparently disappeared after entering this forest. I know for a fact simple bandits couldn't have killed that man. Don't worry Fuu, we'll find the bastard.” Jin smiled comfortably at her and Fuu smiled back. “Besides, I may not want to kill him now, but we never did finish that duel of ours.” Fuu's smile changed from a smile to a grimace within a second.


Mugen sighed contently as he napped, his chest rising and falling under the shade of RD's cloud home. Mugen chuckled to himself at the pegasus's stupidity...she hadn't had a clue as to how to teach him about loyalty so she went and flew off to ask some one some questions...or something....Mugen had tuned her out...shut up.

Mugen rolled onto his side, feigning his sleep when he heard the rustle. The faint sound of very familiar hoof steps, gently tip-toeing, wait can pony's tip toe without toes? Whatever, the tip toeing ponies got closer and closer...

“BOO!” Mugen rolled over and scooped up screaming fillies in his grasp. He then pinned all three of the CMC down with just his chest and began to tickle the trio on the sides of their ribs. “M-MUGEN STOP IT, AH CAN'T TAKE NO MORE! HAHAHAHA!!!” Applebloom managed to squeeze out in between bouts of laughter.

“Mugen I got something to teach you! I'm sorry girls, you're gonna have to go, I got work to do with the big guy.” Rainbow Dash interrupted the group playing on the ground, the CMC groaned and trotted off slowly, disappointment plastering their little faces.

Mugen scowled at the cyan pegasus as the fillies trotted out of ear shot, the pegasus smiled at him sheepishly, “Well, its true, I do gotta work with you.” Mugen grunted and said nothing as the pegasus began to describe what she wanted him to do.


“So...how is this gonna teach me loyalty?” Mugen asks suspiciously, stroking his chin while staring at the cyan pegasus. A squee escapes RD's lips as she jumps into the air flipping around, “That's easy! You already know how to be loyal, just stick up for your friends and your set. This...well...Mugen I always did want to race you.”

Mugen glanced into the sheepish grin of R, “But you have wings kid, I don't.” Rainbow Dash yelled in triumph, “AHA! I'M ONE YEAR OLDER THAN YOU MUGEN, SO I GET TO CALL YOU KID! HA! * she clears her throat * to make it fair, I'm not going to fly at all! One hundred percent, on foot race!”

Mugen smirked as he looked at the setup, from one end of Pony Ville to the other, there were two ropes cutting off a very specific route through town. From where he was standing Mugen could see where the race would end, a few dozen ponies stood nearby ready to judge, including the main six.

Mugen simply nodded and RD practically leaped for joy. Mugen took a runners stance at the starting line, Rainbow Dash took a spot next to the human. She grinned and waved her hind quarters in the air as she got ready.

A pony whose name didn't know raised the flag with a single hoof and with a wave the race started.

RD and Mugen bolted at the same time, every pony gasped as Mugen actually pulled out ahead of the fastest flier in Equestria, getting a stunned looked from the cyan pegasus. RD squinted, and quickly started gaining speed.

Mugen dashed around the corner and whipped his sword out, with careful aim he threw his sword ten feet in front of him to stick directly into the ground. The crowd of ponies that had gathered to watch the race gaped in awe as Mugen jumped onto the hilt of his sword, and with a powerful kick, he leaped off of the handle and scrabbled along the side of a building until he reached the top.

RD was dumbfounded as Mugen leaped from roof top to roof top right alongside the road RD was racing along. Mugen grinned cockily as he hopped across another roof top. This is actually pretty damn fun.


Fuu huffed and whined, “Come on Jin! We've been walking for hours in this forest, there's no sign of Mugen anywhere!” The girl was panting and struggling to keep up with the brisk pace of Jin. She wasn't looking ahead of her, and collided with the ronin.

“Jin whats....wrong....” Fuu started to ask but quickly shut up when she saw what Jin was staring at, there was a single patch of fog in the rough shape of door, right in the middle of two trees.


Look at Mugen go! That there is one mighty fine stal-. Stallion? Naw Aj what're yah talki' 'bout girl, hes a hewman. Land sakes Applejack why do you keep thinking stuff like this any how? Applejack frowned at herself as she watched Mugen and Rainbow Dash round the corner leading to the straight shot for the finish line.

Mugen had dropped from the roof tops awhile back in order to deal with the twists and turns of the race...and for whatever reason Derpy had flown next to Mugen carrying his sword in her mouth for most of the race.

Applejack squinted as Mugen gained closer, he had quite the lead on the cyan pegasus. Their eyes locked for a moment....Mugen grinned cockily and he doubled his speed as RD doubled hers....she caught up to Mugen...they were merely ten feet from the finish....five...Mugen barreled past the finish line a mere moment before his rival.

Mugen, collapsed as he crossed the line sliding directly to Applejack's feet. He flopped onto his back as the crowd of ponies cheered and cheered. RD trotted to over the panting human, she was panting herself. “Damn... * pant * Mugen, you sure can run fast.” The cyan pegasus murmured before collapsing onto her back as well.

Mugen blinked as he noticed something....no it couldn't be. He reached and grabbed his sword from Derpy and took a stance staring straight at the patch of fog exactly the same as the one that brought him here.

The ponies all quieted down and followed Mugen's gaze, they all gasped and trotted nervously behind Mugen as two shadows began to move around inside the fog.

Mugen let the sword go limp in his hands, “Jin? Fuu? What the fuck are you two ass hats doing here?”


“MUGEN!” Fuu practically jumped in the air, “Your...all...right.” The girl noticed the ponies and fidgeted around nervously, before standing behind Jin.

Applejack trotted forward, drinking in the sight of the two new humans, “Come again? Mugen do you these fellers?”

Mugen nodded, “I traveled with them for a long ass time, looking for the samurai who smells of sunflowers. Got into some good fights. Good times, good times.”

Jin glanced around at the ponies surrounding them, some of them were smiling now that Mugen had called them friends.

“Oh Yeah, Jin, that reminds me.” Mugen said pointing his sword straight at Jin, “ You and I still have a fight to finish.”
Click! Jin drew his sword of its sheath a fraction of an inch, his face still as blank as it always is. Every pony gasped and began to trot from hoof to hoof nervously. Mugen smirked and slung the back of his sword along his shoulder, “But not right now. We got catching up and shit to do ass holes. For one, why the fuck are you here, and more importantly, how the hell did you two end up together and we all split up?”

Jin smirked in return and stuck his sword fully into the sheath, “I heard that you had...disappeared and wanted to investigate. After all no one is allowed to kill you while I'm alive...and I just found Fuu wandering around.” Fuu smiled sheepishly at the mention of her name.

A pink blur raced right up to Jin's face and an over excited Pinkie Pie placed her massive eyes right into Jin's face. “OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHTHISISSOEXCITINGIGETOHAVETWOWELCOMEPARTIESATONCEOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!!!!!!!” Pinkie's chest heaved as she struggled for air and Jin had a look of sheer surprise on his face before he collected himself.

Jin opened his mouth as if to say something, but Mugen cut him off before he could speak, “Pinkie Pie here WILL throw you a welcome party whether you like it or not, so its best to just accept it and just go with the flow. Can you understand her anyway?”

Jin shook his head. Mugen smirked and looked at Twilight, “Hey Twi-babe can you do your magic thingamajojo?”

Twilight cocked an eyebrow at the nick name and her horn glowed with magic, and directed it at the two new comers who grew wide eyed at the site.

“There, that should get you guys to start understand Equestrian! Hello, Jin and Fuu, I'm Twilight Sparkle. Nice to meet you.” Twilight spoke as she walked up to the humans and took each of their hands in her hooves.

Jin's eyes grew a little but he said nothing and gave Twilight a slight bow which made the unicorn blush profusely.

“Alright you two shit heads, lets go get you settled in, I've got a hell of a tale for you two.”


Twilight trotted down the stairs of her library home, “Ok, I sent a letter to Princess Celestia to let her know that Jin and Fuu have wound up here as well. She said she'll be here in a couple hours at most. And she's bringing my BBBFF and Cadence too! Why did you tell me to send for her anyway Mugen?”

Mugen cracked an eye open, the mane six, Jin and Fuu sat in a semi circle in Twilights living room, sipping on tea that Spike had made. Fuu had jumped up and started screaming until Jin calmed her down, and Mugen smirked at how Rarity couldn't keep her eyes off of Jin for more than a moment. And for some reason, Applejack was staring daggers at Fuu....huh? How unlike her.

Mugen looked over to Twilight, “Because Jin and I have a fight to finish, and I figured the Princess's deserve to see a truly awesome fight. Besides, I'm sure she knows a spell that will block the blade, making it impossible for Jin and I to cut each other into ribbons.”

Applejack scowled, “Mugen, what in the hay are ya'll so worked up about fighting your friend, I mean you said ya'll been through a lot together”

Mugen reached a hand over to Applejack and patted her on her head, smothering the hat down making the farm pony frown even more. “It's simple AJ, in the few times that I've fought him....Jin is a much, MUCH more difficult fight than even the Ursa Major.”

The mane six all gasped shooting up, Jin and Fuu exchanged confused glances, “Jin is one of the best swordsman in Japan, even though hes a ronin, and I aim to prove which of the two of us are better.”

Fuu spoke up, “Not to sound stupid, but what's an Ursa Major?”

Mugen's grin stretched from ear to ear when Twilight explained it and told his friends about how he killed it.

Jin spoke after a moment of thinking, “You have given us quite the tale Mugen, but, how will these princess receive me? I mean, I have killed many, but for far different reasons than you. Will they be wiling to listen to me?”

“Indeed we will human.”


Shining Armor, Cadence, Luna and Celestia took their places hin the circle. Celestia kept her signature blank look focused on her target, Jin. “Will you allow me inside your head human? I can force it and I will if I have too. I need to know that my little ponies are safe with you in my kingdom.”

Jin grimaced and bowed his head. Celestia gave a slight smirk before her horn began to glow, and soon Jin's memories began to pour into her mind.

After a minute, her eyes shot open and she pointed a hoof menacingly at Jin. “I banish you to the moon, ronin Jin, for the deaths of those slaughtered by your hands.”

The group gathered around gasped in utter shock at Celestia's decision, Fuu actually began to cry and the ponies gave each other worried looks....until Mugen slammed his foot down on the center of the table completely smashing it.


The mouth of every pony and every one in the room hit the floor. Everyone was speechless, Mugen continued to glower at the Princess of the sun, his hand on the handle of his sword. And then....

Celestia began to laugh, she laughed so hard tears streamed down her eyes and she gasped for breath. Every pony looked at her with utter confusion. “Mugen * Stifles her laughter * I was never going t banish Jin, this was just a test to see what you've learned about friendship so far. You already have complete and utter loyalty, I actually expected for you to roll with it, I would scold and say what I'm about to and then we'd carry on.”

The Princess paused as Mugen continued to glower at her, “ You've shown not only your aptitude for loyalty but honesty as well. No pony, or person, would ever talk to a goddess like that and you, well, you did.”

Mugen's stare became cold with rage as every one else in the room glanced at the two nervously.

Celestia's smile faded completely, “In retrospect it wasn't very funny at all. I apologize for the joke Mugen, it was in ill light. Forgive me?”

Mugen snorted, “Fine. But you owe me.”

Celestia nodded her head.

“Hey Celestia.”

“Yes Mugen?”

“I'm calling in my favor.”

“What do you desire Mugen? If it is within my power I shall grant it.”

Mugen told her.... she didn't like what he told her.


I am SOOOOOOO sorry over how long this took to get out. I got smacked in the face with writers block, I knew the basis of what was going to happen in this chapter but I just...couldn't...write it out. I was like UUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. So I started reading around to get inspired and I finally pieced together what I needed to. Well here you go, hope you enjoyed it!