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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A month and a half has passed...

Mugen is LOVING life. He gets to play with the CMC on a daily basis, he had NO trouble with giving shit away and....he hits the town with Applejak every night. What they do varies and he doesn't really care what they do as long as she's there and she's happy. They take “turns” when they go on dates, one date will be a “human” date, the following will be a “pony” date.

Mugen strokes Scootaloo's mane as the small pegasus snores next to his head. Applebloom nuzzled deeper into Mugen's chest and Sweetie Bell muttered in her sleep. The trip had a sleep over at Rarity's tonight and Mugen played with for a majority of the afternoon...up until Applejack time.

Mugen smirked, the sun was shining outside and he heard Rarity coming to the door, the moment she opened he held up a hand and mouthed to her, “I wanna wake them up. Watch this.” Rarity smiled at him as he slowly sat up careful to gently push Applebloom lower onto his body, and to keep the other two from waking up.

His smirk was a grin, he leaned down to the sleeping fillies....and with a roar he scooped all three up and starting tickling them.

The CMC shrieked awake as Mugen's fingers glided up and down and all over them. The three fillies couldn't keep tears out of their eyes from how hard they laughed. Mugen laughed right along with them and the three gave him a tackle hug, “GOOD MORNING MUGEN!”


“My oh my Mugen, it has been an absolute pleasure having you here with us Mugen, do be a dear and visit.” Rarity said as she helped Mugen pack his things.

Mugen smiled as Sweetie Bell trotted up to him, “You don't have to go do you Mugen?” The filly had a tear forming in her eye.

Mugen gave her a sad smile, “It's okay squirt, it's not like I'm leaving town and you'll never see me again.” He ruffled Sweetie Bell's mane and she gave him a small smile.

“ * GASP * WE CAN BE CUTIE MARK CRUSADER MOVER....HELPER....PONY....THINGS!!!! LETS GO!!!!” Scootaloo's roared echoed through out the home as the CMC each took.... absolutely nothing as Mugen held his only bag.

The sadness that the girls had plastered on their faces was beyond adorable. Mugen couldn't help but feel sorry for them He reached down and plopped his small bag of clothes right on Applebloom's head.

The young filly jumped up, “YES!” she shouted as she bounced around with utter glee. Mugen chuckled as the group of five left the boutique to take Mugen to Fluttershy's cottage.


Mugen couldn't resist, especially after getting a close up of what was going on. He had told the others to wait where they were much to Rarity's immense displeasure.

He stealthily and silently stalked from one tree to another as he closed the distance to the scene in front of Fluttershy's cottage. He suppressed a giggle and took a deep breath as he turned his face into the most serious he could.

He stepped out from behind his cover and slowly crept up to Big Mac and Flutteshy, “WOOOOOOO BIG MAC GET IT!!!! I KNEW YOU WERE GETTING SOME FROM FLUTTERBABE!!!! WOOWOOO AIN'T NO BRAKES ON THE BIG MAC TRAIN!!!!” Mugen shouted right in Big Mac's ears causing the farm stallion and Fluttershy to jump a near four feet in the air, breaking the couples lip lock.

Mugen roared with laughter as he slapped his knee, the blush that the couple both shared quickly became their dominant feature.

Mugen's laughter stopped when a familiar hoof smacked him upside the head. “What do you think your doing Mugen. My word, you've spent two months with me and you act as if your still a brute.” Rarity scolded.

Mugen rolled his eyes and rubbed the back of his head and turned to the couple who were hugging good byes. Big Mac muttered something to Fluttershy and she giggled, he smiled at her and with a quick peck on her cheek he trotted past.

Rarity huffed last time before giving Mugen a quick hug, “It was nice having you despite your vulgarity Mugen, you kept Sweetie Bell occupied so... see you later. Oh, and DON'T YOU DARE SCARE FLUTTERSHY OR YOU'LL MEET RARIBITCH.” She had her eyes pressed directly against his, as her voice grew colder and colder.

Mugen smiled nervously, until Rarity chuckled and trotted off leaving Mugen with Fluttershy....alone. Mugen scuffed at the ground and looked at Fluttershy, “Soooo....” The pegasus scuffed the ground nervously.

Mugen sighed, “I'm sorry I get carried away with my joking. Can we go inside and get started on...kindness.” Fluttershy smiled up at him before turning and leading him to her cottage.


Mugen swatted at his foe, the thing dodged back and gave him a kick to the head. “COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT!” Mugen yelled at the top of his lungs. Fluttershy looked upon the scene, panic in her eyes, “Oh no...angel bunny please stop... Mugen please stop....BOTH OF YOU STOP!”

Mugen stopped as he held angel by the ears, the bunny had a leg reared back ready to kick at the human another time, but he held it at Fluttershy's orders.

“Mugen, the first step to being kind is to contain your anger and let little things go. Sure, angel bunny kicked you upside the head, but he only did it because he's out to protect me. And Angel Bunny, how dare you mister. I taught you better than that.” Fluttershy scolded them both, she pointed a hoof menacingly at them, “Now make up.”

Mugen looked to the bunny. Angel looked to Mugen, he held out a paw...Mugen took the paw and nodded. Fluttershy sat on her haunches and beamed at the two, “Good, forgiveness is out of the way. Lets move onto caring about other creatures.”


“Come here little fella.” Mugen whistled at the bunny family who cautiously sniffed at his hand. With a quick hop they grabbed the food and ran off. Mugen groaned, he's been feeding the little critters for over an hour, and not a single one was warming up to him.

“Oh don't worry Mugen, there are plenty of creatures around here, I'm sure one will warm up to you.” Fluttershy consoled the human from other side of the small field they were in.

Out of the corner of his eye, Mugen saw it. He crouched into a defensive stance and nearly yelled at Fluttershy, “Run! Just run Fluttershy!” Mugen began to charge, “WAIT!” Fluttershy dove in front of Mugen as he charged at the lumbering bear.

Fluttershy turned to it, “Hello there Mrs.Bear. This is Mugen, he's gonna be the one to give you some munchies today.”

Mugen's jaw dropped, she even took care of damn BEARS. He shook his head as Fluttershy handed him a pot filled with honey.

Mugen took a cautious step forward, the bear cocked its head at him and plopped down onto its haunches. Mugen took another step, and another step, the awareness of the bear building up with every step.

Mugen, gingerly and slowly extended the pot of honey over to the bear...and bear shoved its whole snout it as it eagerly devoured the honey. When the bear was done, it started licking Mugen's hand.

“Awww, mama bear likes you!” Fluttershy squeed, and that's when Mugen noticed the two cubs watching from the tree line.


Mugen sat down, exhausted from feeding, coaxing and otherwise taking care of animals. He was dead beat tired. He looked at the sun high in the sky, “Hey Flutterbabe, what time is it?” Mugen asked, shielding his eyes from the blinding glare.

“If you're worrying about your date tonight Mugen, you have an hour until it's time. It's okay for you to go get ready. By the way....why do you keep calling me Flutterbabe....not that I take offense to it or anything.” The pegasus answered as she scooted a chicken towards he chicken coop.

Mugen smiled, “Eeyup, tonight is a pony night so there isn't much for to get ready. As to why I keep calling you that...I don't rightly know...i just find it a funny nick name for you.” He shrugged as he rested against the side of her cottage.

He smiled at the sky, blissfully ignorant of the world around...that is until something nuzzled his arm. Mugen looked down to find bot bear cubs laying down next to him. They lazily licked their lips and looked up at him with their orb like eyes. Mugen grinned and scratched their ears...eager for his date in less than an hour.


“So how ya'll enjoying Fluttershy's Mugen?” Applejack asked him in that drawl of hers. Mugen smirked, “Well...I made friends with a mama bear and her cubs.” Applejack raised an eye brow at him as she led him down the street.

“Hey where are we going anyway?” Mugen asked curiously. Applejack chuckled at the question, “The same 'Ol place that this...us...where we started. You and ah are gonna drunk off our rockers again.”

Mugen chuckled quietly, even though he's been turning into a pony for a while now he was still having trouble adjusting from two legs, to four. He nearly fell but Applejack caught him with her side, “Ah got ya Mugen. Ah got you.”

Mugen looked up, “Well, it looks like we're here.” Applejack chuckled as she and pony Mugen stepped inside the familiar bar. They trotted right up to the bar, “'Evning Berry Punch, Mugen and ah are here to get drunk outta our minds.”

The bartender immediately took out two drinks, “Won't cost you two a thing, an annomymous donor gave you two a thousand bit tab for the both of you.”

Mugen and Applejack glanced at eachother, then shrugged their shoulders and began to drink.

An hour later...

“Come on, Aj, Come on Aj. GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!” Mugen cheered for his mare friend as she threw the pong and with a little plop the tiny ball landed in the cup.

“YES! AHAHA! Mugen, looks like ya'll gotta take a drink.” Applejack flashed Mugen a brilliant smile that made his heart beat faster. But Mugen flashed a smile right back as he took a swig of his drink.

“Alright sugar cube, now it's yer turn to throw.” Applejack slurred at him as she held her glass in the air.

Mugen took careful aim and threw the tiny ball...and it scattered far off from the cup completely missing it.

Applejack laughed aloud as she slurred out, “Mugen, ya gotta drink again. Heehee.” Mugen smirked and took another swig without saying a word. He was loving Applejack more and more.

11 O'clock at night...

Mugen and Applejack stumbled along, “Ap-applejack...why...why are you so..so hard working?” Mugen slurred out. Applejack looked at him, “C-cus thats how I was raised.”

Applejack stumbled but Mugen caught her, “Woah be careful there hon.” Applejack smiled at Mugen...and kissed him straight on the lips.

Mugen's eyes went wide with shock as Applejack's lips pressed against his. The moment ended too soon as Applejack pulled away.

Applejack looked him straight in the eye and smiled, “Did ya'll like that Mugen, well ya'll can have more.” The pungent scent of alchohol wafted through Mugen's nose and a knowing smile came on his lips.

“I really do want more Aj, but you're drunk. So I'm gonna pass, don't want you to do anything you'll regret tonight.” Mugen sighed, it was the truth, he really, REALLY wanted Applejack, but he didn't want to make things awkward in the morning.

Applejack snickered, “ Mugen, ah am drunk, and ah appreciate you being a gentlecolt, but ah planned on doing this fer awhile now. Ah've been dreaming about yah Mugen, Every night. Ah enjoy my time with you Mugen, and ah find myself working twice as hard and twice as fast just to see yah.”

Mugen looked Applejack right in the eye, she was telling the truth, he wouldn't doubt it. She IS the element of honesty after all. Mugen rolled what she said in her head a bit, before he locked his lips to hers.

Heat flushed his face as Mugen pressed his snout deeper into the kiss, Applejack's tongue flitted into his mouth and started a dance with his own. For a full minute the couple's lips battled with one another until they finally pulled free, gasping for breath.

Mugen stepped back staring into those perfect eyes, “ Well, ah hoped this might happen Mugen, come on. The family isn't home right now...so it'll just be you...and me.” Applejack smiled at Mugen, and winked right at him.


Mugen grunted, as sunlight pierced his skull. Something was moving next to him, he rolled over onto his other side to see Applejack stirring. The farm mare smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss, “G'morning Mugen. How'd ya'll asleep...well..after?” Mugen smiled right back, “I slept like a baby, you rocked my world last night Aj.” He laughed and Applejack chuckled a bit herself.

“Hey...uhhhh Mugen....can...can ah ask what ya'll dreamed about with me in it?” Applejack asked nervously. Mugen put a hoof to his chin in thought, and after a minute he says, “Why don't we both tell the other what dreamed at the exact same time?”

Applejack smirked, held a hoof up and spat on it, “That's a done deal.” Mugen cocked an eye brow and spat on his own hoof and shook the farm mares hoof.

They looked each other in the eye, “On the count of three?” Mugen asks, Aj just nods and Mugen begins to count, “Three...two....one.” At the exact same moment they both confessed their dreams, “I dream of you riding on my...manhood... in human Aj form while you continuously moan and shout at me to 'Ride it cow pony'”

“Ah keep dreaming of you an ah....uhhh rollin in the hay.”

They both eyed each other....then busted out laughing. After a minute Applejack wiped a tear out of her eyes with a hoof, “Ahhhh, last night was great Mugen. It was real special...especially for mah...first time.” Applejack looked away with a blush on her face.

Mugen smirked and held his medallion aloft, “Mugen.” In a flash of golden light, he was back in his regular human form. Applejack smirked back, “Well ya'll should really get back to Fluttershy, ah know fer sure she's worried sick...even though I sent her a note explaining things. And ah got work back on the farm.”

Mugen nodded, “ See ya again tonight?” Applejack nodded her head, and after a quick embrace the two departed.


“That'll be thirteen bits ma'am.” Fuu held her hand out for the money. With a huff the mare gave her the bits, “That is an outrageous price for a pastry.”

Fuu almost immediately shot out, “Just wait till you try it ma'am.” The mare in question rolled her eyes and walked away from the counter.

Fuu felt it the instant it started happening, Fuu ducked down just as Pinkie Pie zoomed over her head. Pinkie slammed onto the floor of the shop with a loud “ Ooomph.”

Pinkie shot straight up as if nothing happened, “Awwwww...Fuuey, how'd you know?” Fuu smiled at the party mare, “After a couple months of living with you I develpoed....* she strikes a pose * Fuu-pie sense.”

The party pony's smile grew even wider as she guffawed, “You big smelly, silly willy. You don't have a pie anywhere in your name.”

Fuu chuckled, “Well it only works for when you try to 'surprise' me...so its essentially a sense that only works if YOUR coming.”

Pinkie laughed again, “Okie dokie lokie, I'll be in the back helping the cakes bake more CUPCAKES!!! I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!”

Fuu laughed as her crazy, pink friend bounced back into the kitchen of Sugar Cube Corner.


“Wow.” Rainbow Dash said, barely keeping her jaw off of the floor. Twilight soundlessly nodded her in agreement, she was speechless.

Rarity walked in the front door, “Twilight, dear I need to borrow....Oh dear.” The diva's eyes grew wide as she drank in the scene before her.

Jin was holding out two humongous, clay pots out at arms length with nothing but his fingers. He had a band underneath each arm that had a spike protruding from them that would stab him in the side if he let the weights drop even slightly...and to top it all off he was squatting over a hot poker that would burn him if he lowered himself even a fraction of an inch.

Jin wasn't even breaking a sweat...and he had been doing this for fifteen minutes now.

“Uhmmm what are you doing dear?” Rarity cautiously asked, her eyes refusing to leave the odd scene before her.

Jin grunted, “We of the bushido code must continually train every day. What I'm doing now is a part of that. It's nothing once you get used to it.” The ronin continued to do...whatever he was doing as the three mares just watched in amazed silence.


“Well ate least you had a great time Mugen. I'm just surprised that you....uhhh....well if you don't mind me saying, stayed the night to...to...” Fluttershy started, blushing madly the time while tending to the animals.

Mugen smirked and finished her thought for her, “Tussle in the hay.” The way she eeped and turned redder than a tomatoe made Mugen roar and guffaw with laughter.

Mugen continued snickering as he held out a handful of oats to the bunnies. For whatever reason they didn't scare off and actually nuzzled his hand a little before hopping off to do what ever the fuck it is rabbits do when they're taken care of all the time.

“Hey...uhmm...Mugen...if you don't mind me asking can you....uhmmm go a little ways into the Ever Free forest and gather some fire wood....if you don't mind that is.” The pegasus stuttered out, still blushing furiously.

Mugen chuckled and didn't say a word as he went off into the woods. He strolled along whistling a rhythm-less tune, he gathered fire wood as the night before replayed constantly in his head. But something snapped his attention back to the real world. The sound of something...whimpering.

Mugen listened close and followed the noise to its source. When he rounded the corner of an oak tree, a pang of...something shot through his soul. There was a fox with a hug gash in its side. The blood of the beast painted an area around the critter...but it was still breathing. The beast looked him in the eye and Mugen... Mugen picked the fox up, dropping the fire wood and darted off to Fluttershy's home, fox in his arms.

Jin was now on one hundred and twenty three....pushups...with one arm. Twilight, RD and Rarity were still awe struck at how much the human could...do. Even Spike had joined them, no pony uttered a word as they watched Jin train.

“One hundred and twenty five!” Jin grunted as he raised himself up again.


Everypony jumped as a blinding golden flash appeared right beside Jin, the human scrambled to distance himself from the light....when Celestia of all ponies appeared before them.

“Celestia? What are you doing here?” Twilight asked, in utter confusion.

Celestia smiled at her prized student before turning to Jin, “Good, I hoped I wouldn't have to look far for you. Listen, I have been thinking...Queen Chrysalis of the changelings easily defeated me. I wish to remedy my weakness and have come to ask you Jin...teach me how to fight.”

Jin blinked in surprise more than anything, “Well...Princess you use magic, how could I teach you to fight?”

Celestia smiled, “Your style focuses on remaining calm, striking hard and striking fast. I already know how to fight with my magic...I more over need physical training.” The sun goddess smiled a hopeful smile at the ronin.

Jin smiled in turn, “Very well Princess, I will alter the training of Bushido to fit you more, but I do warn you...the training of samurai is the most difficult training you will ever face.”

The human and the princess locked eyes with a smile.

1 hour later...

Celestia had three pots on her back, each was filled to the brim with sand and had symbols etched into them. SWOOSH. The now all too familiar sound of the whip Jin used flew by over her head, “TOO HIGH! GET LOWER!MOVE BETWEEN THE PILES OF BOOKS!” Jin managed to shout without even raising his voice.

The princess gasped for breath, lowering he legs to a crouch as she steadily moved between the piles of books around the library, all while desperately trying to keep the pots from falling. He had warned he there would be hell to pay if she dropped even one...if this wasn't hell she didn't want to know what was.

There it was the finish... Celestia licked her lips in anticipation before increasing her speed...ten feet..five feet...FINISHED! Celestia trembled past the finish and waited for the order she so desperately craved, “Okay time for a small break.” Jin said.

Celestia smiled in relief as she used her magic to remove the weights, she stretched her legs after crouching for so long she coul- “Alright, back to work, breaks over.” Jin said...in utter seriousness.

Celestia's face grew slack with shock...and in the back ground she heard Spike murmur, “Now that's cruel.”


Mugen sat next to the fox, it was all bandaged up now...but it was fast asleep. Mugen smirked as he watched the fox, he had thought for sure that it would die...but Fluttershy can work true magic.

Speak of the devil, “Oh my gosh Mugen, thank you for getting this fox back to me as quick as you could.” Fluttershy smiled as she came in to the room.

Mugen just shrugged and looked up to the ceiling...when something started to nuzzle his hand. Mugne looked down at his hand to see the fox rubbing its face against the palm of his hand.

Mugen started to scratch the fox behind the ears, “Is it a boy or girl?”

“Girl.” Fluttershy shot the answer out almost immediately, as if she rehearsed it.

Mugen looked at the fox who was practically purring as he pet it, “Well girl, I'm going to start calling you Foxy. Yeah, yeah so what, it's uncreative. What are you gonna do? Sue me?”

Mugen could swear the fox smiled at him as he continued to pet it and Fluttershy actually laughed.

“Well Mugen, I think you got yourself a pet now.” Fluttershy said, a smile covering her face.

Mugen couldn't help but crack a grin of his own.


Over the course of a month a routine was quickly established for Mugen, he'd get up, take care of and feed the animals who warmed up to him rather quickly. After that, he'd stick with Foxy, play with her, feed her, change bandages etc.

The fox adored Mugen, it would more often than not clamber into his lap and just lay there lazily, blinking occasionally as he stroked her fur.

But even after what...two or maybe three months...he still eagerly looked forward to his dates with Applejack, things had gotten a lot, a lot more open after that night.

Mugen smiled, recalling the fond memories and he scratched Foxy behind the ears.

Knock Knock.

Some Pony was at the door, Mugen was closest so he called out to Fluttershy, “I got it!” Mugen stood up much to the dislike of his still healing pet and he lumbered over to the door.

“Hell- Oh my my my” Mugen smiled flirtatiously, stroking his beard he leaned against the open door, “What brings you out here beautiful?”

Human Applejack smiled, she was wearing the same GOREGEOUS get up from that first date. Even her damn hair was the same...must have been a pain in the ass getting all the way out here.

“Well, ah couldn't stand to wait a mite bit longer so ah thought I'd come and get yer ass.” That familiar drawl washed over Mugen, bringing with him pure bliss.

“Hey Fluttershy I'm...going out?” Mugen blinked as his hostess simply strolled past and outside.

“No you're not, some pony's gotta stay and take care of the animals. I've just realized that I'm running low on...on MEDICAL SUPPLIES! Yeah...yeah that's it I need to go grab some medical supplies immediately, just in case something happens.”

Mugen could have swore that the shy pegasus winked at Applejack as she trotted nervously past, before quickly darting down the lane.

Mugen shrugged and stepped back, allowing Applejack to step through the door.

Celestia and Jin established a routine of their own, either she would teleport to him or vice versa. The training regime was just as he said it would be...brutal to the core.

Celestia found herself absolutely exhausted as they days wore by as Jin seemed to pull more and more ridiculous excersises out of his ass.

Celestia grew wide eyed with fear at her current predicament in this particular work out. “YOU'RE MASTERS WERE CRAZY IF THEY REALLY USED THIS AS TRAINING JIN!”

The sun goddess hung from a beam and a rope...right above a fire that Jin gently fanned, Celestia had to continually flop around doing crunches...while hanging upside down. She had a hard enough time as is being an alicorn...but she managed.

“IF I DON'T SWITCH OVER TO MY BACK OR STOMACH IN TIME THE FIRE'LL BURN ME!!! JIN YOU'R CRAZY!!!!” The princess raged out in panic as she switched again.

Jin's lips upturned slightly into a small smile.

One of the royal guards whispered to another, “I am really, REALLY glad that human was not our teacher.”

Jin's slight smirk became a full blown smile at the thought, “Hey Princess, if it's okay with you could I train your royal guards too?”

The two that were watching the show paled almost immediately.


It had been an hour and the couple were laughing inside the warm and cozy cottage.

Mugen sighed as he finished laughing, a small cup of homemade sake in his hand, “I wonder what's taking Flutter so long. She's been gone awhile.”

Applejack rolled her emerald eyes, “Ya'll are a lot denser than yah look Mugen, she didn't really have to go fer medical supplies..she and ah worked out a little...arrangement.”

“Wait...so she's not coming back?” Mugen asked curiously.

Applejack rolled her eyes again, “Mugen..haven't ya'll noticed that there aren't any critters hanging around?”

Mugen glanced around seeing that she was right, there wasn't an animal to be found, not even Angel Bunny. “Yeah you're right.”

Applejack stood up from her spot on the catch, very suddenly. Mugen looked around very confused, but Applejack cut him off before he could say anything.

“Ya'll remember when we told each other what we had dreamed about the other?” The woman drawled quietly.

Mugen nodded, suddenly very scared, did she hate him for what he dreamed. But wait...why get angry now instead of all the time ago?

She turned to face him, “Well...ah got mah dream to come true...but ya'll still ain't got yers.” And with that she tugged at her belt and the whole kimono came crashing down, revealing a very naked Applejack.

Mugen's eyes grew wide as his girl friend stepped towards him seductively, he silently drank in the sight of her with his eyes, memorizing every detail.

He was thankful there wasn't anyone but a near by sleeping Foxy.


Mugen gave a very content sigh as he wrapped an arm around the still sleeping Applejack. She was huddled against his chest, snoring softly as she slept. Mugen smiled down at the sleeping woman on his chest, they were both still very naked, but under the covers at least.

That's when he noticed two pairs of eyes staring at him, he looked up seeing Foxy and Angel Bunny staring at him. He blinked and began to ask something when Foxy tossed him his cloths and Angel threw Applejack's kimono at her.

Applejack flailed her arms out, “SPY SAPPING MAH SENTRY!!!” The farm woman looked around confused, her gaze rested on Angel who was tapping his feet and pointing...at something.

“What is ya'll are worked up fer little guy?” Applejack drawled.

They heard the door downstairs begin to open, “Oh love birds...Fluttershy is home...if that's okay that is.”

The two still very naked and still very much in Fluttershy's bed glanced at one another...and began to
scrambled over one another as they got dressed.

Hoofsteps started coming up the steps...the steps started coming closer and closer down the hall...the door flew open with a SLAM!

“Time to wake up sleepy- Oh...you're awake. That's...that's nice. I hope you two had a nice date last night. And Mugen,” Fluttershy smiled deviously at the human, “I better not find any cum stains in my sheets!”

Mugen's jaw dropped to the ground, he and Applejack managed to get fully dressed in time, AJ's hair was still disheveled from bed head, but what the hay? Did she really just say what he thought she said?

Flutteshy laughed at the look of disbelief on his face, “Oh you silly, willy, I'm only teasing. Besides, I'm not as clueless as you think.”

She turned to leave the room, “Oh and by the way...” Fluttershy began to blush redder than a tomato, “Next time you ask Big Mac if he managed to 'ride Flutterbabe to the next millennium'... he'll be able to say yes.”

Mugen's jaw hit the ground as the words went through his head.

Celestia barely galloped harder as the whip snapped next to her head, “RUN FASTER...I'VE MET TURTLES THAT CAN RUN FASTER THAN YOU!” Jin still managed to yell without even raising his voice above a normal voice.

Celestia was dragging Jin along, tied by a rope to a home made sled, complete with an extra two hundred pounds of weight attached to the sled.

“By Equestria Jin, will I have to run these embarrassing marathons for the rest of my life? Why are we doing this around Canterlot anyway? This is ruining my reputation!” The Princess groaned as Jin's whip continued to snap.



Fluttershy bust down the door to her cottage home, startling Mugen as he fed a pair of birds.

“MUGEN! ANGEL BUNNY!! EVER FREE FOREST!!! DANGER!!! GO!!! HELP NOW!!!” The shy pegasus nearly screamed. Mugen looked to the birds and darted out the door and bolted straight into Ever free forest...following the tracks of the bunny of course.


Mugen didn't like this...he didn't like this one bit. He whirled to the side dodging another swipe from the manticore, still holding little angel bunny in his arms. He weaved in between trees when he was sure the Manticore was lunging at him. Mugen whipped his blade out of his sheath and did a back flip into the air, there it was the manticore diving straight at him.

The beast looked up in surprise as Mugen slammed his blade down right into its skull. The beast crumpled.

Mugen grasped Angel Bunny and held him up and looked him right in the eyes, “I'm going to tell you the same thing I told a friend of mine once...you're not allowed to die...because I'm going to be the one to kill you.”

To Be continued...

This chapter was a lot of fun to write...i left continuous references to one of my favorite anime's and maga's of all time amongst all of the Jin scenes in this particualar chapter. TEN THOUSAND INTERNETS to who ever gets the references. Also, the fuu scene may have seemed pointless, but I put it in there so you would be assured I did not forget her...relax I have plans for her.