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ask and i will tell. i am comfortable with proofreading most anything as long as you are open to constructive criticism. pm me if interested.

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oh man, i think he died.
Wow i feel wierd now ...

Comment posted by FacelessPanda deleted Mar 5th, 2013

About 24 weeks ago,you said you might die during surgery. You've been offline for 24 weeks. I hope you're ok. :fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershysad:

88823 well whether you write fanfics or not i'm a still watch you. i'd be more than happy to help you and you seem to be a good conversationalist.

I'm not sure that following me is a.good idea. I haven't written a single fanfic and unless I get some massive stroke of inspiration, which, my brain being the unimaginative jerk it is, is never going to happen. (Dammit, I just jinxed it! Now I have an idea for a troll meta-fic!)

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