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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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Punishment and Retribution

The group gawked at Mugen. Applejack looked the human straight in the eye, peeking into the depths of his soul hiding behind his eyes...and she recoiled in fear.

Mugen chuckled, “I didn't want to take the lives of the people I killed, but I was left with no choice. In order to survive to see the next morning, I stole and I killed.” Mugen coughed up more blood and groaned a little.

Applejack narrowed her eyes and continued to stare into Mugen's eyes. After a minute she sighed and turned to her friends, “Well, he's telling the truth. He's killed, and like he said he didn't like it.”

The group of friends shifted from hoof to hoof, unsure of what to think, except for Fluttershy who continued to look over Mugens wounds.

Luna squinted her eyes and trotted up directly in front of the human, looking him over. Mugen grunted as she approached, “Who the hell is this?” The ponies gave a worried glance and the princess merley rolled her eyes, “I am Luna, princess of the moon.” She looked him straight in the eye, and her horn glowed with magic. Mugen was about to ask what the hell she was meant, when his entire life rushed past through his head.

He gasped out in pain, from his body, from his mind being picked apart without restraint by someone he had never met. Mugen groaned as his memories up until that point had been mercilessly ripped from his head. The Princess's eyes shot open and she ran up to a tree unloading the contents of he stomach on it.

The princess continued to hurl for about a minute, only stopping to cough and gag. The mane six trotted up to the princess and inquired to what was wrong and she simply waved them off. When she was finally done, she turned to face Mugen and stared him down with the blankest of expressions.

Mugen sighed despite the pain, and wondered what she was going to do to him. Maybe he'd be beheaded? Nah. Ponies are too innocent for something like that. Then what would they do with him?

Luna coughed to get his attention and when he turned they locked eyes, “You failed to mention how you had absolutely no family while you grew up on the streets with absolutely nothing. I can't even say that you had the clothes on your back, because all you had was a small loin cloth. You did say you had killed, you didn't say that if you didn't kill them, they'd kill you. You also seemingly forgot about how drunk you would get on stolen booze every now and then.”

Mugen's eyes shot open, he expected her to pick apart absolutely everything he had done, to point and call him a foul demon unworthy of the lowest pit of hell. Mugen sighed and simply looked the princess in the eye, “Well....what are you gonna do with me?”

Every Pony perked up, and looked at Luna who milled over her thoughts in her head, her face an incredible poker face. Until eventually she sighed, “ I honestly won't do anything without my sisters consent but Mugen....you are a troubling case. I know you would never harm a single hair in any of our ponies manes, but you slaughtered so many of your own kind. Your violent past cannot simply be over looked despite your reasons why and what you've done for Pony Ville since you've arrived her.”

The princess spoke the truth completely and without any exaggerations either way. Mugen smirked as he realized how much he liked her already. Mugen gasped as a sharp pain grabbed his heart and he coughed up blood before he could say anything.

Luna reared back and her expression turned to that of pure compassion, her horn began to glow again, “ Sleep Mugen, you need your rest. I will discuss your fate very, Very thoroughly with my sister, the princess of the sun.” And in an instant Mugen was snoring in sleep.


Twilight kept glancing up to the princess of the night, she debated heavily with the questions she was going to ask in her head. She had no idea what to ask, or if she should even ask her questions. She would often open her mouth to ask, but would quickly clamp it shut.

Luna continued to stare out of the hospital window, Mugen asleep on the bed nearby. The princess noticed Twilight's curiosity and smirked, “What is it Twilight Sparkle? You should know by now that you have the right to simple answeres.”

Twilight was startled out of her inner mental debate and her friends ears perked up looking to the moon princess, eager to hear the answers she would give. “Well...did Mugen really...k-k-kill his own kind? How many did he kill and...why? I just don't understand why any pony could want to kill.” Twilight vented out in frustration at the lack of understanding.

Luna turned to Twilight a grim look plastering her face, “ Yes Mugen has killed, but not without good reason, well for most of his kills anyway. As to how many.... I lost count after about one hundred. Understand though Twilight Sparkle, this man has killed, this man has stolen and this man has gambled. But all of it he did simply to survive a world that wanted him to die from birth. His home was terrible, lonely and violent. Children, like Mugen growing up, were starving in the streets and had to resort to stealing. The crimes gathered and snow balled until Mugen....until Mugen killed his first man.”

Twilight fidgeted nervously, she had no idea what to think, what to believe. The princess said that Mugen killed with good reason, but....he still killed them. Luna seemed to sense Twilight's discomfort and put a hoof comfortingly around her.

Rainbow Dash, without looking up, said very gloomily, “I hope....I hope Princess Celestia and you judge Mugen fairly....after all....he did a lot for us all.”

“You needn't worry about fairness from me my little pony, I judge all fairly and equally, no matter their crimes.” The very regal voice of Princess Celestia came from the hospital doorway.


Voices. Mugen heard voices in discussion around him as light creaked into his eyes, blasting his skull with immeasurable pain.

“Twilight, my dearest student, I understand completely why you are so confused and you have every right to be. This man saved Pony Ville...he saved a friend dear to you and... and he committed terrible crimes in his own world. Luna has shown me his memories, she and I will discuss him when we are alone.” A regal voice pierced Mugens skull and for the first time in years....he felt true fear at the voice.

“I know Princess, I-I just hope you aren't too hard on him. I mean he's become a friend to us.” The familiar voice of Twilight Sparkle registered in Mugens brain.

He snickered and opened his eyes, getting looks from every pony in the room. The first one he noticed was a horse sized pony right next to his bedside. He was surprised at how distorted his hearing appeared to be, seeing as to how he thought she was on the other side of the room. This pony, he guessed, was the princess, judging from the crown, the flowing rainbow mane, and her majestic wings and horn.

Mugen snickered again, but couldn't stop himself from patting the Princess on the back, he stroked up and down the back of her neck like he would a horse and it threw her off guard for a moment, surprisingly she didn't get mad.

Mugen grunted as he tried to sit up only for the Princess's horn to glow a golden aura, before gently forcing back to laying down.

“Vagrant Mugen...you are not ready to so much as sit up, but know you will judged fairly. Despite your heinous crimes, you still saved the lives of so many ponies by killing the Ursa Major.” The Princess said in an even tone, she was smiling at Mugen which made him scowl.

“You can cut the shit, I already know whats gonna happen. You're gonna call together a big crowd, and tell them about how horrible a monster I am... so just tell me when I'm gonna be executed. Oh, I'd also like to know where my head is going on display.”

The mane six gasped and began to spout apologies to the princess until she cut them off sharply with a hoof. The Princess's face didn't change at all, “Mugen, your world is a cruel and dark place, we are not depraved enough to simply execute, and we most certainly do not put bodies on display.”

Mugen cocked an eyebrow, damn, the bitch didn't even blink at what he had said. What was her deal?

“Your probably wondering why I've shown no reaction to your little statement. Well it's because after going through your life's memories many times over, I realized you are what you would call an ass hole and would more than likely try something like this.”

Mugen actually laughed and Celestia poked him in the chest, still smiling and finished, “ You Mugen, are an ass hole.”

Mugen laughed even harder and then groaned as he stretched the skin, Fluttershy practically pounced and began to comfort him with soothing motions on his shoulder. Mugen blinked, when did Fluttershy start caring about him so deeply. Mugen coughed and blood stained his hand, Applejack noticed and grabbed a tissue with her mouth and cleaned the blood off of him.

Mugen glanced around confused as Pinkie Pie pulled the covers up over his chest, as Twilight levitated a glass of water to his lips and as Rainbow Dash flew behind him, she gently lifted his head to drink and fluffed the pillows underneath before letting his head plop onto the pillow.

“What the-” Mugen muttered before Pinkie Pie cut him off with that familiar smile on her face, “ We don't care if you were a big meanie pants back in your world. Your still our friend and we WILL take care of you. I Pinkie Promise, stick a cupcake in my eye.”

Mugen chuckled and looked at the Princess, “So what are you gonna do with me honey?” Mugen purposely said flirtatiously, complete with a wink and a flirty smile.

The Princess merely chuckled at him and replied in as flirty a tone to throw him off, “My Sister and I will discuss it in due time...but for now my dear Mugen...” Her horn began to glow and Mugen began to snore almost immediately.


“The Nobles have already been informed my dear sister, it was their right to know that someone who can so easily kill is in their presence.” Celestia said blankly to her sister, “And they will want us to punish him, more specifically to banish him.”

Luna stared out over her moon, her beautiful moon that Mugen had appreciated so much growing up. She sighed, “What ever are we going to do Tia, I firmly believe he deserves a second chance. We were taught to love and tolerate and to forgive. Tia, you saw it in his memories, how deeply he cared for the little Cutie Mark Crusaders. He CAN change, he can be redeemed. Give him this chance, please Tia, it would devastate the Elements if Mugen were banished without a second chance.” Luna was practically begging her sister near the end.

Celestia stared out over the moon alongside her sister, basking in its beautiful rays, “I know dear Luna, but so much can easily go so wrong if we give him that chance. I saw just as much as you did sister, but did you see how violent he became with Gilda?”

Luna looked at her sister incredulosuly, “ Yes but do you forget he only did that for, again, the CMC.”

Celestia sighed, “I know this little sister, but he became so very violent, imagine if he loses control.”

Luna sighed, easily seeing the picture of Mugen over reacting. “Fine, your right dear Tia. But I still believe he can be changed to good.”

Celestia smiled as a very simple idea popped into her head, one that would infuriate nobility of Canterlot while still fulfilling her promise of some punishment, it would appeal to the Elements and it would be good for Mugen.

Luna recognized that smile...it was the smile she gave when she came up with something devious.
“Oh dear Tia what is it now?”

Celestia told her....Luna gasped...and then laughed hysterically.


Mugen grunted as he held onto Twilight for support, he was in the grand hall of Canterlot, Celestia's throne room, surrounded by royal guards...and booing nobleman.

Mugen rolled his eyes as the crowd of fancy ponies who've never had to struggle to survive continued to protest his very existence. “QUIET!!! You ponies call yourselves noble and you act like common ruffians!” The sudden outburst from Rarity caught Mugen off guard, and even more surprising the nobles looked embarassed but continued to stare daggers at the human.

Mugen snickered as his escort brought him directly to two thrones, one was shaped like the rising sun the other like the rising moon, both were fitted for an Alicorn to sit on. The Princess of the sun relaxed in her sun burst throne and Luna lounged upon her moon throne, coming to attention when Mugen actually bowed before them. Which caught them both by surprise.

Celestia cleared her throat, “Stand, Vagrant Mugen.” Mugen did as he was bid, hands shackled behind his back, the Elements of Harmony lined up horizantally behind him, each with a somber expression on their faces, even Pinkie Pie's hair had deflated.

Celestia stared Mugen down with the best damn poker face he had ever seen. “Vagrant Mugen, you must be punished for the crimes you committed in your home world.” The Elements let out an audible groan of pent up despair, Pinkie began to cry.

“But your actions, regarding the Ursa Major and saving all of Pony Ville cannot simply be over looked as well. You put your life on the line for strange folk and willingly admitted to heinous crimes afterward. That too cannot be ignored.”

Celestia took a brief pause, staring into Mugens soul, it felt like it to him anyway. The noble ponies of Canterlot eagerly awaited the word for him to be banished to the sun, or thrown into the dungeons. Celestia...allowed a smirk to cover her face.

“Which is why you shall spend a full year amongst the Elements of Harmony. You shall spend two months amongst each element, learning the magic of friendship and earning your redemption. You will give me a weekly report on friendship, just like my dear Twilight Sparkle.”

The mane six literally jumped in the air with startle joy, laughing and high hoofing one another, while the Canterlot nobles gasped as out rage plastered their rich, smug faces.

“Your first two months will be spent with Honesty, the following with Loyalty, both of which go hoof in hoof, or in your case, hand in hand. After, you will live with generosity and then kindness, again, the two are linked. And your last two will be with Laughter and Magic.” The Princess raised a hoof to each of the Elements, in turn, all of whom had stupid looking grins on their faces. M

Mugen glanced at the nobility of Canterlot, seeing their looks of pure outrage he busted out in an uncontrollable fit of laughter. Celestia looked at Mugen and where he was facing and a knowing smile came over her own lips. Her horn glowed and Mugen was lifted over to her.

Mugen regained his composure and looked the Princess in the eye, “Well, Shining Armor do you agree with the punishment I have prepared?” A big, purple unicorn emerged from Celestia's side and looked the human straight in the eye, “Well...if my little sister and you trust him Princess, well, its fine by me.”

Twilight smiled deeply at the unicorn and Mugen, glanced back and forth between the two, snickering at the realization.

Celestia turend to the alicorn on her other side, a pinkish one that was much smaller than Celestia and Luna, with a purple, white and pink striped mane, and asked, “And you princess Cadence?” The Alicorn in question smiled warmly at Mugen, “I agree, especially if my love does. Mugen couldn't help but grin.

Mugen was set on the ground and the shackles binding him were shatterd and....no it couldn't be.... Mugen's precious sword hovered down into his hand. It was completely cleaned and repaired...but why would she.... Mugen looked at the Princess confused.

Her face had gone cold, her gaze bored down deep into Mugen's soul and Celestia nearly bellowed, “And the last part of your punishment Mugen...” Every Pony glanced around nervously, waiting with baited breath....

Celestia slammed her hoof on the ground and her horn radiated magic and... Mugens shadow...began to blur and.... move.

Mugen leaped back as his shadow peeled itself out of the ground and stared at him, its eye's blacker than the rest of its body. Mugen grunted, understanding immediately what was happening. The mane six and every pony in the throne room stepped back as shadow Mugen drew its sword.

Mugen eyed the shadow before him as Celestia called out from behind him, “ Prove it Mugen, prove your willingness to changed by fighting your deepest, darkest desires. Slay it, and your punishment will go as planned, but know this, whatever you do to the shadow, you do yourself. Are you willing to kill yourself for redemption Mugen?”

Mugen cracked his neck, thinking as the audience gasped at Celestia's spell. Mugen's eyes darted open as he came to his decision and he dashed forward. Shadow Mugen mimicked him exactly and dashed forward swinging his blade at the same angle, their blades met with a clang.

Mugen was already thankful that Celestia had healed his wounds with magic on the trip to Canterlot. He stepped back and swung his blade around wildly at his shadow self. Blades clashed and rang with an oddly metallic sound. M

Mugen jumped back only to dart forward again swinging his blade from side to side in a frantic attempt to break through his shadow's guard. The shadow mirrored him as the two drew closer together and at the last minute Mugen flipped into the air and aimed his blade...only to discover Shadow Mugen doing the same thing. Mugen felt a solid blade slice through his chest as he barely dodged the swing at him and managed to stab clean through the left shoulder of the shadow...and he immediately gasped out in pain as he felt a stab in his own left shoulder.

Mugen landed feet planted and slid back, towards the throne. He panted and looked at the thin cut across his chest...and the stab hole in his left shoulder. He looked at the shadow Mugen, a stab in its shoulder....but no slice across its chest. So...only Mugen could hurt himself by stabbing his shadow. Not fair.

Mugen stood up and the shadow Mugen mirrored him. Mugen stroked his beard in thought, wait if Shadow Mugen fights the same way he does... “What if I fought like...” Mugen smirked as held his sword out....he planted his feet apart....and just like Jin he grasped the hilt with both hands.

The crowd stared at Mugen, and shadow Mugen who simply cocked its head. Sweat beaded on Mugen's brow as he waited. Mugen thought and waited and thought some more until some impatient ponies in the audience coughed. As the shadow blinked for a quarter of a second, Mugen immediately surged forward...but as the shadow Mugen charged forward Mugen didn't strike while his shadow did.

Mugen grunted as the shadow sword bit into the flesh of his already hurt shoulder, and reached up grabbing Shadow Mugens blade at the hilt, digging the blade into his own flesh. Mugen raised his sword while the shadow could do nothing and....lobbed its head off.

Mugen stepped back expecting his own head to topple off, expecting his blood to paint the floor, but instead...

“Well done Mugen. You probably wonder why your not dead. The answer, the spell would heal you instantly if you dealt a death blow to your shadow self. Congratulations Mugen, you earned your chance at redemption.


To be continued......