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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A Titanic Struggle

Mugen jumped over the claw jabbing at him, flipping over in the air and landing on the Ursa Major's arm. He immediately jabbed his sword deep into the flesh of the monster, a tide of astral crimson oozed out. It roared and raised its other massive, meaty paw to slap at him.

Mugen sprinted as fast as he could up the arm of the massive bear, running his blade clean through and up the arm of the monster. He crinkled his nose at the stench the strange bear gave off.

The monster swatted at him, and for Mugen it seemed as if it were moving in slow motion. At the last possible second he pulled his blade out of the arm of the monster with a sickening slurp, before leaping off of its arm.

As Mugen fell he jabbed his blade through the hide of the creature and used its flesh to slow his descent to the ground. He dropped onto the forest floor with a thud and immediately began to dart around under the Ursa Majors legs, slicing and slicing into...hide.

Mugen scowled, the hide is too thick for him to simply cut with the blade, he needed to stab as he had on the arm and this complicated things immeasurably.

The Ursa Major noticed him at last, darting around and between its legs, the bear seemingly smirked, and raised the paw closest to Mugen....and slammed down.

Mugen barely managed to dodge the colossal stomp, only for the monstrous bear to follow up with a stomp from its other other, and soon it was on all fours, stomping along in a rampage, hoping to get Mugen with its rampage.

Mugen dodged and weaved, he easily dodged the clumsy footfalls, what he was worried about were the large rocks, trees and debris being tossed around as if they weighed nothing.

Mugen dodged and dodged, wondering the creature would tire out when a tremendous pain jolted into from his back. Mugen shouted out in agony and spittle flung from his mouth as a log that was flinging about thudded straight into his back.

The Ursa Major swung down a meaty paw straight at him and Mugen could only wonder if his death would be painless. Then, the look Pinkie had given when he promised not to die blotted out all other thought from his mind.

Mugen stamped a foot on the ground and screamed out his challenge to the Ursa Major, “COME ON YOU MOTHER FUCKER!”

As the meaty paw came closer Mugen dodged to the side and with a wide swing of his blade, the blade sunk into the flesh of the paw. Mugen grasped his blade with two hands and carved an entire chunk of flesh out of the monster. Blood, blood that was colored like its hide, spurted out of the monster in great torrets.

The Ursa Major roared out in pain and retraced its paw, from the earth. As the creature milled over its wound, Mugen turned and fled into the forest, hoping the monster would follow. The sudden thudding and roaring of the creature behind him made the man smirk with triumph.


“Our sister has left his business and is on her way here right now. Tell us, has Pony Ville been evacuated?” Princess Luna eyed the elements of harmony before, all of whom looked on edge, and with good reason.

Twilight piped up, “Yes princess all of Pony Ville has begun the journey to Canterlot.”

Luna nodded, “ And this....hewman....is fighting against the Ursa Major as we speak.”

A roar of extreme agony echoed throughout the town, the noise had come from the Ever Free forest.

Twilight couldn't speak so she simply nodded, worry and fear for the human knotted her stomach. He couldn't use magic, even with her magic she BARELY managed to get an Ursa Minor to leave Pony Ville and he was fighting an Ursa Major.

The very air inside Twilight's library home thickened with worry as the roars of pain continued to echo through out the town.

Princess Luna looked out in the general direction of the forest and said simply, “ Well from the sound of it...the Ursa Major is having its paws quite full with this...hewman. We think he can handle him self perfectly fine. Do not fret my little ponies.”

The mane six glanced at one another and smiles spread across their faces as they thought about it.

Pinkie Pie hopped up, a determined look on her face, “Yeah now lets go help Mugen fight that big Ol' Meanie!”

Princess Luna smiled as the mane six cheered out, and together they began to form a plan to help their hewman friend.


The Ursa Major snapped its jaws furiously at the man. Struggling to get at the wily human in his cave. Mugen backed deeper into his cave, cursing at himself, “ Why the fuck did I run in here?” Mugen scowled backing deeper into the dank cave as the beast's maw bit through the rock of cave to get at him. Its foul breath rolled against Mugen in waves, rocking his senses around from the reek.

Mugen did something in the dank, mold ridden cave hes never really particularly good at, thinking. He racked brain for ideas as the bears jaws snapped, saliva frothing everywhere as it budged through the cave entrance, cracking it open more and more.

Mugen stroked his chin as an idea formed in his skull, he smirked. As the bears jaws snapped shut, in the split second before it opened again, Mugen dashed forward and sliced his sword straight across the bears nostrils, astral blood splashed onto him in a tidal wave of gore.

The blade plunged into soft flesh and Mugen pushed the blade through its nostril, cutting the nostrils off of the nose completely. The monster roared out in agony and its head ripped out of the cave and Mugen took his chance to dash through the opening in the cave.

Mugen sprinted as fast as his legs would carry past the Ursa Major who writhed on the ground, pawing at its nostriless nose, groaning in almost tangible agony. The bears eyes shot open and it jabbed a claw straight for Mugen.

Mugen's eyes widened as he sidestepped at the last moment, which was a little too late. The tip of one of the Ursa Mjors claw ripped through Mugens back, goring him and sending a splash of crimson to color the floor.

Mugen gasped aloud as mind numbing pain ripped through him. He tried to ignore the pain and quickened his pace as he darted through the trees of the forest, with a very pissed off Ursa Major hot on his heels.


The Lavender unicorn, Twilight Sparkle, took in the carnage with extreme worry. Thick pools of astral colored blood were scattered everywhere, there were massive paw prints from, where the looks of it, the Ursa Major had been stomping frantically.

Applejack cried out in alarm, “What in the hay is that?” She stared at something on the ground as the group trotted up to investigate. Twilight gasped upon immediately realizing what it was.

Pinkie Pie looked at her friend worriedly, while Luna grimaced in the background. Twilight blinked and with a hearty sigh, “Its....Its blood, Mugens been hurt from the looks of it.”

Pinkie's mane instantly deflated with a whoosh, “Mugen promised he wouldn't die.” The party mare sniffled.

Twilight blinked in exasperation, “I never said anything about him dying Pinkie, I said he's hurt. Look over there, the Ursa Major barreled off in that direction. Do you know what that means? It means its chasing Mugen! We've got to help him!” Twilight stared straight into Pinkie's eyes as the party mare's man poofed out to its normal consistency.

Pinkie Pie jumped and screamed at the top of her lungs, “WELL COME ON WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!?!!?”


Mugen rolled forward as the bears massive claw slammed into the earth where he was but moments before. Sweat clung to him, his head was dizzy from loss of blood, and he gasped frantically while trying to breath.

Mugen sprinted as he tightened his make shift bandage, he had used Rarity's custom made shirt to bandage himself while hiding from the monster.

Mugens instinct buzzed and he dashed to the left almost immediately, dodging another swipe from the enraged Ursa Major.

Mugen spun around when he reached his destination and held the sword out directly in front of him, facing the Ursa Major directly. He laughed and stuck up his middle finger to the bear and shouted, “SUCK MY COCK YOU LITTLE SHIT!”

The bear didn't even slow down as it barreled toward him, waterfalls of blood and driblets of flesh falling from from all over it, its mouth frothed with a sickening blueish foam. Mugen smirked and darted forward as the creature charged into where he was but a moment ago...and instead fell down the cliff side behind him.

Mugen smirked and dashed over to the edge and jumped off towards the bear. The cliff wasn't that high compared to the Ursa Major but it was enough to cause damage, and it provided just the opening Mugen needed.

Mugen aimed himself and concentrated deeply as the wind whipped past him. Time seemed to slow down as the spot Mugen was aiming at rushed up to him....and with a sickening crunch he slammed his sword down into the bears head with his full weight behind it, plus a good fifteen foot drop.

If the Ursa Major hadn't been there it would've been a certain death drop for him. Mugen almost began to cheer...until the monster roared in agony, and then Mugen frowned as he realized he hadn't stabbed deep enough to penetrate the skull...but all this vanished in an instant as the Ursa Major simply shook its head.

Mugen was in free fall, death quickly rushed up to him when Mugen sneered, “FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK I'M GOING TO DIE THAT EASY.” Mugen shouted at no one in particular. He angled himself towards the Ursa Major and....grabbed onto a driblet of flesh hanging from one the wounds on its arms.

The Ursa Major howled out in explosive agony as Mugen used its own flesh as a rope to slow his fall. The monster shook its body violently sending Mugen flying off into the forest. M

Mugen gasped out in pain as he landed onto the forest floor, but he couldn't afford to stop moving, he ignored the pain of the skin hanging off of torso, allowing crimson to splatter the floor...and darted off deeper into the forest, the angry roars of the Ursa Major chasing after him.


Fluttershy let the tears fall freely as more and more of Mugen's blood splattered and mixed with the monsters blood. No Pony said a word as they reached....a cliff side. Pinkie Pie and her friends cried out as they saw Mugen's blood trail end at it's edge.

Luna walked to the edge suspicious, as the elements of harmony cried in each others hooves, not wanting to contain their grief. Luna did a double take at the ground below here and let out a hearty laugh...which brought tears into her eyes.

The mane six all glared daggers at the Princess of the Moon who smiled at them a held a hoof pointing down below. The Mane six trotted to the edge and gasped at what they saw...followed by sighs of relief. No Pony said a word as they saw the trail of destruction left in the wake of a chasing Ursa Major.


Mugen sprinted as fast his feet would carry him, his blood falling in little arcs, painting his trail crimson. The skin torn off his torso stretched from his chest down to his groin and burned unbearably as he ran. He scowled at the loss of his sword and muttered curses at himself.

He skidded to a halt and swore a string of curses at himself as he found himself....right in front of a cliff with no where to go. He looked around frantically thinking of a solution...and then he smirked and reached into the dirt surrounding the cliff and began to coat himself with it.

When the dirt touched his blood it almost instantly turned into a bloody mud mix and Mugen laughed as he quickly rolled around in the dirt, his entire body caked with mud. Once his whole body was colored the same as the cliff he began to frantically climb up it, climbing as quickly as he could.

Mugen constantly glanced over his shoulder, watching the Ursa Major lumber towards the cliff where Mugen was at. It couldn't see him as he climbed, but it seemed to smirk when it noticed that he was trapped.

Mugen quietly and slowly climbed as the Ursa Major approached on all fours. The thing glanced around in confusion, stopping at the end of Mugen's blood trail, it realized too late what was happening as Mugen let go of the cliff and let himself fall straight at the monsters head. The Monsters head scanned the cliff from the bottom and was quickly going up the path Mugen had taken.

Time seemed to stop as Mugen slammed his feet directly into the sword hilt, and with a sickening crunch the blade sank another three feet into the creatures skull. Astral blood sprayed out in a tidal wave of blood as the blade penetrated the Ursa Majors skull and its brain. The thing began to fall to its side, dead, as Mugen hung onto the hilt of his sword.

Mugen groaned as he collided with the ground next to the dead Ursa Major. He looked at its lifeless body and staggered up, with both hands and a sickening sound he pulled the sword out of the creatures head and limped over it's face. W

Without pasuing Mugen carved out its eyes and began to stab as frantically as he could, making absolutely sure the monster was dead, before limping over to the cliff wall and collapsing against it. Mugen looked up at the sky as he coughed up more blood, his whole body screaming in agony.

“Well...this looks like the end doesn't it?” Mugen said to no one. “Well....looks like I need to stick a cup cake in my eye.” Mugen sputtered out, along with blood and spittle.

“Well partner, ah reckon you won't be getting an cup cakes in your eye soon, cus I sure as hay ain't gonna let no friend of mine die.” A familiar drawl said from the other side of the Ursa Majors corpse.


No Pony said a word as they finally saw it. The blue blob at the end of the trail was massive, and even more blood, both astral and crimson painted the ground leading up to it.

Twilight gulped, “is it just me, or does that blob look like it isn't moving at all?” she asked her friends nervously.

No Pony answered but they all broke out sprinting, only slowing down when it became abundantly clear that the Ursa Major was....dead.

Rarity was the first to break the silence, “Mugen...won? Mugen slew the Ursa Major?” The white unicorn asked in complete and utter disbelief. Twilight went to say something when they heard it, a sickening wheezing and groaning coming from around the usra major.

The whole group trotted around the corpse nervously to fin Mugen, slumped against the cliff wall, he was covered in mud and blood painted the floor surrounding him. He was staring into the sky, completely oblivious to them, as he rasped, “Well...this looks like the end doesn't it?” He coughed and blood spurted out of his mouth. “Well...looks like I need to stick a cup cake in my eye.”

Applejack spoke up, “Well partner, ah reckon you won't be getting a cup cake in you eye soon, cus I sure as hay ain't gonna let no friend of mine die.”

Mugen looked at the group arrayed before him, and laughed. “Well...howdy partner.” The human drawled just like Applejack.

Fluttershy nearly sprinted up to Mugen and began to wipe at the mud and gasped in shock as she uncovered the skin hanging off of his chest.

Mugen smirked, “Wait til you see my back.”

Fluttershy looked behind him as the human struggled to lean forward and she cried out at the damage underneath the mud.

She went to say something but Mugen cut her off, “I need to confess. So I can go to hell with a clear mind.” Mugen coughed up more blood and continued, “Back home they call me Vagrant Mugen, I have a massive bounty on my head for Murder, thievery, piracy and a brief stint as a bandit.”

To Be Continued...


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