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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A Strange Day

Mugen grunted as giggles pierced the silence near him. A whisper broke out from among the giggles, “Awww their so cute! I didn't think Mugen would be the snuggly-wuggly type!” Pinkie Pie's distinct voice shrilled through the silence.

Mugen lolled his head to the side the giggles were coming from, his eyes shot open and he put a finger to his lips. The mane six shut up immediately and smiled toothy grins as he gestured to the sleeping fillies in the bed with him.

He quickly and silently adjusted little Applebloom off of his chest and into the shirt, maneuvering Sweetie Bell and Scootaloo so the three weren't in his way, they merely shook and stirred but didn't wake as Mugen stealthily crept out of the bed.

Mugen tip toed across the room and out the door, latching it silently so as to not wake the Cutie Mark Crusaders. He turned to see the smiling faces of the mane six. He smirked and quickly slapped a hand across the faces of the six ponies who had lined up to peek inside the room.

Twilight rubbed her face and in an angry whisper hissed, “What was that for?”

Mugen smirked and said to the unicorn, “For waking me up and almost waking the kids.”

The ponies couldn't help but smile at the human and the group left the farm in a silent rush, into the early morning of Pony Ville.


Twilight continually spouted out questions for the human because they hadn't had the time the day before. “Where did you come from? Do you know how you got here? How did you get here? Why do you smell so bad?”

Mugen frowned as he began to answer, “I'm from a country called Japan, specifically from the Ryuku Islands, you see my country is a big island made up of quite a few tiny ones. I'm a wanderer so I don't really have a home. I ended up here while passing through a forest, I saw a weird ass block of fog that didn't seem right. I stepped through and ended up here.” The man finished with a simple shrug of his shoulders.

Mugen thought for a moment before he said aloud, “Oh, and I stink because, like I said I'm a wanderer so I haven't bathed in two months. Well, I think it may have been two months, maybe longer.”

Rarity cringed, “No bath...for...two.... months? TWO WHOLE MONTHS. ” Rarity's eyes twitched as she obviously tried to not throw up before running up to and with a cringe tried to shove Mugen, but she was far too afraid to touch the dirty human, “Come along right now, I don't care what any pony says, you are taking a bath right now.”

Mugen tried to protest but Rarity's friends all snickered and began to push him along for Rarity who simply couldn't touch the filthy, dirty human to the what they called “The Pony Ville Spa”.


Mugen grimace, really pissed off at the whole situation. “Fucking Rarity, and her stuck up...being...clean...ness” He mutterd under his breath unsure of what word to describe her with. He stood there with nothing but a towel in front of his groin as the mane six continued to stare.
He began to tap his bare feet against the tile floor impatiently as the ponies continued to stare and smile at him. Eventually their smiles faded and turned into worried looks, and soon Applejack stepped forward, “Uh is everything alright there sugar cube?”

Mugen scowled and replied angrily, “Well I don't exactly like it when people....uhhh....ponies look at me while I'm naked.”

The mane six looked back and forth at one another before bursting into laughter, in between bouts of giggles Twilight managed to spit out, “Uh Mugen, wearing clothes in Pony Ville isn't actually very common, No pony cares if your naked.”

Mugen's scowl deepened and he dropped the towel revealing everything...The ponies stares grew wide and Rarity's jaw actually dropped. Mugen hurriedly hopped into the tub and sank into the bubbly mixture. He breathed a sigh of relief as the warm water immediately began to eat through the layers of dirt on his skin.

He stared at the mane six, they stared back, he stared at them and they continued to stare in turn. Finally Mugen frowned, “Do you mind?”

Pinkie Pie gasped and hopped into the air, “OH MY GOSH I DON'T MIND!” and leaped into the large tub Mugen was in.

Mugen frantically gathered bubbles to his groin and shouted at the top of his lungs, “WHAT THE FUCK PINKIE?!!”

The party mare looked at him and squeed before beginning laps around the tub. Mugen watched the party pony circle again and again while thinking, “This pony is on some serious drugs.” Mugen sighed in defeat and began to scrub his body as the rest piled into the large tub.


Rarity giggled at the human as he scowled at the group, in new clothes that she had hoof stitched for him, they were almost identical as the clothes he had before except these were black with white edges and high lights throughout.

Mugens scowl deepened as he asked, “Was the extreme bath and massage really that important?”

Rarity and the others nodded, “You smelled wretched my dear, the bath brought about a one hundred percent improvement. And that stylish outfit was hoof stitched by moi.” Rarity smiled with pride at the last bit.

Mugen's scowl softened and he grumbled, “Where are my cloths any way?

Twilight blinked, “ Oh, you're clothes are at Rarity's being washed again and again.”

Mugen scowled even deeper than before but didn't say anything.

“THERE HE IS! CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS HUMAN HUNTERS ARE A GO! OPERATION CAPTURE MUGEN ….BEGIN!” The familiar shouts of the CMC as the trio of filly's charged straight for Mugen laughing and giggling the whole way....until they crashed into a particular Griffon.

Gilda was heading for Rainbow Dash and her friends, crossing the street coming around a corner as the Cutie Mark Crusaders dashed straight ahead, crashing into her.

The griffon blinked as the three little ponies simply bounced off of her. She roared at the three filly's, “WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU STUPID PONIES! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WALKING HERE! YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T WASTE YOU!”

The griffon turned to talk to Rainbow Dash but stood face to face with the human. Even as big as she was the human still towered over the griffon and he had a look of pure, cold rage in his eyes.

He pointed at the CMC, “Apologize to them right now.” He seethed through clenched teeth.

Gilda laughed at the human, “Yeah right cus I'm really going to apologize to those loser ki-” The griffon was cut off as Mugen chopped her wind pipe with his hand. The griffon staggered and held a claw to her throat as Mugen flipped over her and with a twist, kicked her head straight down into the ground.

The simple two hit combo attracted a lot of attention from the ponies who were wandering the streets, the bystanders looked upon Mugen with both awe and fear.

As the griffon laid in the street coughing and sputtering for breath, Mugen raised his foot and slammed it on the griffons head, twisting his foot on the top of her skull, before hissing at her, “ I'm going to lift my foot, your going to apologize for yelling at children who were simply playing and thumped into you. You didn't even budge you little shit so I'm sure it didn't hurt.”

Mugen did as he said and lifted his foot, and Gilda struggled to raise her head to the CMC, “I-I'm sorry.” Before allowing her head to flop onto the ground with a groan.

Mugen smirked and said in a dangerous voice, “ You're lucky I don't waster YOU!”

The CMC shifted from hoof to hoof nervously as Mugen turned to them, “Are you kids alright?”

The CMC nodded their heads and all at once in a little squeak, “ We're fine mister Mugen, but did you have to beat up Gilda like that?”

Pinkie Pie piped up, “Yeah Mugen, Gilda's a meanie, but I don't think she deserved that.”

The question startled the man, but he stroked the little bit of fuzz on his beard and said, “Guess not, but she deserved to be taught some manners. Besides, it doesn't look like anyone here can stand her.”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders smiled a little and hugged the humans knobby legs before trotting off to who knows where.


Mugen laughed as the mane six told them the spooky stories of the Everfree forest as they approached the forest in question.

“The animals take care of them selves!” Fluttershy squeaked, while hiding her face with her hooves.

“The plants grow on their own.” Applejack shuddered.

“The weather takes care of itself!” Rainbow Dash said in a voice while trying to spook the others.

Mugen laughed again, “All of that shit takes care of it self where I come from.”

Twilight gave him a curious look, “They do? That is so strange.”

Mugen chuckled and asked, “Why the hell are we here anyway?”

Twilight answered in an instant, as if expecting the question, “To introduce you to Zecora, shes a zebra. I'm sure she would simply love to meet you.”

Mugen merely nodded, wondering what the hell a zebra was as the group entered the forest. The ponies looked around nervously and Fluttershy jumped at practically everything. After jumping at the sound of a cricket, Mugen rolled his eyes and picked up the shy pegasus as if she weighed no more than a pillow and slung her over his back.

The pegasus eeped at first, but noticed it was Mugen and buried his face in Rarity's hoof stitched outfit.

The sound of something galloping at full speed broke the silence of the group and something zipped right by them.

A black and whit striped pony zoomed past without a look back and simply screamed “RUN!”

Twilight shouted at the running pony, “ZECORA WHATS WRONG?”

“URSA MAJOR!” was all the running pony replied with.

The ground shook violently, the sound of crashing trees and thumping feet emanated from the forest, the mane six paled.

“Oh my gosh if the Ursa Major keeps heading this way it'll come straight for Pony Ville!” Twilight managed to sputter out.

Mugen scowled as the rumbling came closer and closer, “What the hell is an ursa major?”

The trees directly in front of them collapsed and an enormous bear, with a hide that looked like a starry night, towered over the ponies still walking on all fours. The thing was gargantuan and Mugen whistled, impressed at its size.

The monster roared, shaking the ground with the very volume of its roar. Mugen glanced at the ponies next to him they were... terrified, frozen in place with sheer terror.

Mugen grunted as he came to a decision, “Hey Twi?”

Twilight shook her head, “ What Mugen?”

“Get going. Get every pony out of pony ville and get them somewhere safe. Take care of the CMC for me will ya?” Mugen ordered with a smug smirk.

Twilight and her friends gasped, “You aren't seriously going to fight an ursa major by yourself are you? THATS INSANE!”

Applejack nodded furiously, “Ah know you want to protect us sugar cube but-”

Mugen cut her off, and stepped forward, drawing his sword, “Get going.”

Pinkie Pie stepped up to Mugen, “ Pinkie Promise not to die! Stick a cupcake in your eye!”

Mugen raised an eye brow to see a sad look in the party mares eyes, something Mugen thought he'd never see. He smirked, “I promise not to die, stick a cup cake in my eye.”

Pinkie gave him a sad smile, and together with her friends, they fled into the Everfree forest, away from the ursa major and towards Pony Ville.

Mugen turned to the gigantic bear, which was three times larger than any home he'd seen in Pony Ville. He smirked and held aloft his middle finger to the monster, who sat growling at him, which itself made the earth under his feet rumble.

“This is gonna be fun.” Mugen smirked to himself and charged straight at the Ursa Major, who in turned raised a massive paw and began to jab it straight at Mugen.


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