• Published 16th Apr 2012
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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A Strange Encounter

Mugen walked briskly through the wooded countryside, his thoughts still occupied with the events of only a week before. He was still sore after all the fighting and was kind of....lonely without Jin and that idiot Fuu.

“Fucking idiot, why are you thinking of them.” Mugen scowled at himself, but then Mugen noticed something, the sound of hushed voices right before him. He spun around and found a few armed men smiling deviously right at him. “Well boys, this is our lucky payday. Our man Mugen here has quite the bounty on his head.” Mugen scowled and clicked his sword out of its sheath slung across his back.


Applejack trotted back and forth nervously, looking into the forest, before facing her friends again. “Ah told that filly to stay outta them woods after ah heard those timber wolves a howling but she went right on in when ah wasn't looking.”

Twilight wrapped a comforting hoof around her friend, before speaking, “Alright if we hurry we can still grab her before she gets into any real trouble.” Applejack and the others simply nodded before racing into the Everfree forest.


Mugen wiped the blood off his blade on the shirt of the leader of the idiotic trio. He spat on his corpse before continuing through the forest. He was a little bit happier, killing jack asses like them always relieved a little bit of stress. Mugen whistled a jolly tune while he continued walking through the forest when he abruptly stopped noticing the strangest thing to his left. There was a single patch of fog just...there. Mugen inched closer to the strange patch and slowly reached a hand out to grab it.


Twilight and her friends galloped as fast as they could through the forest, but something caught her attention from her left. She skidded to a halt and her friends struggled to do the same before Applejack started yelling.

“Twi! What in the hay are you doing? We need to find mah sister!” Applejack scolded her unicorn friend, but Twilight raised a hoof and pointed....a single square of fog in between two trees that coiled around itself perfectly still.

Rainbow Dash looked at her friend, “Yeah its creepy miss egg head but we don't have time. I'll fly up and see if I can find her from above.” And with that the Rainbow maned pegasus flew up above the trees.

Twilight shook her head, “Yeah I'm sorry lets go.” The others grunted and started to run forward and Twilight simply looked back at the fog, sure she saw something moving through it before darting into the woods after her friends.


Mugens stomach roared at him as he stepped through the strange white fog. As he stepped through, the fine mist immediately dissipated, startling the man. He started to panic, the forest around him was completely different than the forest he was in before. It was summer just moments before, but the cold here stung his cheeks and the trees were barren. As he panicked he noticed a trail of hoof prints in the dirt and his stomach rumbled. Prints meant animals and animals meant meat and meat meant....FOOD!
The man licked his lips and darted along the trail as fast he could. And then he heard shouting, in a strange language, he had no idea what was being said, but then he heard growling and a yelp. Wolves? They'd do.

Mugen picked up his speed and stealthily peeked around the corner to see what the hell was going on. What he saw startled him. There were six colorful...mini-horses, 2 had horns, 2 had wings and they shouting at a group of snarling....wooden wolves. The wolves had surrounded a mini-MINI horse and the thing was whimpering. It called out and a yellow horse shouted back, a hat bouncing on its head. One of the wolves turned around ignoring the new arrivals and began to leap at the little pony. Mugen grinned and sheathed his sword. If he could fend the wooden wolves off...they might give him some food. And with that he darted around the corner of his tree and made his move.


“Applebloom! Hang in there honey Ah'll get you outta there lickety split.” Applejack cried out in a panic.

“Get away from her you meanies!” Pinkie shouted, before sticking her tongue out.

One of the timber wolves turned and jumped at Applebloom just as Applejack threw her lasso....and a blur sped by and the timber wolf landed on an empty patch where Applebloom was only moments before.

The timber wolves growled at the new arrival, a tall gangly creature with a red jacket and a torn dirty shirt underneath, it had something strapped its back, and weird things on its feet. Its hair was like a mop on its head and it had deep brown eyes...and a metal thing in its hands and Applebloom in the other.

The Bipedal creature looked to Applebloom and said something in complete gibberish.
“What in the hay is that thing?” Applejack asked, completely confused.

Twilight shook her head, unable to answer.

The strange creature called out, clearly to Applejack, with yet more gibberish. When Applejack shook her head, unable to understand it, the creature clearly scowled, and made a few motions between Applebloom and her older sister.

The creature looked at Applebloom and guided her to his back where she wrapped shakily around him with all four hooves. The man charged straight at the timber Wolves and screamed at the top of his lungs.


Mugen felt exhilarated as his blade cleaved the first wolf thing in half. He continued his charge, his face of pure rage, swinging his blade side to side, completely ignoring the almost non existent weight of the mini-mini horse on his back. He cut down another one before leaping into the air and swinging his legs, one connected with the face of a wolf, the other caught a different one clean in the gut.

He smirked as he spun around and landed on his feet, cutting the face of the nearest wolf clean off as he darted past it. Within moments the mad man had carved a path through the pack to the startled mini-horses on the other side, sliding along the dirt floor of the forest.

He let the little one go and it darted to its older sibling or parent, what ever it was it gave a thankful yet fearful glance at the man.

He smirked and yawned straight at the wolves, before allowing himself to fall on his ass.

He held out a single hand and beckoned the pack towards him, laughing the whole time.

“Come on chicken shits, you wanna eat me, Come on!” Mugen taunted the things, but the pack looked at its fallen brethren and padded away, eyes never leaving him, with cautious growls.

When the wolves finally left, Mugen stood up and yelled out, “EAT IT COCK SUCKERS!”

He spun around to the six weird colored horses, and immediately darted up to the closest one, a purple...unicorn?

Curiosity got the better of him and he flicked the horn.

The creature gave a humph of annoyance. But then looked at him curiously, before sticking a hoof in his hair.

He laughed and in the blink of an eye was beside a cream colored horsey with wings... He had no idea what the fuck they were called.... and the thing eeped and hid its face with its hooves.

Mugen actually thought it was cute. He laughed and gently tugged on its feathered wings, before pulling on its hooves. The creature looked up at him with beautiful...wait beautiful, what the fuck?!!?

Mugen scowled to himself and shot upright, startling the group, as he paced, but then his stomach growled.

One of the mini-horses shot up into the air, a humongous gasp, sprang from its lips, and it darted right in front of him. It let out a long winded string of gibberish, and he stared blankly at it.

The purple one said something to him and he simply stood there.

Something caressed the side of his leg and he nearly jumped, but looked to see the little one he saved, blushing at him. On his other side was the little ones big sister and she reached into a sack on her side and pulled out...

Mugen gasped and dropped to his knees and bowed to the orange horse, before taking the precious, precious apple. He stroked it soothingly before devouring it.

He noticed shortly into his feast that the strange creatures were staring at him.

He stopped eating and pointed up at the sun, he motioned around with his hand in a circle twice and rubbed his stomach and held aloft the apple, smiling nervously.

He hoped they understand and....his prayer was answered. Their eyes grew wide as they looked back and forth at each other, the orange one took out hooffuls of apples and Mugen couldn't contain his saliva as he dug ferociously into the glorious bounty before him.

The purple one motioned with one hoof for him to follow, Mugen shrugged his shoulders and simply said, “Lead the way bitch”

The purple unicorn smiled as he laughed at it because it couldn't understand and thought to himself he could have some fun with this.


I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, I tried adjusting my wall of text style that was Dead space Equestria and hope this helps and addressed the issues in writing I had with DSE before. I'm going to have a hell of a time with this story by the way. As usual leave comments below letting me know how much of an improvement it is to before, which I doubt, but I digress, stay hungry for Mugen my friends... stay hungry. Also, I'd like to point out that if I ever get anything wrong...it has been a while since I've seen the show which i followed like a voracious little hound dog, so DO NOT HESITATE TO CHEW ME OUT!!!!