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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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Mugen couldn't help but smile as Applebloom nuzzled against his hand with a look of pure bliss on her face. Applejack smirked at Mugen, “Alrighty then Mugen, in order to teach you the value of honesty, then ah reckon the best way to teach you to be honest, is to well...not lie the entire time your here. Got that sugar cube?” Applejack couldn't help but chuckle at the fact that Mugen had already flipped Applebloom on her back and was tickling her underbelly.

The little filly was in tears of laughter as she cried out, the Apple family couldn't help but smile at the sight of a “hardened” criminal playing so care free with a foal.

Applejack shook her head and coughed...Mugen continued to play with the filly, now holding her out with one hand, tickling her while dangling her upside down as the filly squealed in delight.

Applejack grunted, knowing she wouldn't get anywhere with words... and bucked Mugen in the rear. Mugen shot up dropping the filly on the ground and howled in pain, “MY ASS!!! WOMAN!!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!?!” Mugen whirled around shouting at the farm pony.

Applejack just laughed and replied cooly, “Well I needed to git your attention somehow.” Mugen continued to fume...while rubbing his ass. Applejack chuckled and continued, “ ah reckon the best way to teach you to be honest and all....is forbid you from lying at all....for the entire two months you'll be living and working with me.”

Applejack expected hot protests, she expected him to start cussing up a storm...but her jaw dropped when he merely shrugged and continued to play with Applebloom, now tossing her in the air before catching her as she giggled in bliss.

Applejack smirked and muttered under her breath, “This guy just gits weirder and weirder.” Before bucking Mugen in the ass again to get him to start working with them in the apple fields.


Mugen squinted off in the distance at the barn on the hill, he eyed it suspiciously. Applejack had adamantly refused to let him get so much as near the damn place all day. He sighed in defeat as he gave up thinking what she was hiding in there and continued to trudge the plow along the dirt.

Something blurred by right behind him, something that tore through him with an after blast of wind and nearly bowled him over, something unmistakably...pink. He glanced as the blur disappeared inside the barn, the slam of the door echoing all the way to Mugen.

Mugen blinked and continued to plow, sweat blurred his vision and he struggled to pull the plow through the field. Suddenly a rainbow blur knocked him around, followed by a lavender...and a white...and a yellow blur zoomed right by him before slamming the door of the barn before he could begin chasing them.

“GOD DAMNIT WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT SHIT!!!” Mugen shouted. “WHAT YER DAMN MOUTH MUGEN AND GIT BACK TO WORK!” Applejack almost immediately shouted.

Mugen whirled around and found Applejack snickering behind him. The scent of apples penetrated his sense, he noticed the sweat glistening off of her coat making the farm mare sparkle in the sunlight....Mugen shook his head. What the fuck?

Applejack continued to snicker, “Ah'm a...goin up to tha' barn to uhhh...help with renovations! Yeah...that's it. Stay outta my shed- ah mean barn. Got that Mugen? Don't uhhh...want you getting hurt in there.”

Applejack eyed Mugen nervously as he practically bore into her soul with his gaze. “You told me I ain't allowed to lie so I'm not gonna lie when I say I think your full of bull shit.”

Applejack smiled even more nervously...before zooming by him as fast she could.

Mugen rolled his eyes and grunted before continuing to plow.


Mugen wiped the sweat off his brow, holding his shirt in his hand so the breeze would caress his bare chest as he cooled down. Mugen scowled as he heard some pony trot up behind, judging from the sound of her hoof falls he guessed it was Applejack.

“I'm taking a break woman, hot damn, ain't you ever heard of a break before.” Mugen growled at her, refusing to turn around. Applejack chuckled, “Well ah was actually coming to git you fer a break. You've been working hard and the sun's bout to set so Big Mac will take over for ya from here. Come on over here, Ah wanna show you summing.”

Mugen cocked an eye brow but oblidged and followed behind the orange farm mare. He couldn't help but notice her trot nervously, consistently glancing back at him with a nervous smile.

Something closer to his waist in front of him caught his attention, the rhythmic motions, the gyrating movements....and the Mugen shook his repeatedly and actually slapped himself as he realized it was Applejacks ass.

What the fuck? Mugen thought to himself, as they reached the barn door that Applejack had been keeping him out of all day and had constantly brought up how he shouldn't go anywhere near it since he got here from Canterlot this morning.

Mugen frowned and voiced his thoughts, “ What are we doing here. Didn't you tell me not to come here at all....EVER!” He completed his thought him waving his hands as if the place were haunted as Applejack had pointed out earlier...only for him to point out she had said it was under renovations and she her story back to that real quick.

Applejack smiled sheepishly and creaked the door open slowly... it was pitch black...and Applejack straight pushed him inside.

“SURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPRISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” There were dozens of Ponies inside the barn as light flashed in Mugens eyes, blinding him for a moment. He blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light and the first thing he noticed was the ridiculous banner that hung from one end of the barn to the other, and he laughed hysterically.

Mugen doubled over in laughter at the banner, every pony looked at the human in confusion as tears blurred his vision with laughter.

“Mugen...don't you like my surprise party?” A sad sounding Pinkie Pie voiced next to him. Mugen stood up and cleared his throat as he pointed at the banner...and had to choke back another giggle. “I love the surprise Pinks...but its just... * chuckle * how do you expect me to read that when I can't even read my own language.” Mugen broke into laughter and Pinkie cheered right back up.

But not the other ponies, who all stared at him incredulously. Twilight trotted up mouth agape and in an unbelieving tone, “ You mean you can't read...at all?” Mugen nodded at the lavender mare as he continued to kneel over laughing. Twilight shook her head and almost said something but Pinkie popped outta no where right in front of Mugen. “The sign is really super speacial....cus I wanted to have multiple parties for you but I realized we had forgotten your welcome party and others.... soooooooooooooooooooooooo I combined them all into one. The sign says ' Welcome Mugen to you thanks for saving us from a big scary meanie pants ursa major and for saving Applebloom for super mean timber wolves and thank you for keeping your pinkie promise and WELCOME TO PONY VILLE'” Pinkie Pie doubled over for breath as she struggled to breath after the long winded speech.

Mugen doubled over into laughter again he repeated the ridiculous title in his head....and at that the party began.


Mugen sipped at his punch wishing it was Sake and instead of balloons, he wished they were strippers with head sized bo- “Hey Mugen did you really mean that about not being able to read at all?” The voice of Twilight said right in his ear.

Mugen cracked his neck, “ Well I can sign my name but that's it, sooooo yeah.” Twilight trotted off muttering to herself a look of pure disbelief upon her face. That's when Mugen noticed it across on the other side of the barn. He smirked at the scene and sighed in utter disbelief.

Big Mac would trot up to Fluttershy, blushing deep enough for Mugen to see it despite his red face from the other side of the barn....only to trot nervously around while Fluttershy's eyes would dart around. She would see Big Mac looking away, doing the same thing the pegasus was doing before. Fluttershy would trot up nervously to him, her face red as a beat only for her to squeak and spin around....for Big Mac to start the cycle anew.

Mugens smile cracked across his face and he stroked his chin deviously.... Flutter babe and Big Mac big co- “You really can't read darling!? That's absolutely dreadful!” Rarity had appeared by Mugens right. The man looked to her and nodded absent mindedly. “Sorry to dart Rari-babe but a stallion is in desperate need of my help right now.”

The unicorn shook her head, eyes blinking, “Rari-babe?”

Mugen walked straight up to Big Mac and put a hand right on the big guys neck. Big Mac nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise but Mugen quickly steered him off to a corner of the barn far away from any eavesdroppers.

Mugen smiled at Big Mac who looked around nervously, “I'm gonna cut straight to the pont. You like her don't you?” Mugen eyed Fluttershy who was nervously glancing around the barn, looking for Big Mac no doubt.

Big Mac followed Mugens gaze and sighed in defeat, “Eeyup.” Mugen's grin cracked further. “Well there big guy, I'm gonna help you out. Men gotta look out for other men ya know? I mean stallions.”

Big Mac eyed him suspiciously, “O-okay.”

Mugen pumped his arm in victory, “ Alright operation get Flutter babe and Big Mac together is a go.” Mugen smirked and starting punching the air.

Big Mac cocked an eye brow at him but sat on his haunches saying nothing.

Mugen looked at the working stallion, “Alright big guy you gotta be direct. Ask her to dance with you...tonight...right now. You do this and you'll earn loads a points with her.”

Big Mac nearly freaked out, “ Ask her to dance? Don't y'all realize how hard thats gonna be.” Mugen cocked the big red stallion a smile. “Just go!” Mugen slapped Big Mac on the back sending him a few steps towards his target. Big Mac glanced back nervously as Fluttershy eeped upon seeing him and spinning around abruptly. Mugen nodded and gave him a shooing motions...and Big Mac reluctantly agreed.

Mugen smiled as the stallion trotted up to Fluttershy, he noticed him mutter something to her...and Fluttershy.... nervously twitched and....gave a quick nod. The shy pegasus began to move around in rhythmic circles with Big Mac and Mugen nearly jumped up in the air.

“Whats got you so happy Mugen? I know Pinkie's parties are awesome but I didn't think you go for it.” Rainbow Dash and the others, apart from Fluttershy, surrounded Mugen. Mugen smirked and nearly started to lie before Applejack shoved a hoof straight into his mouth.

Mugen normally would've been pissed beyond beliefe but all he could think about was how her hoof tasted like apples. What the fuck?

“Ah told ya before Mugen, absolutely no lying. Ya hear me?” Applejack looked him in the eyes, and he sighed past the hoof in his mouth in defeat. She took it out and he nearly blurted out, “Big Mac has a crush so I'm helping him out in winning Flutter babes heart.”

“Flutter babe?” Twilight asked Mugen suspiciously. The man shrugged, and pointed back to Big Mac who had a humongous smile on his face as he danced with Fluttershy, she smiled and moved her body in rhythm.

“Wow Mugen, how'd you manage that?” Rainbow Dash asked, scraping her jaw off the floor.

Mugen smirked at his success and didn't say a thing.


A large hoof slammed into Mugen's chest knocking the wind out of him. Mugen nearly punched out but stopped his fist as it neared Big Mac's face.

“I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YA'LL TO KEEP MA SECRET!” Big Mac seethingly whispered.

Mugen scowled, “Well your sister absolutely forbade me from lying and wouldn't let me say anything until I agreed to. She kinda shoved her hoof in my mouth.” Mugen fumed, and thought about how delicious Applejacks apple flavored hoof was. What the fuck? “Besides, I made them Pinkie Pie swear not to tell anyone. I also made them swear not to interfere with my plans for you.”

Big Mac blinked in shock, “ Oh....well ah'm mighty sorry I hit ya like that. Applejack just wished me luck with her friends and ah reckon ah just over reacted.

Mugen smirked, “ No problem.” Before yawning and laying back to sleep.


Mugen pulled the plow with an annoyed grunt. How many fucking fields do they need to be plowed. When he heard the excited squeak of a very particular shy pegasus from behind him. Mugen glanced over his shoulder to see Fluttershy with her hoof in the dirt, looking anywhere besides Mugen.

“H-hey Ummmm Mugen, could I talk to you while you...uhmmm work...if thats alright with you of course.” Mugen grunted and began to pull on the plow again.


“Oh my gosh Mugen...he's so strong and handsome...and he could have any pony he wants! I was so happy when he asked me to dance last night....Oh Mugen...don't tell any pony about how I like Big Mac okay?”

Mugen continued to smirk as he pulled the unbelievably heavy plow behind him. Mugen simply nodded as he pushed, the sweat dripping into his eyes. He had to supress a laugh as Fluttershy continued to gush about Big Mac.


Mugen slapped one of the rears of the cows and simply yelled, “Keep it moving ladies!” The cow in question oofed and glared at him from over her shoulder as they continued to mill towards their sleeping quarters.

Howling. Very familiar howling echoed throughout the valley.

“Applebloom! Applejack!” Mugen shouted into the crowd of cows.

“Ah know Mugen ah heard. Applebloom get up to barn right quick! Don't look back no matter what!” The farm mare emerged at Mugen's right as she spoke up over the panicking cows.

“But sis'-” Applejack cut her off, “Just go!”

Mugen grimaced as he faced the edge of the forest, pairs of yellow eyes glared back from within the depths of the trees.


Mugen hopped onto Applejack's back and used her to spin around kicking two of the timber wolves along the snout. He whipped his sword around a second later chopping off their muzzles. Mugen prepared to strike down another of the wolves as it jumped at him, saliva frothing at its lips.

A pair of legs slammed into the ribs of the wolf in mid air and Applejack whistled, “Gotta love Buck McGillycuddy and Kicks McGee.” Mugen laughed and swept his sword over top of Applejack's hat cutting into one of the timber wolves.

“Get outta her Applejack, I got this.” Mugen grinned into the eyes of the snarling Timber wolves that surrounded them.

Applejack huffed from behind him, “Ah sure as hay don't leave non of mah friends behind.” Mugen turned to scowl at the earth pony. Damn girl stubborn as hell...and can fight good too. What a woman. Wait, what?

Mugen was snapped out of it as a Timber Wolf lunged at him. Mugen laughed as he side stepped and swung his sword down, cutting the charging wolf in half.

He spun around and dove back into the fray of oncoming enemies.


Mugen and Applejack panted, sweat drenching their bodies as the Timber Wolves skulked back into the forest, leaving their dozen fallen comrades behind. Mugen turned to Applejack, “You got guts kid. And you know how to fight, I like that.” Applejack looked at him tiredly, “Ah sure as sugar ain't not kid, I am twenty years old Mugen, and ah would expect you to treat me like it.”

Mugen cocked an eye brow, “Are you really fucking older than me. Your twenty? Fuck!One year older than me, are you shitting me?”

Applejack did a double take, still panting heavily, “ Your only nineteen sugar cube? Yah sure as hay don't act like it.”

The two laughed together, tears flowing from their eyes. They laughed for minutes on end, until Applejack tried to stand up...only to immediately collapse. “Aw shoot, ah'm exhausted.”

Mugen chuckled and lifted the protested farm mare and carried her up to the farm.


Mugen groaned in pleasure as a familiar voice drawled from on top of him, “ Right there sugar, thats the spot, OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” Mugen peeked through his eyes....to find a beautiful woman riding him.

Her skin smelled delightfully of apples, her hair, everything on her smelled of sweet, sweet apples. He wouldn't mind that scent in his nose if it was there the rest of his life. FUCK! He couldn't see her breasts past her long, blonde hair blocking the view, but, hey, he wasn't complaining.

The woman moaned and rocked her hips back and forth again....and let her head peek down at Mugen, a cow boy hat on top of her head, emerald green eyes and three very familiar freckles, “Well what ya waiting for sugar cube, get to ridin.” Human apple jack said lustily, licking her lips.


Mugen shot up, nearly sending the cuddling filly at his side toppling to the floor. Little Applebloom looked up at Mugen groggily, “ what is it mister Mugen?” She said, rubbing her hooves against her eyes.

Mugen stared out the window into the night, he breathed a sigh of relief, what the fuck is going on here? Mugen looked the filly in the eyes, “ Nothing squirt, just a night mare, c'mon back to sleep.” Mugen climbed back under the covers and made sure to place Applebloom far away from his groin area.

Applejack trotted up next to Mugen as he dug, “Ah'm a start teaching you to read tonight.” Mugen glances up, attention grabbed. “Ya'll heard me right. We decided we're gonna teach you how to read and write.” Applejack flashed him a grin and those three freckles showed, the sound of human Applejack moaning blasted through his mind and he dropped his shovel in surprise as he forced the day dream out of his head. She looked at him concerned, “You alright sugar?” Mugen blinked, then sighed, “Not really but it's nothing you can help with.” He replied facing away from her so she couldn't see the panic in his eyes.

He could hear a distinct huff as the farm mare trotted away. Mugen sighed in relief and wiped perspiration from his forehead.
A month and half later

“Ah can't thank ya enough Mugen. Ah was scared something fierce of asking Miss Fluttershy out to a date like ya said to. And sure as shoot she said yes!” Big Mac grinned, bucking the tree with his hind legs as Mugen picked up the stray apples.

Mugen smirked stupidly as he listened to the normally reserved farm stallion go on and on. That smirk turned devilish as he had an idea, and he cocked his eye brows at the sky thankful for the opportunity gifted to him.


Mugen didn't dare let go of the hand that he had clamped around the mouth of Rainbow Dash, she was making far too much noise that he didn't want being made. The small group struggled to contain their giggles as they sat in their bush looking at their targets with binoculars. Mugen still wondered how in the hell they used them with hooves instead of hands, but he gave up on figuring it out.

Mugen smirked as their targets came into sight. Big Mac had combed his mane and had gotten rid of the hay stalk he normally chewed on. Mugen grinned as he noticed Fluttershy next to him, her mane had been combed into such an elegant design he knew it was Rarity's work right away. The pegasus had a dash of make-up, but far from too much.

Mugen glanced a congratulatory look at Rarity, who giggled at him before whispering, “ A lady must have class.” Mugen rolled his eyes at the fit of giggling and turned back to the scene he was most interested in.


“Mugen why are we still here? They're not doing anything but talking, and talking and more talking.” Rainbow Dash complained, but Mugen was patient, he knew what was going to happen. His instinct was only steeled in further determination when the couple he watched laughed again for the thousandth time, genuine smiles glued to their faces.

“Shut up woman, it's almost time.” Mugen said a little harshly to the mare. She scowled at him and began to yell at him until he shoved a hand in her mouth and pointed at the scene. “Look!”

Mugen grinned as what he was waiting for played out before him, Big Mac leaned in close, closer closer. Fluttershy leaned in closer too, her cheeks red like a beat, the two got closer and closer until...

Rarity collapsed with a faint, but without a couch to fall on she landed tangled in the bush, Twilight held a hoof to her mouth completely caught off guard by what was happening, Rainbow Dash's bottom jaw hit the ground and Mugen's grinned only widened.

Big Mac and Fluttershy touched lips gently, a mere brush against each other, they're eyes locked together as the peered into one each others souls. Then their lips met again, this time with fire, with passion that Mugen could swear to god could have set the restaurant on fire. Mugen gave himself a fist pump as Big Mac and Fluttershy parted their lips.

Mugen barely stopped a tear in his eye as the two stared lovingly into the others eyes...and a very particular thought crossed Mugen's mind, And all I had to do was get them both together and tell them the truth. The truth being that both of them had come to me to ask for advice about their crushes on another and how I continued to tell them both what to do despite knowing that they each liked one another...also Fluttershy can buck really, REALLY, hard when she gets pissed enough. Of course she went Fluttershy mode after and continued a stream of non-stop apologies at him for what she did.

Mugen laughed at the thought of how long he'd be in pain from Fluttershy's kick. A second thought crossed his mind as he glanced at Applejack with a tear in her eye, If I were a pony would Applejack dig me? WAIT WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!

“Okay Mugen, what did you learn about friendship from this?” Twlighit whispered in his ear. A scroll and quill hung in the air as she waited for Mugen to respond.

Mugen thought for a moment, “I learned....its best to just tell the truth if you know it. It causes more harm to keep it than to tell it. Also, you really shoudln't mess around with hiding the truth...Fluttershy's kicks FUCKING hurt.” Twilight giggled and Mugen wasn't entirely sure if she actually wrote that down....


What am I doing? Do you hate me? Do you hate my story? Or is it like Pony-cocaine? I hope not cus if it is you need help. I tried on this one and started to set up a lot, A LOT of shit that WILL come back later, this was supposed to be a start to something big. Don't you worry action fans, I got something for you, just you wait and see. DUNDUNDUN!!!!!!