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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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Mugen scowled, “This goes against absolutely everything I've ever learned. Why am I doing this?” Mugen growled, his scowl growing even deeper. Rarity glanced at him, “Because I'm supposed to teach you how to be generous...so we'll start with something simple. Just give a random pony...ten bits. That's all you have to do.”

Mugen glared at Rarity and glanced around the busy market place. He saw a rather average looking stallion walking by and shoved ten bits in his face. The stallion looked surprise and went to grab the bits but...at the last second Mugen retraced the pouch of money and darted.

Before Mugen could even take three steps a light blue aura surrounded his feet and dragged him back to the stallion. Mugen grunted, rolled his eyes and reluctantly gave the stallion his ten bits. The nameless stallion smiled and trotted off with a polite thank you.

The light blue aura then dragged Mugen by his feet over to Rarity who glared at him, tapping her hoof on the floor with extreme impatience. She huffed, “Mugen...what was that?”

Mugen glared right back, “I gave the guy ten bits, I've been taught generosity looks like I can go to Fluttershy and learn kindness.” Rarity's eyes flew open in shock, “Wait, what?!?! No! No you have not learned a thing about generosity! Now we will continue to do this until you can give some pony ten bits without me interfering.”

Mugen glared daggers at the white unicorn and shoved his hands into his pockets, pulling out ten more bits. The human stood up and began to look around for a pony to give bits too.


Two Hours later...

Mugen face palmed, and talked through his hand “My sweet Celestia of Equestria Rarity, I brought one hundred bits with me today, and I've given them ALL away!!! WOMAN!!! MARE!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!”

Rarity scoffed, “Well...fine. We'll try again tomorrow.”

Mugen rolled his eyes and began to follow Rarity back to her home.


Celestia's eyes ran over the spell again. She smiled to herself. This enchantment would work perfectly for Applejack's and Mugen's little....problem.

The Princess's horn began to glow with magic, and soon two scrolls with a quill levitated over to her. A devious smile splayed across her lips as she wrote the message out. Normally, she would never allow herself to suck trickery...but this was just too good to pass up.
She chuckled to herself as she finished up the two letters, and with another poof of magic she sent them on their way.


Sweetie Belle snored softly atop Mugen's chest. He was wide awake, stroking her mane as she smiled and kicked her legs in her sleep. Mugen smiled at the filly's cuteness...and suppressed another shudder as the dream that woke him up in the first place.

He couldn't figure out which was worse, the fact that he was having the dreams in the first and his eyes tended to follow Applejack when ever she was around, or that he was ENJOYING the dreams and desperately wished that Applejack would magically become the woman in his dream.

Mugen rolled the thought around his head for what felt like hours until the sleeping filly started to stretch and yawn. The filly's eyes widened and she jumped up, complete with salute, “Good morning Mugen! I'm gonna make you breakfast. CUTIE MARK CRUSADER BREAKFAST...MAKER....THING....AWAY!” And in a mutlicolored blur of adorableness the filly darted out of the room.

Mugen smirked and simply shook his head at the amount of energy that kid. The man stood up and walked out of his to find Rarity waiting for him. His smile immediately turned into a frown.

“Good Morning to you too Mugen. Don't worry, I won't let Sweetie Bell poison you with her food. By the way, Princess Celestia sent you this letter. It's odd though its got some sort of spell sealing it shut.” Rarity said with a cool smile.

A scroll with a blue aura surrounding it floated to the human, he snatched it and tried to open it. His frown quickly became a scowl as he frantically tried to open it. “What the fuck?!? Why did she seal it shut?” Mugen nearly shouted....and Rarity smacked him upside the head.

“Watch your language.” The fashion diva said with disinterest as the human glared at her. They both jumped however, as a puff of yellow flame burst out of nowhere, discharging another scroll.

Mugen picked it up and unrolled it....and after a long few minutes Rarity scowled, “Well what does it say?” Mugen quickly shot her a reply, “None of your business. Listen, I gotta go alright.”
The human didn't even give her a chance to reply before he darted away.

Jin took a sip of his tea before he finished, “And that's how I became a banished ronin and lost the title of samurai.”

Twilight's eyes grew wide in shock, “Your OWN MASTER tried to kill you in your sleep. Sweet Celestia of Equestria, Jin that's terrible.”

The lavender mare lunged at Jin and tackle hugged him, nearly spilling the tea everywhere. Jin's eyes grew wide with shock at the sudden embrace. But then a small smile touched his lips and he returned the hug.

After about a minute Twilight's eyes shot open and she scrambled out of the embrace. She smiled sheepishly at the ronin and began to let out a stream of apologies, “Oh my gosh I'm so so sorry I-I-I-I jus-just felt so sorry for you I kinda go-” Jin plopped his hand directly on Twilight's head and patted her a few times before stroking her mane.

Jin didn't say a word but continued to smile as Twilight smiled back, “Can you tell me more about Japan?”

Jin nodded his immediately, “Lets see...have I told you a lot about the code of Bushido?”


Fuu squeed in delight as she voraciously began to devour the plate of sweets that Pinkie Pie had deposited in front of her. She talked despite her mouth being full and it came out garble, “Mhhphphhmhhm mhhmhm”

Pinkie Pie giggled, “Oh you silly-silly-lilly, there's no need to thank me! OOOOOOH I KNOW! You said you used to work at a tea shop rightrightright? WELL HOW ABOUT YOU COME WORK HERE AT SUGAR CUBE CORNER?!!?!?!”

Both cakes looked over immediately, “Pinkie! Leave her be I'm sure she would-”

“OH MY GOSH PINKIE THATS AN INCREDIBLE IDEA!!!” Fuu nearly shouted as she gulped down the last bit of her food.

Pinkie Pie squeed at Fuu who squeed right back as they danced around each other in excitement. But Pinkie's eyes flew open and she gasped. “Pinkie, what's wrong?” Fuu asked in fear.

Pinkie shoved her hoof right into Fuu's mouth, “I TOTALLY FORGOT TO THROW YOU AND JIN A PARTY. COME ON LETS GO!” Fuu grinned like an idiot and followed Pinkie as she darted out of Sugar Cube Corner.


Dearest Mugen,

No doubt you think this is the letter that will call you to Canterlot. It isn't. Go to the market place. Don't ask questions just go.


Mugen scowled as he struggled to read the letter for the fifth time.

“What the fuck is this royal bitch doing?” Mugen though aloud as he glanced around the marketplace unsure of what he was supposed to be doing....that is until a scroll popped out and startled him.
Mugen eagerly took the scroll and opened it, with eager eyes he quickly began to struggle reading it:

Dear Mugen,

I don't like being called a royal bitch, it's rather rude, not walk directly to your right ten steps.

Clestia, the not a bitch princess's

Mugen did a double take at the letter, daring no to say a thing aloud about her before he followed her directions.

At ten steps he collided with somepony.

“Sorry, I was...reading.” Mugen said....to Applejack.

The two looked awkwardly at one another until a pop startled them both, as two letters plopped down in front of them. One was labeled for Mugen, the other for Aj.

Mugen unfurled his as Applejack did hers,

Mugen... Shut the fuck up and let Applejack do the talking.

Mugen paled as he looked to Applejack.

Applejack paled as she looked to the human, “Uhmmmm...do ya'll want to go into the 'Toasty Pony' with me. I-its a real good bar. Ya'll said you like to have some alcohol right?” Applejack sputtered out nervously.

Mugen nodded his head, What the fuck is this all about?


Mugen downed the fifteenth shot of Applejack cider without even blinking. He wasn't even tipsy yet, while Applejack was drunk off her rocker.

Mugen paled with fear, the letter that came to him in the bar told him to get drunk as all hell. “You got anything heavier?”

Berry Punch thought for a moment, she held up a hoof and disappeared behind the counter before bringing up an unlabeled bottle and poured a shot for him.

“WOOOOHOOO MUGEN!! COME ON DRINK IT COW BOY WOOOO!” Applejack slurred in a drunken shout.

Mugen smiled at her and downed the crisp shot. SAKE?

2 hours later....

Applejack had her hoof slung around Mugen's shoulder, Mugen had his arm slung over her back, together they were singing at the top of their lungs, “I WANNA BE AN AIRBORNE EARTH PONY! I WANNA BE AN EQUESTRIAN HERO!”

The two finished their song with a bout of laughter as they leaned into one another. Mugen wiped a tear from his eye as he down into Applejack's eyes, and she stared up into his eyes.

“Mugen...ya'll got some perrty eyes. YEEEEHAWWWW!!” Applejack slurred out to him. Mugen laughed as he hugged the farm mare closer.

POP! A letter fell in between the both of them... addressed to both Applejack AND Mugen.

Mugen blinked a few times...and felt completely sober. He looked to his left and saw the same thing happen to Applejack. The two looked at each other confused.

Mugen gingerly unfurled the scroll, and his eyes darted over the scroll....

Dear human idiot Mugen and Drunken Applejack,

Look at eachother, now back to this letter, then back to the one you've been dreaming about. Yeah...BOTH of you. BOTH of you have been having dreams about the other, BOTH of you have a humongous crush on the other. Why in FUCKS name do you not simply accept this fact? Yes your two different species, but getting drunk off your rockers showed that you two get along wondrously.


P.s Look behind you

Applejack and Mugen both blinked before turning around, only for both faces to collide with an upraised hoof.

As Mugen clawed at his eye that had nearly been poked out, a hearty guffawing came from...none other than Celestia herself.

Applejack and Mugen looked at one another confused, “Princess? What are ya'll doing here?”

Celestia wiped a tear from her eyes, “Oh my gosh both of you seemed TERRIFIED of me! You should have seen your faces....* she breaks out in another fit of laughter * OH MY GOSH YOU SCARED!!!!”

Mugen began to glare, “Oh lighten up Mugen, it was some harmless joking. Now to the matter at hoof.” Celestia's horn glowed and two intricate medallions levitated up, and wrapped themselves around Mugen's and Applejack's neck. Both Medallions were a solid, yet dull gold, complete with the symbol of the Sun Goddess and the Moon Goddess.

The farm mare and human eyed the medallions suspiciously, Celestia rolled her eyes before continuing, “ Just hold the medallion up and speak the other's name into the medallion when you want to change. Speak your own name to change back. Toodaloo! HAHA!” With a flash the Sun Goddess vanished. Mugen blinked and looked to Applejack, who responded in kind. The two began to chuckle...which quickly turned into outright laughter.

The laughter died out and the two held aloft their medallions, they looked at one another and then back to their medallions, “Applejack.” “Mugen” A blinding white glare exploded out lasting a second as Mugen fell to his stomach. Wait...Mugen tried to stand up using his hands...but when he looked he had hooves.

In a panic Mugen looked around and noticed a human Applejack, a very sexy and very naked Applejack. Mugen grinned as he looked to his hooves, “Celestia, I love you.”


“Later tonight then?” Mugen asks Applejack, both were in their original forms. The farm pony smiled at him, “You bet yer sweet ass ah do, ahm going to Rarity to have her make me some human clothes. What was it you said ah should get? A bra? What in tarnations is that?”

Mugen chuckled, “Grab Fuu, show here and she'll show you the ropes to being a human woman. I'll ask Rarity to make me some stallion clothes later.” Applejack smiled warmly at Mugen, “Catch you later...cow pony.” Applejack trotted off, and Mugen watched her go as he went to go looking for Jin.


Twilight gasped, “Oh my gosh Mugen, Celestia gave you that?” The lavender unicorns eyes grew wide as Mugen shifted back into a human.

Mugen grinned stupidly, “Yeah she gave it to me so...so I can you know....be with Applejack.” The human looked towards the roof with a blush.

Twilight grinned, “Sooooo, you've got a date with Applejack tonight huh? Well...better plan on going to Pinkie Pie's welcome party for Jin and Fuu.”

Mugen cocked her an eye brow and Jin watched in silence.

Twilight continued, “If you skip a Pinkie Pie party she gets extremely upset.”

Mugen nodded, unsure of what to say.

Twilight, “Well...since Applejack is probably going to be taking quite a bit of Fuu's time so why don't I show you the ropes to being a pony.

Mugen smirked and held up his medallion, “Applejack.”


Human Applejack grabbed hold of both her breasts and lifted them, inspecting them she turned to Fuu, “And what in the hay are these fer?”

Fuu barely suppressed a giggle, “Those are your....your boobs. They really don't do much unless your pregnant, otherwise they just drive men nuts.”

Applejack nodded, unsure of why human males found them attractive. Applejack stood up, she was garbed in one of Fuu's other kimonos, much like her own, except it was apple red and was rather plain.

Applejack put her left foot in front of the right and followed Fuu's instructions on walking to the letter. She continued to pace herself, putting one foot directly in front of the other, she simply walked back and forth in Fuu's room at Sugar Cube Corner.

Pinkie continued to watch Applejack, “Woweee Applejack! You're like...all human and stuff!” The party pony simply bobbed her head as she watched her friend practice walking.

“Hey uh Pinkie, do yah mind doing me a favor?” Applejack asked, careful not to look away from her feet.

Pinkie simply bobbed her head excitedly. Applejack smiled, “Can ya'll ask Mugen if he's okay with goin to yer party rather than the bar like we were gonna do?”

Pinkie Pie saluted and darted out the door in a pink blur. Fuu laughed, “Wow, Pinkie's just a little ball of pure sugar induced energy isn't she?”

Applejack chuckled and just nodded her head, not wanting to trip over herself like she had multiple times already.

“All right you're getting the hang of it, come here, we're gonna get you nice and ready for your date with Mugen tonight.”


Pinkie Pie didn't even knock at Twilight's door, instead she just hopped in an open window.

“HEY MUGEN!” The party pony practically shouted. She gasped at what was going on at the bottom floor.

Twilight groaned and face hoofed, “ Pinkie, what did I tell you about knocking at my door? I'm kinda busy teaching Mugen how to be a pony.”

Pony Mugen took another careful step forward, his legs quite wobbly as he struggled forward. He grunted at the mention of his name and continued to learn how to walk.

“Applejack told me to ask you if you'd rather have your first date at Jin and Fuu's welcome party!” The party pony continued to hop up and down, back and forth as she spoke.

Mugen, in truth would have much rather not go the party as a first date, but he realized how much it meant to Pinkie so he grunted with a nod as he struggled to walk on four legs rather than two.

Pinkie yelled at the top of her lungs and leaped out the window the exact same way she came in.

4 hours later

Mugen downed another cup of fruit punch, his scowl deepening. Fuu was bringing Applejack and they were supposed to be here about an hour ago. He practically ran to Sugar Cube Corner when he heard Jin and Fuu's welcome party would be there.

Mugen growled and shut his eyes, his scowl deepened. Is she ditching me already? Damn, she gets an amulet and then just stands me up. I can't believe Aj would do that! Wait! She would have never done that so why is she late for the first date?

Mugen argued with himself for a while until he noticed it...the silence. It was never quiet at a Pinkie Pie Party, so why now? Mugen opened his eyes and his jaw hit the floor, and he dropped to his knees.

There she was... Applejack was clad in a crimson kimono, her hair was done up in the most spectacular bun, her face had just enough make up to touch it up, but not so much that she looked fake. Her lips were a bright red and she waved a traditional fan in front of her face. She looked like a fucking goddess.

She was waiting politely for him to finally notice her...and notice he did. He didn't say a word as he scurried across the floor to her, he rested his forehead against her lap and human Aj stroked his hair once, “Now what in tarnations are yeh doing Mugen, get up off the ground and dust yerself off, you and ah got a date.”

Mugen glanced up into human Aj's eyes, she was laughing gently as she helped him to his feet, he was still speechless. Aj blushed and looked away, “Why are yah staring at me like that Mugen?”

“You're a fucking goddess.” Mugen blurted out without even thinking.

Applejack smirked, “Well Mugen, you gonna take me around this party or what? Ya'll shouldn't keep a mare waiting you know.” Human Aj laughed, and Mugen felt his heart beat out of his chest.


“Oh my gosh Rarity, did ya'll see the way Mugen was like when he was with me last night?” Applejack drawled as she pulled a cart.

Rarity giggled, “Oh yes, you whipped him into a gentlecolt without even trying. You have the poor man wrapped around your little hoof. Oh, more over here Spike.” Rarity pointed a hoof at a spot in the ground and Spike jumped at the spot.

“Aw shucks Rarity, ah've had mah share of stallions after me before but...ah don't know...ah...ah uhh....” Applejack blushed and looked around everywhere but at Rarity.

Rarity smirked knowingly, “Well Applejack, how much attraction do you have to the man? I mean you visited Celestia for her help with it.”

Applejack stopped, eyes shooting wide open , face turning apple red, “Ah-ah don't rightly know Rarity, ah'm gonna take it nice and slow with him though. This ain't the kind of thing to go rushing.”

Rarity laughed, “So you consider to take him as a husband then?”

Applejack grew pale, then shook her head with a look of pure anger, “Rarity, stop putting words in mah mouth. Ah didn't say that.”

Rarity rolled her eyes and went to speak but instead she shrieked. A Diamond dog jumped out from a nearby hole and dragged her under. Applejack looked around but was too slow to see another slam a shovel into the back of her head, before picking the out cold mare up and leaping into a hole.

Spike scrambled after them but was cut off as dirt filled the hole, he looked around panicking, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!”


Mugen growled, “YOU ALL ARE TOO FUCKING SLOW!” He shouted over his shoulder. He was righteously pissed. Spike had hauled ass over to find everyone and all he had said was, “Diamond Dogs...kidnapped...Applejack...AND RARITY!!!”

Twilight pulled up next to the human, terrified of the look of pure rage that plastered his face. “Calm down Mugen, we'll find her. The Diamond dogs have done this before. Rarity can handle it.”

Mugens scowl deepened but he said nothing as he continued his full one sprint. It felt like eternity before Spike finally said, “THERE!”

Mugen looked down the hole, “I thought you said they filled it up.” Mugen glared at Spike accusungly.
Spike flinched under his gaze, “They did, they must've dug them back open to go digging for gems.”

Mugen glared and dove into the hole, not caring about the dirt or anything for that matter. When he finally landed with a dull thud, he clenched his fists and his nostrils flared in rage. There was Applejack in a cage, locked up like an animal.

Twenty or so Diamond Dogs surrounded them as the rest of the mane six fell down and landed with groans of discomfort.

Mugen pointed at Applejack's cage, “Let.Her.Go.” He hissed out. The lead diamond dog rolled his eyes, “Why should w-” He was interrupted as Mugen threw a rock hitting the dog right in the nose. “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LET THEM GO!” Mugen's shout reverberated throughout the whole complex.

The diamond dog snarled, “Get him!” Mugen drew his blade out as the dogs pounced...he readied his blade to draw blood... “Don't kill anypony Mugen, ya'll can beat em up...but don't kill em.” Mugen heard Applejack over the sounds of the snarling dogs.

Mugen grunted as he slammed his blade into the ground, using the top of the hilt as a spring board Mugen twirled around on top kicking two dogs in the face before flipping over them, slamming his heels into the head of another.

As Mugen landed more dogs charged, he smirked as he jumped straight up, almost ten feet, before flipping around and slamming his heel into another of the dogs.

The dogs backed off and circled Mugen, waiting for a chance to strike. But then a thought occurred to him. “Applejack...you said no killing right?” He heard her confirm with a soft yes.

Mugen stood upright and held his hand to his forehead...and began to laugh. The caverns echoed with the ringing of his laughter. “What you find so funny?” The lead Diamond Dog growled at the human, as every pony and dog look at one another in confusion.

Mugen didn't respond, but instead in an inhuman blur of speed he sprinted to Applejack's cage, tugging his sword out along the way and with a quick slash he unhinged it. He grabbed the mare and set her on his back before turning to where Rarity was chained.

He smirked as the rest of the diamond dog pack gathered to stand between him and Rarity, Mugen darted forward and jumped, before landing on the faces of two dogs. Mugen continued to laugh as he used diamond dog heads as foot holds as he dashed over the crowd and with a second wuick slah freed Rarity.

He pulled up the fashionista and sheathed his sword as he switched Applejack and Rarity, so he was carrying Applejack in his arms. Mugen darted through the crowd of Diamond dogs this time, reaching his friends as the dogs grabbed at his after image.

Mugen smirked as he set the two friends down and pointed at one of the tunnels behind them, “Go. You said no killing, I'm not gonna kill anything. But...I AM going to rough em up a bit. Don't worry, I'll pound direction out from these ass holes.”

Twilight and the others started to protest but Mugen cut them off, “Just fucking go, you ain't gonna change my mind. No pony, no body, and no dog takes my girl and thinks he can get away with it with his balls intact.”

Mugen drew his blade and his smirk turned into a devilish grin as the mane six hurried down a random tunnel.

Mugen began to chuckle evily as he licked his blade, “Come on then little shit for brains doggies....I got a lesson for you.” The dogs whimpered in fright but the leader pointed, “ATTACK!”

The dogs punced and Mugens blade flashed, severing an arm of one of the attacking diamond dogs. A fountain of blood erupted from the stump as the dog roared in agony. The eyes of the others grew wide as they drank in the carnage that he had wrought with a single swing, but didn't notice as Mugen swung his blade frantically, severing more limbs from the dogs painting the walls of the cavern red with the blood of diamond dogs....and true to his word...he didn't kill a single word.

The lead three Diamond Dog's shivered with fear, not even thinking of running away as Mugen approached with his sword dripping with blood. “P-p-please let ussss go...we will never kidnap ponies again!” The lead diamond dog begged, tears streaming through its fur.

Mugen smiled, raising his sword slowly above his head, “You shoulda thought about that before you took my girl. I'm being generous as is, letting you keep your head...but your an arm...you can deal with only having one.” Mugen laughed with savage glee as he brought the blade down.


Mugen tackled hugged Applejack when he finally made it to the surface. He had made sure to wipe every drop of blood off of himself and his blade so as to not cause fear amongst his little pony friends.

“Applejack are you okay?” Mugen asked worriedly. Applejack smiled up at him, “ Aw there ain't nothing to fuss over sugar cube ah'm fine. But...you didn't go overboard down there did ya?”

Mugen shook his head no and almost too quickly responded “Let's just say they're probably never going to come to Pony Ville any time in the next century.” A devious smile played upon his lips as Mugen hugged Applejack closer to him.

To be continued...

A quick note sorry this took so long, I've been rather busy what with the new puppy and all. Well I hope you enjoyed.... but...what will happen next!??!?! DUNDUNDUN!!!!!