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Pony Ville Champloo - The Fluttershy Guy

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A Strange Meeting

“Oooooooooooooooh I hope he likes parties!” Pinkie Pie hopped around the scowling bipedal creature, completely oblivious to the fact that it had no idea what she was saying.

Twilight sighed again and told Pinkie, for the hundredth time today, “I don't know Pinkie and we have to go the library, I have a spell book with a translation spell in it. I simply cast a spell and all of sudden...we have communication”

Pinkie, again continued skipping alongside the tall lanky creature constantly spouting her random nonsense ignoring Twilight completely.

Rarity chimed in for Pinkie Pie, “As usual dear, your plan is simply fabulous, I can't wait to converse with this...uhhhh....well I'm sure he'll be a gentelcolt or a wonderful...uhhh...mare.”

Twilight face hoofed, “Rarity, thank you, really, but I don't think he can be described like we can another pony.”

Rarity smiled sheepishly and continued to trot along.

Applebloom rubbed against her older sister, “Ah'm mighty sorry Applejack, I thought I could handle mahself.”

Applejack couldn't stay angry, especially with the look her little sister gave her. So she nodded and nuzzled her saying, “Aw shoot Applebloom, you didn't mean nothing by it, and ah guess nearly getting gobbled up taught you enough. Ahm just glad that.....uhhh....thing came by and saved you lickity split.”

Applebloom grinned widely and silently nuzzled her sister back while walking. Applejack perked up as a thought came to her, “We've got to have an apple family dinner to thank the uhhhhh...what ever it is.” Applejack turned to the creature who turned to her with a yawn, “Ah know you can't understand me yet, pal but we're gonna throw you one mighty big welcome party!”

Pinkie Pie hopped straight up, “PAAAAAAARTYYYY!” She screamed and landed right in the arms of the creature whose scowl deepened, and he clearly thought about doing something to Pinkie, which worried the group of mare, but it instead just set her down.

Applebloom caught the attention of the thing with her eyes and the thing stared right back. After a while it said very slowly and clearly, “Kawaii.” The thing blinked and shook its head, annoyed with something and picked up its pace to match the ponies it followed.


“What the fuck, it looks like I stepped right into a damn fairy tale or something.” Mugen muttered as he absorbed the brightly colored town before him. There were DOZENS of more mini-horses following him with worried eyes, until the purple one said something and cheers flung up from the crowd.

After about ten minutes of walking the group halted in front of a large tree that Mugen noticed had been turned into a house of some sort. With a purple glowing aura from its horn, the purple one looked at the door, the same aura surrounded the door and it opened, seemingly of its own accord.

“What the hell!” Mugen exclaimed and jumped back. The little things gave him puzzled looks at his reaction.

Mugen shook his head and followed the purple one inside, he had to practically drop to his knees just to fit inside, the small pony sized door. The purple one looked back and smiled sheepishly at him.

His mouth opened in wonder when he saw what was inside. The thing was clearly a home as well as something else... There were dozens of shelves inside all lined with...books.

Mugen walked up to the closest shelf and immediately began ripping books off the shelf, peeking inside... Nope couldn't understand a word. He began throwing books over his shoulder as he peered into every one of the books.

An angry shout interrupted his curious destruction of the shelves as an aggravated purple, lizard … thing started picking up books and storing them on the shelves. It scowled at Mugen as it worked while talking to the purple one. Its gaze looked around until it fell on the white, fancy looking one and its eyes turned to hearts.

Mugen looked back and forth between the two...could it...No fucking way.

Mugen's face exploded into laughter at the though of it. The whole group looked at him strangely while the pink one joined right in with his laughter, it clearly had no clue why he was laughing and simply just wanted to join in.

The purple one rolled its eyes and its horn began to glow and books levitated down to it.

Mugen stumbled back and whipped his sword out of his sheath, “What the fuck is with the purple shit?” Mugen asked. The group all looked at him frightened worried looks on their face.

Mugen took a step towards a book, held aloft in the air still, and he jabbed at it with his sword. When the glowing book continued to stay afloat in the air, he glanced at the frightened horse-things and sighed before sheathing his blade.

A collective sigh of relief came from them all. The purple one began speed reading through the books and after a short while gave a yell of triumph. It trotted up to Mugen and put the book at an angle for him to look at it.

He stared at its jumbled pages blankly, waiting for an explanation that couldn't be given. The purple one waved a hoof to grab his attention and began to use moves its body in strange ways....

“What in fucks name are you doing?” Mugen asked bluntly, shaking his head in lack of understanding.

The pink one raised its hoof and began yelling excitedly and began moving its body with sign language. Only this ones movements made even less sense...yet he understood what it was motioning.

You guys...are....going to....use magic...” Mugen scowled thinking they were lying about magic, unable to believe, but continued to guess at the pink ones motions, “ To...to... make me understand what you little guys are saying.” Mugen began to bobble his head yes in understanding.

The purple one grinned with triumph and said something to the pink one who smiled in turn. It turned to Mugen and its horn began to glow.


Pinkie Pie hopped up and down in front of the thing and began to babble uncoherently, “ohmygoshcanyoureallyunderstandusnowhuhcanyoucanyoucanyou!!?!?!?!” The thing, its voice gruff responded quickly, “ Wow what kind of shit are you on? Calm down there pink stuff.”

Twilight gasped at his vulgarity and her success, “It worked! Haha! We can understand you, but can you understand us?”

The thing looked her right in the eyes, “I sure as fuck can, but what are you anyways?”

Twilight shook her head, unbelieving of his rudeness, “Okay, I'm going to need you stop saying such bad words, and I am a unicorn. My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I-” She was cut off as the thing began laughing hysterically.

Twilight squinted, annoyed, “Is there something funny?”

The male answered between gasps of breath, “Yo-your....name...hahahhaa!” The creature wiped a tear out of his eyes before he spoke, “ Name's Mugen. I'm just a human.”

Applejack and her sister stepped up, “Nice to meet yah Mugen, mah name's Applejack and this ere is Applebloom. We're mighty thankful for what yah did in the Everfree forest. We're simple earth ponies for thuh record.”

Mugen clearly struggled not to laugh, “Nice to meet you too Appl- hahah- Applejack and Applebloom”The thing caved in to its laughter and stumbled over itself.

“Mister Mugen why do you keep laughing like that?” Applebloom piped up, Applejack was scowling a little bit.

“I'm sorry squirt squirt, but you're names are just so....ridiculous hahahhaa.” Mugen began to laugh again and cleared his throat as the little pony, Applebloom, got a sad look on her face.

“Okay, I promise, no more laughing at names okay? I'm sorry.” Mugen smiled apologetically and Applebloom perked right up.

Rarity cleared her throat for attention and began to speak as Mugen looked up to her, “My name is Rarity, my dear Mugen, I need to beg of you to stop acting like such a ruffian. It ill becomes you my dear.” Mugen nodded and grumbled a hello, already not liking how stuck up she appeared to be.

Rainbow Dash dragged Fluttershy right in front of Mugen and darted off, while Fluttershy simply stared right into his eyes. The two stared at each other for a solid minute until Fluttershy finally squeaked, “I'm Fluttershy.”

Mugen bent down and closer to the shy pegasus and said, “What was that short stuff, I didn't quite catch that.”

“Fl-fluttershy.” She squeked.

He bent closer, “Say again?”

“Fluttershy” She squeaked in turn.

He got right in her face and simply stared her in the eye.

“I said my name is Fluttershy.” She barely managed to whisper.

Mugen stayed there a moment before plopping a hand on her head and ruffled her mane, “Nice to meet you Fluttershy.”

Before Mugen could even stand up Rainbow Dash zoomed all around the room as fast her wings would carry her, darting through windows outside, zipping about and along the shelves without disturbing the books and with an amazing flip, landed right in front of the human.

“And I am Rainbow Dash, the greatest and most super and awesomest pegasus in all of Ponyville! I'm the greatest flier here and one day I'm gonna join the wonderbolts!” The rainbow colored mare said with a triumphant smile as her friends gave her a polite applause.

Mugen smirked, readying his legs, and leaped into the air over Twilight and landed, his hands on a nearby table, using it as a springboard he flipped over onto the pink ones back and with a gentle shove, he was in the air again landing on the edge of a book shelf, he immediately jumped off of that and spun around in the air before landing on Applejacks back with his own back pressed against hers, with a quick spin he leaped off of her and whipped out the metal thing on his back and threw it into the library floor with a heavy thud, landing right on the top of the handle, smirking at the wide-eyed ponies.

“I like you kid, you got moves and you got spunk, but not as much as me.” Mugen said simply and the ponies began to eagerly clapped, and surprisingly, Rainbow clapped right along with them.

Spike waddled forward with a wide eyed look on his face. “I'm Spike, a baby dragon and Twilight's number one assistant.” Spike puffed out his chest at the last part, earning a chuckle from Mugen.

“A dragon, huh? Now that's fucking neat.” Mugen said simply, earning a angry glare from Rarity, Mugen smiled and stuck his tongue out at her...until a pink blur nearly tackled him.

“I'M PINKIE PIE AND I'M GOING TO THROW YOU THE BIGGEST, AWESOMEST WELCOM PARTY EVER! I KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT EVERYPONY LOVES MY PARTIES!” The pink mare, startled Mugen off of his sword and he quickly pole vaulted off the floor with his hands before he could hit the floor. With a tug, he pulled the metal stick of the ground and slid it inside the thing on his back.

Mugen stared warily at the panting, pink, party pony until Twilight cleared her throat.

“We need to tell the princess about you right away, she'll want to know all about you.” Twilight said, earning nods from the whole group.

“ Spike write a letter to princess Celestia.” The baby dragon waddled off. “On it”


Mugen shook the hoof proffered to him from the big red pony called Big Macintosh. The farm stallion simply said, “Eeyup.” After Applejack had introduced him to her brother. It had been a pretty hefty argument amongst the ponies who he stayed with after Twilight got an answer from the Princess almost immediately, instructing her student to look after Mugen while took care of business in the griffon empire...where ever that was. They had decided that Applejack should get to welcome him the first night since he saved Applebloom.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders jumped up and down all around the man, they constantly spouted questions at him, wondering about what was the thing on his back for, why was his hair so poofy, why is there hair only on your head?

Granny Smith smiled at Mugen and said in a whittled old voice, yet firm voice over the children, “Well you need to have an Apple family dinner my boy, you could use some food from the looks of it.”

Mugen nodded and said, “Yeah I haven't had more than a few apples over the past two days.”

The Apple family's eyes grew wide and Granny Smith nearly knocked Mugen over with the volume of her yell, “Well why didn't you say something yah young feller. Get to stuffing yer face right now!”

Mugen smiled at the old ladies style and eagerly dove into the massive array of food piled on the table for him. He ate quickly, only stopping to breathe and the Apple family simply stared in silent awe. They had never had a guest eat so quickly and so much besides them selves.

After about an hour of continuous eating, the dinner table lay bare and Mugen rocked in his seat patting his stomach as he let loose a great burp. “Let me tell you lady, you know how to cook.” Mugen said with a satisfied smile.

Granny Smith laughed and replied, “Well young man, ah'm mighty glad you enjoyed this old mares cooking, now I know you lot must be awful tired after today, so Applejack dear, show Mugen to his room for the night. Oh, and that means bed for you too Cutie Mark Crusaders.”

The fillys groaned in unhappiness and trotted off to Applebloom's room for the night, with Applejack leading Mugen right behind them.

Applejack stopped outside a door directly across from the CMC, and raised a hoof to it.”This here'll be where ya stay the night Mugen.” With that the farm mare turned and began to trot to her own room...until he hear Mugen shout out for her.

“Hey Applejack where the hell is the bed?”

Applejack turned to the human with a quizzical look, before coming back and into the room whre Mugen pointed, she saw the bed perfectly fine as Mugen walked around looking for where he supposed to sleep...continually passing the four post bed.

Applejack face hoofed and pointed at the bed, “Mugen don't y'all have beds where your from? Cus that right there is the bed.”

Mugen looked at the bed curiously, “ I thought it was desk for some shit, we use bed rolls on the floor.”

Applejack started, “Say what? That must me mighty uncomfortable.”

Mugen simply shook his head, making his poofy hair bounce with the motion, “Not really, thanks for pointing it out

With that the man simply flopped down onto the bed and was asleep almost instantly.

After about an hour, in the dead silent of night, Mugens door creaked open and Mugen immediately became alert, drawing the secret dagger from the folds of his clothes, preparing for anything when he heard a whispered voice, “Are you sure this is a good idea Scootaloo?” The voice of the little filly, Sweetie Belle, shattered the silence.

Mugen smiled to himself and sheather the dagger, laying on his side he prepared for his new plan.

“Yeah, after today, Mister Mugens gotta be asleep by now. I think we can grab that thing on his back and see what it is for sure.” Scootaloo whispered back.

The voices grew steadily and steadily closer until they were finally close enough. With a flick of his wrists, Mugen flew the blanket off of his body spun around and whispered “BOO!”

The young filly's jumped, and Mugen scooped them all up with a single sweep of his arms. He held the now scared CMC above the air so they wre looking right into his tired eyes.

“We're...were awful sorry mister Mugen.” Applebloom said with a quivering lip.

Mugen stared right into the eyes of the little ponies, as they nodded their heads in conjunction with what Applebloom said. Mugen struggled with the fact that...he found these three ponies so...fucking adorable. He never found ANYTHING adorable...and here these little damned ponies doing just that to him...being adorable and not just adorable, oh no...they were fucking adorable.

He sighed and deposited the three ponies under the blankets with him, laid back and closed his eyes as the CMC struggled underneath the blankets until eventually three little adorable heads poked out. He popped an eye open with a lazy smile and ruffled the hair of little Applebloom, who still had her bow in her hair, they all looked at Mugen with wide orbs for eyes.

“Well are you going to sleep or not, cus I am.” Mugen said and closed his eyes again. For a minute the three ponies fumbled around until they were comfortable around or on Mugen and curled up into little pony balls and nestled down to sleep.

Mugen smiled as the warmth of the Filly's against him and for the first time in years, he slept, content, and peacefully deep into the night.


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