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Dirty Bit

Just another zebracorn living in Ponyville. I wear a top hat! A small thing to know about me in terms of this site is this: I am a SUCKER for crossovers! Mainly those of the ones I'm familiar with.


Hey, Everyone... · 2:54am Dec 22nd, 2018

To those of you who just noticed that I updated, and to those of you that stuck with me and my stories for the longest time, thanks for sparing a glance at this blog.

I was happy to finally churn out another chapter, even if I'm taking a page out of Yoshihiro Togashi's book as far as updating my stories go. That said, I blame myself for my profound inactivity.

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Could work. Or maybe not.
Changing topic, finally published a one shot story xD

2650603 Why not just add him and message him directly?

I think I did sometime ago.
At least some group thingie he tried advertising a few months ago.

2650456 Have you tried his Discord?

Doesn't seem like he might be replying to me.
Guess that's that

  • Viewing 357 - 361 of 361
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