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So Like... Fuck off

Ok so you know how some authors like to do those mini "HEY IMMA MAKE A NOTICE CHAPTER" things. You know the 100-150 word pieces of shit that's pretty much them whining about something that's going to hold the next chapter back? Yeah fuck off with that shit. You dont have to fuck with my story inbox making me think one of the stories that I like enough to fav has updated but nooooooo its a fucking notification update. kill yourself if you do this for the good of humanity. (WHO MAKES A FUCKING CHAPTER ABOUT A FUCKING POEM THEY WROTE?)

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Thanks for faving The Funny Little Guy!

Thank you for favoring.

Thank you for favoring.


Just here to deliver the same old generic, "thank you for favoriting my story" message.

Seriously though, thanks for favoritingAn Investigation Into Chaos. I know that this might seem like a cookie cutter message but I really do appreciate your interest and readership. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Cheers, Null

P.S. Also out of curiosity where is the option for filtering on this site? I don't need it or but I was just wondering where you found it and if it even still exists.

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