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The misspelling of my name is intentional. Also feel free to reach out and PM me about anything if that's what you're into. Bother me to write things and I might do it more.

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Socialization is Magic

As it goes I need more friends. Feel free to hit me up here or anywhere you can find me. I'll probably ask you why, but I won't bite otherwise.

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Why is your name misspelled?

Personal reasons, but if you get to know me really well then maybe you could pester me to elucidate further. However, if we ignore that possibility then that's all you're getting out of me.

What's with the strange capitalization I see all of the time in your stories?

The short answer is because I'm stubborn.

The long answer is that I have this little head canon that because there are a great many sapient and to varying degrees civilized creatures in Equestria and beyond that they have some special rules regarding the naming and treatment of each other in their respective languages. Typically you will see a sapient race's name treated as a proper noun in writing both for deference purposes and to help keep things straight when talking about a race that has a non-sapient counterpart. It's because of this you aren't going to see a character referred to as a pony, but rather as a capital P Pony. To give another example that helps explain the rule you might notice that if I ever refer to Opal then I might happen to note that she is a cat; however, if I were to write something that happened to include Capper then he would be referred to as a Cat.

Besides that you may occasionally see individual characters treating words that would otherwise be just a run of the mill common nouns as proper nouns if those words have special significance to them or the conversation they are having.

That said if you see me make any sort of spelling or grammar flubs that seem to fall outside of these little proclivities I have, then please feel free to let me know. I promise that if you bring something to my attention and I recognize the error that I will correct it as soon as I can, unless I can't figure out how or I'm being particularly stubborn. In the latter case I'll probably just tell you something along the lines of, "well I really think it looks better this way" in which case I encourage you to call me out for being an idiot.

Can you help me out with this thing I'm trying to do?

I'll freely admit that this isn't a frequently asked question as much as it is a question that I would like to be asked more often. I would love to work with pretty much anyone on anything provided that I don't somehow personally object with what they're doing somehow and provided I have the time. Seriously, hit me up and we'll talk about it and we'll see if it's in my wheelhouse.

That said I will question your judgement as to why you are asking me to do it, but besides that we're probably all set to go.

I've seen you being very tough on yourself and your writing ability and I don't think your stuff is that bad. So can I ask what's with the whole self-depreciation thing?

It's quite simple; if you think my writing is good then you have bad tastes.

Seriously though, at best my work is thoroughly mediocre with a moment or two where inspiration strikes me in just the right way as to where I'll pen a few lines that actually convey what I'm trying to put out there without bloviating for hours.

My writing style is very dry, my grammar is poor, my sentence construction is questionable at best, my punctuation is apparently abominable, and my narrative skills are severely lacking. Other than those things in particular I think my writing is Ok but only just and only if you are capable of looking past those issues. In short, I'm not very good and there isn't much you can say to convince me otherwise. I would like to think that I've gotten better at this and I have put a lot of work into trying to improve, but I sincerely doubt that you'll ever see anything out of me that's anything special.

That said if anyone wants to offer to tutor me on grammar and punctuation and such, then I certainly wouldn't say no. Similarly, as I mentioned before, if you see anything that seems wrong or even just a bit off about something I wrote then feel free to bug me about and I'll try to correct it if I can.

Your stuff is kind of dark sometimes, why is that?

I strive to put pieces of myself into everything I write. Unfortunately, and as edgy as it sounds, a lot of the pieces I have to work with have sharp edges and are oftentimes stained or even broken. So naturally most of the stuff I write is going to have at the very least a touch of darkness in it.

If I do happen to write something lighter then I'll make a note of it in the description. Otherwise don't be surprised if you're reading something of mine and things get a bit heavy, even if my ability to execute those kinds of scenes is a bit lacking.