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The misspelling of my name is intentional. Also feel free to reach out and PM me about anything if that's what you're into. Bother me to write things and I might do it more.


When Discord returned to Equestria, after a thousand years of restless imprisonment, he was the embodiment of insanity. When the good Ponies of the empire heard of his intentional release, they were flabbergasted. Why let this maniac roam free and wreak his "Chaos" everywhere? However, soon after his release Discord began to calm down. He was seen to possess a strong ethic and, an admittedly sporadic, reserve.

After a while Princess Celestia saw fit to put Discord to work, "for the good of Equestria." His most recent charge was to write a book on Chaos. Discord however, has other plans. He has been conflicted about the nature of his release and subsequent freedom. Ultimately he becomes obsessed with finding out the "real" reason he was freed.

Credit for the amazing cover art for this fic goes to the generous alexmakovsky on deviantart, and the image itself can be found here.

This takes place in a Season Four cannon that exists without Rainbow Power and ends before the Finale, hence the AU tag. I might try to figure out how to canonize it fully at some point, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Chapter One Comment
Well I suppose it would happen eventually. In full disclosure this is my first published story. I realize that the headcanon used as a basis for this story (mine specifically) isnt a well explored one for Discords origins; so if you have any questions or concerns about it ask me in a comment and I will try to answer as best as I can. Please point out any issues in grammar and punctuation and I will fix them as soon as I am able; on that subject I don't have an editor yet, so if anyone is interested let me know. Expect slow sporadic updates, I write when I can and will post a chapter only when it is done.

Also, I know that every instance of the words Order/Chaos is capitalized, this is intentional; so don't point it out as a grammar error please.

Cheers, Null

Chapter Two Comment
Well I managed to finish this second chapter right after the season four premiere. Lots of world building in those episodes and a bit of it invalidates my headcanon, but not as much as I would have expected to be honest. So this little fic will continue as planned.

Anyway, as always I appreciate any advice and or corrections for spelling and grammar and I am still looking for an editor (If anyones interested feel free to message me). Regardless I hope you enjoyed so far and feel free to comment.


Not bad man! I'll be keeping an eye on this. I hope others give it a look too. Try adding it to groups like "The Followers of Discord" group. Just trying to help. Exposure is key if your story is actually good. Which it is.

3534860 I think good might be overdoing it, but I will definitely give that a shot. The praise is definitely appreciated. Also thanks for the fave.


3534916 We all have to start somewhere. I'm only barely a step ahead of you in that regard. Here's hoping you do well.:scootangel:

P.S. I know this is a ROMANCE lable, but I actually like the whole investigative part more so far. It was in title and all and I don't usually see Discord being investigative. Devious or a long term planner sure, but he's usually the one who MAKES the mysteries, not the one trying to figure them out.

Pretty good man, pretty good, I likes what I sees so far

3534928 Honestly the label is more out of necessity than anything. It took me a while to think about exactly where this fic would fit in to the whole 'Tag' thing and romance was the only thing that will (spoiler setting for the win) make a strong enough showing demand the tag. Though I will say some elements of this story skirt the daisy trail of darkness but not enough anywhere to warrant the dark tag.

I guess I am at a disadvantage because there is no "Introspective", or "Mystery" tag. What can you do right?

I'm really liking this so far.

Chapter Three Comment
New and improved chapter! Now with ~25% more words!

No but seriously, I hope this lives up to the rest of the story so far. This chapter feels a bit different for some reason.

On a related note, the story will begin ramping up to the finale in the next couple of chapters. So expect the unexpected!

Cheers, Null

Chapter Four Comment
So Chapter Four

Quick Chapter, Quick Post

The term of the day is contextual density, I feel its a bit higher here than in the previous chapters; you know, more bang for less buck.

Anyway feel free to comment about anything really, though with the majority of the expositional elements now taken care of I would ask that you use the sites handy spoiler function for speculative comments.

(Spoilers go here![/spoiler:pinkiehappy:] like this but with less Pinkie Pie)

But seriously, I would like to know what you guys think of this so far. I am kind of flying blind on assurances that the story is good so far but with no concrete reasons why (except from MrSpartan of course, thanks for the advice on the group thing). I am going to throw this story to the timberwolves at the review groups when its done but I want to hear from the people who are actually interested in reading my story first.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the new chapter, narrative shift and all!

Cheers Null

Celestia’s coat is actually an extremely light shade of pink

*goes and looks up a few pictures of Celestia*

3560569 You do realize you can just post an author's note in the acutal chapter instead of in a comment, right?

3560680 I know (it kinda takes up like half the screen when you're editing the story, hard to miss) but I talked read some opinionated pieces that say how that kind of stuff can break readers immersion. I kind of agree with that. This way people who are new to the story can simply go to the next chapter with no immersion breaking meta context.

Plus this way people can reply to my questions directly if they want to. If I had anything really important to say I would use it though.

I'm really absorbed into this story a lot. It puts a different spin then the other Discord-released fanfictions here. Has great back story and nice character development at a nice and steady pace. I like this story A LOT. :pinkiehappy:

3560794 Dammit! Why does nobody have anything bad to say about my story! It sounds stupid, but that's honestly what I am thinking. I appreciate the praise immensely though!


Chapter Five Comment
Alright that chapter was the hardest one to write so far and as far as I'm concerned it will probably be the weakest chapter in this fic. The good news is that if you liked this chapter then you should love every one that comes after it!

Also I am mildly convinced that I missed something grammatical in this chapter, if you see anything wrong just point it out and I will fix it.

On another tangent, I'm totally not trying to regulate the word count on these, they just kind all come out about the same length. Funny how that works out.

Regardless, I hope you enjoyed the story so far and as always

Cheers, Null

Well... heavy in headcannon and heavy in philosophy... this will be interesting to read.

Don't like the route with the nobles, but I can't exactly say its a surprise... almost everyone goes that route.

I do like the new character... wonder why the reports where swapped

Hmmm... Its good to see this from Celestia, without us knowing what she doesn't want Discord to know.

So, Discord invents Surrealism? Sure, why not?

Still... I can't help but think that they can find the pony behind the falsification, because they aren't considering if it was Celestia herself

3590914 Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it, hooray constructive criticism!


Chers, Null

Your welcome.

I try my best to be constructive to help fellow author's out.

Discord being the inventor of surrealism fits perfectly! By the way, I just want to apologize for not commenting on the last 3 chapters. I'm trying my best to keep up with your story, but I always seem to have stuff I need to do. But I got to it now. See?! So anyway sorry for not giving more support. I know how that feels with some of my own stuff. This chapter wasn't that weak by the way. It served as a short, but needed break of sorts for Discord's investigation. Be wary of making Discord TOO out of character. He's still the Discord we've seen on the show who poofed up Twilicane and cracks sarcastic comments. Don't make him too much an egghead like Twilight. He's clever, but he's no Sherlock Holmes. :unsuresweetie:

I suppose thats just how I see Discord. Sure when he is interacting with others he is wild and out there, but when he is alone he is a lot more reserved. I am a lot the same way in that regard, when I am talking to others I like to string them along, but as long as I have something to do on the side I can entertain myself.

I would like to portray him in his trickster element, but I don't have a lot of opportunity to do so in such a serious story.

Though to be honest, it is Discord who is supposed to be writing these chapters to the reader. I don't see him as the kind of person who would narrate every single little trick he pulls, or at least he doesn't go out of his way to spell it out. For example in the season premiere where Discord neglects to mention that its all his fault until the end of the episode. If you're assuming that he is being 100% honest and forthcoming in his narration than perhaps you should probably take a moment to reanalyze your context.

Actually ignore that, Discord is a perfect narrator who tells the reader about every single important detail of the story in a smoking jacket in front of a fireplace while sipping on ou chocolat du lait. Eeyup!

I like the story and your personality for Discord but it just doesn't seem to mesh with his depiction on the show.

3630779 Thanks. Though if it makes you feel any better, this is implied to take place a few years after the current portion of the show. He is supposed to have "calmed down" a bit since then.

I'm enjoying this quite a lot, Null. I know I saw a couple little typos throughout the story, but nothing terrible... Unfortunately, I closed the spare window I was using to keep track of them. :twilightsheepish:

3631069 Damn, they always get away don't they? Anyway I appreciate the effort, I suppose I'm fine so long as there it nothing too world breaking stuck in there.

3631074 Nah, the worst I saw was what looked like spell check errors (wrong word type stuff).

3631096 Cool, I was afraid that I would have a lot of tens and word order stuff to fix. If its just their there, they stuff then I don't care a whole lot (will still fix if I see it though). Also thanks for the fave!

Cheers, Null

'with himslef' is 'himself' and 'this point ti' is 'it'. Just helping identify some specific typo's.

Overall, a strong chapter. I love the way your weaving all the threads of the story together, the symbolism of the hunt was very good, as was Discord sleeping even in his dreams.

Still... finally, finally suspicion falls upon Celestia.

3631162 God, really. Spellcheck is stupid... :ajbemused:

Anyway fixed, thanks!


Sorry, just had to :trollestia:

Good chapter. A nice little trip into the dreaming world. zulunation.com/INDIAN%20DREAM%20CATCHER%201.jpg

Discord instead that they dredge up the name of every stallion, mare, and foal in Canterlot and beyond.

I think you mean "insisted."

Mabey a little... :ajsleepy:

Let my failure to properly regulate it in this chapter be a lesson to everyone. Grammar Happens


Chapter Seven Comment
When I planed this chapter in my head I thought it would be like five-hundred words long...

Then I wrote this...

Though to be fair I thought this whole fic would only take like five chapters anyway...

Regardless of my complete disregard for my own premeditation, I hope you enjoyed this chapter!

Cheers, Null

Well well well, finally Celestia is revealed.

3652649 I take it you're ready for the exciting conclusion of this fic? :trollestia:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

3652771 My current plan is to finish the story and then go through and do some final editing and revision to it (nothing to major on the revision front, just sentence flow and stuff where applicable). After all that is said and done I will submit it; as far as I am aware if you have ANY grammatical errors they immediately disregard your work.

Why? Are you implying that they would accept it?

Oh, ho, ho

Celestia is going to get it now.. :pinkiecrazy:

I have to say I'm glad I chose to read this. I noticed this on the recently updated and the first chapter hooked me. I like the head canon that comes with this story, even if I suspected Celestia from the beginning. Now I just want to know the why and what Discord is going to do :)

Thanks! As far as I'm concerned if I can write a story where you know how it ends and enjoy each chapter, then I have done my job. Thanks for the support and the fave!

Cheers, Null

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