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I think the idea of Raiden sending Frost to Equestria so that she could learn friendship and humility is a genuinely interesting one, but I don't really think you need to include Johnny Cage, since he already went through the exact same arc during the last three games.

Also, it would be great if there are a couple of conversations between Raiden and Celestia.

Frost and Raiden make sense, but I'ma support your Johnny Cage decision as he's my fav MK character as well.

Right now my lineup is looking like Raiden (to set everything up) Johnny (my fav character) and quite possibly Frost (because she could use a blast of the orbital friendship cannon)

I can imagine Johnny Cage befriending and humbling/being humbled by Trixie or Rainbow Dash. Lot's of people mostly concentrate on Scorpion or Sub Zero, so maybe someone like Johnny Cage can be interesting.

Then, maybe your story can take place during one of these time periods:

- Between MK9 and MKX
- Between MKX and MK11
- After one of the endings in MK11: Aftermath

  • Viewing 2,646 - 2,650 of 2,650
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