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Mentality: Wicked Age: Whatever I feel like Favorite hobbies: Ponies, superheroes, HTTYD, Kingdom Hearts, Crossovers and GAMES

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Sonic the hedgehog and star fox are what I was working on, but a recent move to a different state has put those on hold for a bit. I should get back to them in the near future

What's next on your agenda?

Yeah, I agree, also they sometimes make references to Deadpool, like Red Tool saying his name isn't "Deadtool" and another when Harley Quinn called him "Deadfool"

So a bit of cable in him to. Sounds neat, but I'll probably stick with Wade as my crazy comic character

He's okay, although he doesn't make fourth wall breaks but he does seem slightly crazier and like his name suggests he uses hardware appliances as weapons along with having a cybernetic arm

  • Viewing 2,664 - 2,668 of 2,668
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