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    Yup, always makes stories even as long as or longer then 100K words, with War of Champions being nearly 200K, he actually writes the 2 whole stories first and just updates both each day, one on one day, then one the next day, then he updates the first story the day after that, that is a good way of doing things, very productive, Ono is one of, if not my fav author on this site tbh

    Yeah I know right? And he/she has a pretty good track record when it comes to updating his/her story too. Also always completing their stories every time as well.

    I honestly love all his fics, Ono is REALLY talented

    Yes I have. It's in my favorite bookshelf. It's a real good story. But have you read the one on Mr. Freeze?


    Did you know that the Arkham Joker shows up in his first Batman story? That story is one of my favorites of he authors becuase Batman is pure awesome throughout the story.

    • Viewing 2,175 - 2,179 of 2,179
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