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Whether they are supermen with incredible strength and speed or alicorn princesses with the power of magic, they fight a never ending battle to uphold truth, justice and friendship. They are the pillars of the world, keeping it safe when all else fails.

But what if those six pillars are reduced to one? Can a single hero hold up the weight of the world? That is what the new ruler of Equestria Twilight is trying to figure out when a superhero enters her life. Strong, fast, impossibly white teeth, the hero All Might is the lone pillar that holds up his world. And perhaps this hero can show her how to be that lone pillar.

Or perhaps she will show him why one pillar cannot stand alone.

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It's been a long time since Tirek conquered the world. And after his victory, he sucked all the magic out of the world, leaving every being without magic. At least, that's what his goons tell us. I've never been much for listening to them. Hard to find the time between mining crystals for Tirek and supporting my amazing family. Yeah the world's bad and all, but...hey, gotta make the best of it, right?

But recently...I found a helmet. A helmet that might be able to turn this all around. It has the power to defeat Tirek. It has the power to restore magic. But can I risk everything on trusting this helmet? Can I endanger my husband and son trying to save the world? Can I believe this will be better? Can I believe...in Fate?

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Stark has been subjected to some weird things in the course of his life, ever since he donned the iron mantle. Monsters, aliens and intergalactic tv show hosts are just part of the job when you're a hero. But in the peaceful land of Equestria, he will have to face his greatest challenge yet. For he will have to make a choice...and no matter what he chooses, someone is doomed. But what can you do, when you're only a man?

Iron man will once again be based on my favorites versions combined, so expect EMH and more of the cartoon versions than the comics or movies. Same goes for the villain. Gonna be a bit more light hearted that other stories, so expect Tony to be more funny than cynical (though he will be that).

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This story is a sequel to The Wandering Warrior

Rainbow Dash, the fastest flier in Equestria, is done.

She's been beaten for three years straight by the same person, no matter how hard she's trained. Then she was crippled by a foe whose dark power was beyond anything she could fight. She lost her wing. She lost her pride. She lost her will.

But now she has a new foe to face. One that is cold and monstrous. He will not simply beat her. He will break her, break her down so badly that the only place she'll have left to go...is up.

She will face a tiger.

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This story is a sequel to Back To The Past

Jack has finally found the peace he has sought for so long.

Equestria, land of Friendship and Harmony, has finally brought his spirit peace and rest. Away from the darkness and tyranny of Aku, Jack has found a new strength and a renewed purpose that he could never have found in his world. The friends he has made gives him reason to smile. His desire to make sure Equestria does not follow a path like his world gives him purpose. And Applejack, his beloved, gives him a reason to live.

But the happiness does not last forever. And soon Jack will discover that it is not Aku that is the greatest foe that he has ever faced, but a foe that will take everything Jack's cares for and loves, despite all he does to combat it.

For this is a foe Jack has already beaten.

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This is going to be a long mission.

I normally don't get involved in the timelines of other worlds aside from my own, but if this world is the reason the Supreme Kai of Time has gotten so riled up then it can't be good. Let's see...home to talking horses. Horses with magic. And wings. And a whole nation set up. Sure. I've seen weirder. But something is messing with the time stream, something that is constantly changing the time line of this world. And I can't allow that.

Guess it's my time to step in.

Trunks will be based off his future and xenoverse version. Yes, I like both.

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The lands of Equestria aren't as safe as they once were.

What was once a gently trek across fields of beauty and wonder have changed to battles with spirits and death. Most ponies can't go a few miles without having to battle for their souls against ghosts and spirits, all who wish to drag them to the dead.

And to top it all off there's a creature that haunts a mountain at the edge of Equestria, a creature that no pony has ever fully seen. Fast as a blur and cold as the grave, none know who or what it is.

All we do know is that whenever it appears, it brings disaster with it.

This story is a bit of an experiment for me, so if things seems weird or don't add up all the time, that is why.

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It was supposed to be an easy summer for Fluttershy. Spend the summer learning how to ride around in an ambulance so that she can get the extra credit needed to get to veterinary school early. Something not too difficult that she could get some life experience with

Yet this will be a summer she will never be able to forgets. Instead of simply riding around in an ambulance, she gets sucked into a reality of mechanical aliens, robots in disguise and a war between two factions that has gone on longer than any human or pony has been alive.

And then there's Ratchet. He's a jerk.

Ratchet and the other transformers will be based on their WfC, FoC and Transformers Prime counterparts.

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The heart. Such a mysterious source of power. Those with weak ones soon find their hearts lost to darkness. Those with strong ones have shown to unleash the most powerful of lights. But what makes a heart strong? What makes the darkness so attracted to it? I must know.

Twilight. Applejack. Rarity. Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy. These six posses the strongest hearts in all of Equestria. They may show me the answer to my questions. But to unlock the secrets within them, I will need a key. A key that no one will miss if it vanishes...or perhaps, a key that no one knows to exist at all. I need a keyblade. I need her.

Xion will be based on her game and manga counterpart.

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Celestia and Luna have ruled in Equestria for over a thousand years. Their age along with the unbelievable power that they wield to move the sun and moon has caused most ponies to see them as gods.

But as powerful as they are, gods they are not. For the being that has arrived in Equestria has powers that can rival and surpass their own. He is a deity millennia of years old, a deity who commands the thunder and lightning with an incredible might and a hammer that can shatter the sun and moon.

And Celestia and Luna will learn that they are not all powerful. That they are not as mighty as they believed. They are not gods.

They are not Thor.

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