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This group is for those who come to Equestria, and can control a single or multiple elemental power like Fire, Water, Earth, Wind ect ect. As long as a story has a character(be they main, OC, or from a franchise) that can master a element, it qualifies. Also Pokemon are welcome just be sure to put them in the folder that matches their type or main attacks.

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What folders does a fic starring a Pokemon Trainer with multiple types find itself in?

Whoever posted my story 'A Shadow Caught In The Sun' here, I greatly appreciate it. Thank you <3

I don't know if the fic I have fits in this group. But, then again, I could be wrong. :twilightsheepish:

S'pose I should join this, seeing as how my main story focuses on element-controlling ponies.
Thanks for adding it, whoever you are!

Thanks for adding my story...whoever it was!:pinkiehappy:

353620 Ah, that's a good point. Good thinking! :twilightsmile::yay:

353616 I looked for stories before creating the group, it helps to be prepared:twilightsmile:

I think it's funny that the group has five members, but already has forty five stories... :pinkiehappy:

353571 That, and i learned enough voodoo to get to that part.

353570 Some people just aren't open minded:ajsleepy:

353568 Exactly! How come no-one else understands this?

353566 Well of course, their Yin and Yang, one cannot exist without the other:ajsmug:

Good on you for putting light and dark together! They are part of a much greater force, after all!

Thanks you qazse! I will promote this group like gangam style in early 2013!

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