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This group focuses on stories with warriors, soldiers, or fighters in Equestria, be them from ancient times, modern military soldiers, or from a franchise. Anyone who likes seeing a human or any species with a fighting spirit, or isn't afraid to kill, feel free to join. I only have a few rules.

Rule 1-Warriors are often fighters who go into battle using only melee or range weapons, or their combat skills, whether it be brute strength or martial arts. So NO magicians, unless they mostly use weapons or martial arts, and only use magic when they have to, like the Dragonborns, they don't count.

Rule 2-Superheros and villains are allowed in this group but only if their profession applies to the folders, like "Assassins"(Deadpool, Deathstroke), or "Martial Artists"(Batman) for example.

Rule 3-Any and all stories about space marines(Halo, Warhammer 40K, Gears of war), and Spartans from Halo will go in the "Space Marines" folder, and stories about actual Spartans from Greece will go in the "Spartan/Gladiator" folder, DO NOT get the two mixed up, any Halo fic added to the "Spartan/Gladiator" folder WILL be removed.

Rule 4-Military soldiers that go into this group have to be ones who fight on the ground where the action is, and don't rely on vehicles, so no jet fighters.

Rule 5-You can add the same story to no more then 2 folders and only if the character's profession matches the categories.

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So was rereading the rules for this group and saw it excluded people that fight with spells not blades where can I find stories about them

I have a story about Lyra and Bon Bon in the Starcraft universe as a templar and a ghost respectively. Where could I put the story?

Where would the Guardians from Destiny go?

Any of you fellas know where i can find good as well as completed stories about spike being a ninja or something similar?
If you do please let me know will ya?

I have a story, its a crossover with Naruto with Kurama as the main character, its not prudent yet as im still in the beginning however there will be fights and battles soon in the story...as his form is that of a fox with human like hands, what catagory would my story go into? I would of thought animalistic but you don't have that so...im thinking feral or even shapeshifter because he can adjust his size?

Well, I am glad you added my story "The Tides Of Fate'. But what folder does it fit into? x3

EDIT: Ninja/samurai...of course x3

So, I just started a story that has a demon warrior as the main character. He fits the general description for this group, but he also uses a form blood magic. Would he still fit with this group, by chance? :)

Where would battle mechs go?

What category/categories would Athena from the Borderlands game Fall under. Also, where do I submit?

Can the warrior be non human or native to Equestria?

I have a story to add, but... it more or less will involves a lot of warriors from different periods of time, Knights, cowboys, modern military soldiers, wastelanders, samurai, ninjas, and all that good shit... don't question why or how D'x
Where in the ever living balls would that go? :twilightsmile:

I have question, my story revolves around a entire empire of fighters. Where the hell would that go?

396848 Im not sure actually, I guise if its not actually magic I guise she counts. Also if she does use fire you should also add your story to my Keepers of Powers group in the "Fire" folder.

Question: I write a Displaced story with Blaze the Cat as the hero. Does she count? She uses flames (which weren't explained in the series, so it's not sure if its magic) in battle, but mainly in order to increase the power of her physical attacks.

I'm looking a editor for my fic. It's about a war between humans and pony, with the last hope in hands of one man. Interested send a PM. :pinkiesmile:

If I had a story where said warriors are from a land that I made up, can said story make it into this?

387777 Yes by magic I'm referring to conjuring battle spells

Here's a question since I find the rules a tad bit on the vague side. By using magic, does a unicorn using levitation to hold a sword count as magic or are you just talking about conjuring battle spells?

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