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Natural Disaster

'It's the Elements of Harmony, not the Elements of Niceness'


If yah want to talk to me either use the pm service here, message me on steam (its the exact same username as here with same profile picture just to make it easy)

Orrrrrr message me on discord! (my handle is ChaoticNeutralGamer#1436 hehe....yeah awkward)

Sooo yeah...message away to either ask me questions or just talk...i dont mind

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i hope u are going to continue the story

I LIVE ONCE MORE (aka i've been offline since april 2017 and now im back and hopefully better than ever huhah!) Add me on steam under the same name if yah want to message me with more chances of replies, i've got the steam app on my phone :) toodles!

No problem. Liked the ideas in your story too XD

2165089 no problem, i really like the idea of your story, so keep it up :pinkiehappy:
And thanks for the favorite as well!

thanks for the fave on my story Equestrias executioner

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