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This is a group dedicated to any Creator,God,or Deity that happened to wander,awaken and/or intervene in Equestria. It's also dedicated to any human that changes into a spirit and/or monster upon arrival.

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Hello. I have joined this group with two reasons:

One, mythology and other subjects involving forgotten tales or advance researched infos on an unknown resource of the ancient past, perhaps more than the spectrums, from my measurable perception of knowledge. That, however, is my kind of game.

Two, I am fascinated with all the stories writers put their efforts into their adaptations of roles. To make it more interesting, OCs personified or displaced as one of the iconic figures to ensue many predicaments.

So to put this charming greeting aside; I offer you my story that either might spark your interest or ignore it at all, in any way you make time for this. You'll find it in the OC's folder. Have a good day!

I ment like this blood marry

read my name backwards to understand why im here

I’m in the process of making something with the anime Campione but I don’t think you will like it buddy. my story is kind of like don’t you dare and don’t underestimate me plus I am very bad at making a story so good luck.:pinkiesmile:

Can someone make a campione fic. There is only one

As a history and mythology enthusiast, I can dig this!

if you need an ideas person to help you write your fan fic go to my blog and you’ll see the link to my groups :pinkiehappy:

Do spirits count if they're summoned by a character?

Hi so i startet a story where the main "Hero" is death and he is extremely OP he has the power byond any known god in comparison to equestria i still wait for the approval of my story so if it will be accepted will my story have a place here? only asking i'm new here XD

So, I just started a new story that has a demon warrior as the main character. Would that fit in this group, by chance? I've been skimming through the site looking for any niche that would let my tale fit in. :)

What if this celestial being searched for one of her creations that is incredibly powerful to eventually get to Equestira to intervene in later chapters after a large deal of critically important has past?

I've got a fic that might interest you. However, I'm not 100% sure where to put it.

It means 'no sparkling vampires from the Twilight series'.

First off, i have a fic i do plan on putting in here at one point, just need the right time to get it started.

Second, i'm a bit confused by one of the folders.

Suddenly a vampire(No Sparkles Please!)(By which i mean not Twilight)(But yes Twilight Sparkle)

Does this mean no Vampire Twilight Sparkle, or no Twilight vampires? It really is confusing.

Yo, does slenderman count as any of these things?

I forgot who is best pony. somebody remind me

394541 I'm both flattered, and amazed you remembered I posted this comment... 26 weeks ago. :pinkiegasp:

377883 By the way, my opinions have not changed. Just wanted to remind you of that.
Your stories have only gotten better, and I am always looking forward to the next chapter.

377882 ... Did you serious just listed my fic with Diaries of a Madman, and Your Human and You? .. Wow, okay. I'm speechless. And I see your hint, (subtle, by the way), and the next chapter, alongside the chapter for Silver Spirit, which happen at the same time, are currently being picked apart by my editors... When they manage to emerge from hibernation. :twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

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