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Making a game, writing a book, doing a screenplay, writing a fanfic, nothing is above me!

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Need help! A casting call. · 8:15am August 14th

hello, I am Lord Krahtorra, as you probably guessed from the title, I need help. You see, I am working on making a game, if you have read my fanfictions or written with me, or even chatted with me, you probably know I have a great many original characters and thoughts, I am working on condensing, and perfecting my original content into this game!

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Thanks for the follow... my brigade is growing! Here's 9 Star Points (✨ x 9) to start you off! (If you don't know, Star Points are an experience point system in Paper Mario. I named my point system after that one, and I give Star Points to people who do nice things for me, such as reading my stories, giving me advice, taking my advice, etc. Earn 100 and you level up, just like in Paper Mario)


No so much of a 'hive mind' to say, but they do have some free will, just that all changelings are ruled over by the Bloodlings. The Changeling Queens are the leaders of their swarm indeed, but obey to their rulers. The Hive Empire is ruled by Bloodlings, Changelings are just the peasants and mid class in their society. More will be explain on this subject as I write more chapters. I understand your way of seeing them is much different then mine, but remember, this is an AU story. Anyhow, hope you do good in writing your stories here (though I have't read them) and good luck!

-Grave Walker

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