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Humans in Equestria that have been turned into Pony's, or any other creature not human. Even if they look human but aren't, that is acceptable.

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I have created a group for stories where mares(Females) are the dominant gender. Matriarchy (Mare Dominant)

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Looking for a story where a human is turned into the spider boss from The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

Can a folder be made where its every story this group has collected just so we can have a look through it all with no separation?

I have a question, would this story fit into the game crossover folder, or not?

New body old mind folder

Human turned pokémon...???

Could you add a Vampire folder?

can I ask a question here? I don'T do much in the groups itself since I find mostly cancelles or incompeted stories a year ago, so I don't know for sure if this is the right place.

Anyway, is there a human turned into maneiac story? she or he doesn't has to be evil, them acting as an missunderstood Villain or that guy turned maneiac waking up in a cell or while being catched by the power ponies would be okay too.

I'm also interessted to see a guy turned maneiac being suddenly in ponyville or in Canterlot and not in the comic knowing not much about herself or the new powers they got.
Spike is not my favourite, but I can image him being one that maybe suddenly finds her there after he/she is calmly talking with Celestia or something.

Well yes the question is, does someone knows a story with her that is not meant as a clopfic mainly or is interessted in writing one? I really want to read one suddenly

i made that comment a year and a half ago wtf

Alicorn sub-category to pony needed…

666 stories in this group?



Would a genetic experiment that looks like a dragon count as a dragon or not? (It's a chimera in the sense that it's a combination of other things)

368549 YES that will be very interesting to read

Hmmm how about human to ursa major/minor.

You know what would be intresting?
Human to hydra.

I think a folder about human turning into a known character from the show would be appropriate. (For example for stories about people turning M6)

I'ma just gunna join here. :ajsmug:

Human in Equestria as Draconequus hybrid

Hello. I was wondering what you people think of my fic Guilt of a Phantom. It is a danny Phantom crossover, and any form of helpful critique is welcome. And I am aware of the grammar/spelling issues, and I am working on that. :twilightsmile:

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