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Soul swap stories, Storys where they are Not "Themselves"

Any pony,Griffin, changeling, princess, background chr , or even a diamond dog.

Swap them souls and go for a crazy adventure.

From joining the fight for equestria to fighting for your next meal. Enjoy the soul swap and get the feels.

Make some , read some, or talk about these stories and share your ideas even if u can't make one somepony could pick it up.

Maybe even help pre-read some.

Let the fun begin.

(If anypony wish to make a Banner, Toss me a line)

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Any pony wanna do a RP?

so does spike fit in the main six folder

I'm wondering cause I'm looking for some stories about humans becoming that snarky awesome dragon whelp

Member number is 7 11
Slurpee anypony?

As of now, there are 666 members.

Seems like my kind of group. Swapping souls is almost as interesting as TF/TG (I <3 5s/4). One thing though: any idea why there are only eight comments before this one? The group has plenty of stories and members, and only eight comments... It's Is over a year old for Celestia's sake!

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


If you keep this group as well organised as it currently is (as in keep the folders neat as you fill/people them) then this group will definitely go places. I've already been using it more than a few of the bigger groups for similar purposes, so you're doing something right!

I also very much appreciate how the folders aren't all full of CGotG or pony earthverse since there are already many groups dedicated to them, and its irritating when groups about transformed humans artificially increase the amount of stories with them.

Good idea! I'm gonna write something with this idea! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

since my featured fic, Fluttershy Flutterguy is in here, i thought I'd join:raritywink::twilightsmile:

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Hey you added my story here! :yay: The other stories here seem pretty interesting. I guess you have your 100th member now :moustache:

If you need anything, message or drop a note on my page.

I'm here for the tboi spike

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