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Hiya! The name's Smiley! I just like to write really random stories in my spare time :P I also like to proofread other peoples stories, so if you are in need of one, send me a PM!

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Happy Early Nightmare Night! · 9:17pm Oct 22nd, 2014

Hey! Nothing like another mini unsaid hiatus from writing, right? Yeah, that tends to happen a lot. Anyways! See that over there? Yep! That's what I think it is! It's... a new story on the horizon!

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I'm baaaaaackkkk!! · 5:09pm Jul 20th, 2014

Hey, remember me? You know, that one person who posts really random stories and such? Well guess what? I'm back! Wow, it's been a while. These past few months have way to busy for me... plus I kind of lost the spark I had that made me love to write. But never mind that! My spark is back! And guess what else? I'm taking prereading requests again! So if you need a story that needs editing, send me a PM! It's okay, I don't bite. Well I still have a million unfinished story ideas right now, I think

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968055 I like your stories. Hey Want to check out a story called Ace Combat: Divided Feelings?

Ello Smiley :derpytongue2: I was wondering if your plate wasn't to full, could you perhaps Pre-read my fic. :twilightblush:

967743 Sure! Just send me the story when you can and I'll look over it. Sounds like a pretty interesting concept. :twilightsmile:

Hello out there! I am Smileyface1010 (just call me Smiley), and I discovered a little while ago that I'm pretty good at pointing out some problems/plot holes in people's stories. I would to love to help out some people by pre-reading their stories! I'm not afraid to criticize if I need to, wether it's good or bad criticism. So if you need a pre-reader, please PM me. :pinkiehappy:

Hi. I saw this. Now I may need some a pre-reader / editor / proofer for a fic I'm gonna throw to the world of fim fic. You down for the job? It ain't complete yet, but I'll send it to you once I am.

And if you're slightly curious, the story goes like this: Rainbow Dash takes care of a slightly unorthodox pet: a metal bear. It happens before the show begins.

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