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Changing Wax · 2:28am Nov 21st, 2018

Changing Wax by Jared Quan is a story I feel would be even more amazing, spectacular, etc if someone would cross it over with my little pony, because if you were to even check out the sinopsis on the back of the book you would see that the potential is near unfathimable in terms of the adventures that would happen with Bean, Drip, and Goranth
and the main six

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Thanks for the fav. :twilightsmile:

WE have business to discuss

KO thanks for adding my story into your favorites and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as well as you click the thumbs up button and tell all your friends about it! :pinkiehappy:(X60):rainbowdetermined2:(X50)

To everyone who loved the fic: Twilight Sparkle Listens to Sabaton. It's banned...on this site. You can still see it on FanFiction.net and, while I am still making my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty the priority, I will make a segual series: Equestria listens to Sabaton, that I will update occasionally until Lost Loyalty is finished. At which point, Equestria listens to Sabaton will inherit priority.

Thanks for the fav on Of Men and Insects! Hope you're enjoying/ enjoyed it!

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