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"Its red vs red and blue vs blue" its I against I but me against you is far from true


Crazy Dragon Ball Z/Super Idea · 3:23pm Sep 29th, 2021

So, I was just listining to music and reading some fanfiction of Dragon ball z where a guy becomes the copy of goku mr. popo has from dragon ball and has all of the memories of the guy and both goku and kakarot(preheadbonk goku)

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Thank you for adding Asriel Dreemurr, Prince of the Night to your favorites~!

whats better than two scoops of icecream, I would say a bowl with five scoops and a crushed cone sprinkled on top of it all.
its no problem I am very intrigued by the story and am enjoying it so far

What's better than one scoop of ice cream? Two scoops of ice cream! Thanks for the double serving of favorites on A Human, a Pony Princess, and a Mistake and Shattered Souls!

thank you for the fav!

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