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Just a casual reader and occasional writer. I know I make mistakes and I'll try my best to prevent them, but I write mostly to relax or just pass the time. Also English isn't my native language.

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Story Progress as of 21st of February of 2019

Balancing Forces:
Main Chapter => 17, Writing In-Progress with 3689 words so far
Side Chapter => 6.5, Editing In-Progress with 0 words so far

The Overlord:
Main Chapter => 12, Writing In-Progress with 985 words so far
Side Chapter => 3.2, Writing In-Progress with 128 words so far

Emperor of Light:
Main Chapter => 15, Writing In-Progress with 1583 words so far
Side Chapter => 8.5, Writing In-Progress with 498 words so far

Other Realms:
Main Chapter => 29, Writing In-Progress with 208 words so far
Side Chapter => No side chapter planned

Fic outside of Fimfiction.net and in my Fanfiction.net or Archiveofourown.org accounts

Return of the hero, an Adventure Time fic, here(FFN) and here(AO3):
Main Chapter => 4, Currently on Hiatus due to lack of inspiration
Side Chapter => No side chapter planned

Jaune-of-All-Trade and Master-of-Arms, an RWBY fic,(being rewritten):
Main Chapter => Editing In-Progress
Side Chapter => No side chapter planned

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Thanks for the watch

I love the overlord story well written and i like how overpowered he is. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, for that particular fic I just add as I go along and I tend to focus mostly on Loki or other characters from the Thor line of comics or closely related characters. Frankly I treat it more as a written comic, however, consistency is one of my top priorities and I like to think I'm getting better at character interactions. Anyway, thanks for the opinion.:twilightsmile:

Your fiction, Other Realms is honestly one of my favorites that uses Loki as a protagonist. Your, grammar is bad yes, but not so bad as to be unforgivable or unreadable. In addition you write better then many I have read, and for someone who English is not their native tongue to get any of that out of a Hypercritical person like me is unheard of. Not because I care what your native tongue is but because I actually don't. So the grammar and syntax errors are honestly not an impediment to the story you are telling. Especially since there has been a marked improvement in both, I can honestly say that there have been many stories on this site that I can not say this about and that is from people who ARE native speakers and do not have this reason. You have done an amazing amount of development within Other Realms and I think have close to a complete unification of all marvel universes. You also show a complete consistency withing your own cannon and actually dropped Thor: Ragnarok from said cannon because it disagreed with the consistency you had already set up. These two things make your story vastly superior to many and an enjoyable read,

You deserve accolades just for that level of world building. I mean do you realize what you actually did. You pulled from the entirety of the Marvel universe, then came up with a logic behind it, figured out how everything worked, and then adjusted accordingly. All while telling us a rather nice story. A story of reconnecting with family, of playing against losing odds. Of a grandparent ending their isolation and finding family that they can connect to, Of rediscovering who one is, You do not give yourself enough credit, but with all of the work you did on Other Realms I personally do not believe enough credit can be given. You crafted a masterwork and although the story is ongoing it has yet to reach any kind of lul or bad plot that would signify a lack of direction. You seem to be moving with a comfortable pace , akin to floating down the Delaware Rive on an Inner tube, there may be rapids but mostly one just drifts were the water decides to take one. Startlingly enough this pace works in this story, where elsewhere it would be boring. My only complaint is watch how you set this pacing when you do your summary of events that are happening off screen. You have a tendency to rush through and while rapids can be fun, when they are unexpected they are not so much and can be quite jarring. Otherwise just keep doing what you are doing and I will keep reading and enjoying,

Keep up the good work.

Fair enough, just another nitpick while I'm at it: the avenger of Baldur a.k.a. Vali Odinson exists in Marvel Comics but he is a survivor from a previous Ragnarok while Vali Lokison exists without his twin and he is a sorcerer like his father. The Norse Mythology as humans know is a recollection from previous Ragnarok, I suppose that was a way for the comics to explain the differences between thier version and the original Myth, and that's without involving other mythologies in the mix. Let me tell you I had a huge headache consolidating all Mythologies in a single cohesive Family Tree using canonical information, a task made infinitely harder by the fact that all Primordial Gods or Elder Gods are a single entities across multiple Pantheons, and that without mentioning the fact that the Hyborian Age is canon in Marvel Comic, or at least in the 616 pre-Secret Wars, plus gods from Alien Pantheons, which includes Cthulhu Mythos to extend. Funny enough that makes Thor Hercules' great-great uncle since Thor is the son of Gaia, Jord in Norse Mythology, and Odin who is himself Gaea's great-grandson by a technicality since Gaea was confirmed to be Audumla in the Norse Creation Myth. Also Angrboda is the daughter of Echidna from greek mythology and Vârcolac from romanian folklore, the latter being a offspring of Chthon a Hyborian Elder God and originator of both Lycanthropy and Vampirism. As you can see incest and relationship with other Pantheons makes the task of making a Genealogical Tree a Herculean Endeavor, pun intended. At least I had fun while doing the research for my fic Other Realms, which is posted right here on Fimfiction.net, you should read and tell me what you think, forgive the poor grammar since it was my first story and I'm still editing it when I have time.

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