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"We're dragons. Basically, kind of a big deal." - Dragon Scout.
"Grass grows, sun shines, and brother - Dragons will burn you alive!" - darkstone57
"Professionals dragons have standards, be polite, be efficient, have a plan to burn everyone you meet." - Sniper the Dragon.

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Hi. Real quick, I've been trying to find a story but can't remember the name. The story takes place in an ice cave with a dragoness living in solitude. One day, a pony gaurd walks in and the two of them engage in a conversation on what a pony is. Can someone help me?

Git frostburned :flutterrage:

Sadly, I'm not a dragon, but Ina am working on a spell that turned me into one at will. After all, I DO have access to starswirl the beareded's library. May dragons rule forever! Huzzah!

Yep I'm going to like it here beware Night Blaze the guardian of the moon

Greetings everyone, I'm Peewee the Dragon a pleasure to meet you all!

I finished the dragon core dragons all of the yol yol yol dova alduin RAWRRR dragons

368438 Nice Tf2 reference i guess its more of a improvised one but still funny as hell!

Comment posted by Lady Maria deleted Feb 10th, 2015

Drem yol lok, braan dovah. Zu'u Kahdremonik.

A place I can call home.

Grass grows, sun shines, and brother - Dragons will burn you alive!

A force of nature!

Indeed, dragons are a big deal.

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