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Dragon Pony Hybrids are the best Hybrids.

Also know as Qilins and Kirins

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hi need help on which dragon lord would go with each year

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • November

and what cine would thy be

Uhm... I have a story that has an OC who can turn into a dragon... does that count?

This group is perfect for me! Lapis Snapper and her two siblings Ice Diamondclaw and Azure Fangs are Embrity (Rarity x Ember) kids, and I'm planning on making some SpikePie ones.

Hello members of the Dragon Pony Hybrid group!
Is the main character of your story a hybrid, dragon, pony or any other creature? Consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria! It is a group dedicated to organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind!
-Rising Dawn

20th member:ajbemused:

At first i thought "YES BOUT TIME THERE WAS A LONGMA GROUP!" *Looks at the stories* WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE SEX!?!?

I love this idea, partly because I have two hybrid Spilight children of my own I wanted to introduce, but mainly because so much Spike (older of course) and Twilight romance stories could be based on this alone, I'M IN!!!

Woo! Second joined member!

Woo! First joined member!

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