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Come one! come all! To the group celebrating one of the fandoms greatest creations! KIRINS! How could you not enjoy a good story about a Pony/dragon Hybrid? If you'd like to become an Admin just contact me. Rules are:
*Must contain Dragon/pony hybrid(duh!)
*Must have backstory(again, duh)
*Have fun!

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While nice to see group revolved around kirins and qilins they aren’t pony-dragon hybrids. If not mistake their scales on body are more like fish scales but often as strong as dragon scales. I also think they depicted with more elk or deer like features then ponies. Though most modern Kirin in anime, games, and such seem to give them slight equine look than original. Some even have a single unicorn born unlike antlers they often depicted T. But anyways look forward reading some stories around this race from this group. Shame they don’t have tags yet

Because a kirin is not a pony/dragon hybrid. OP is woefully undereducated.

370040 No, I don't want to argue about it. I was just expressing my irk with equating Kirins with pony-dragon hybrids.

Since then, I've managed to form a head canon in which pony-dragon hybrids are a subgroup of Kirins. This has, indeed, worked wonders for my buthurt.

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Wow. Pedantic, much?

Unicorns weren't ponies before MLP, either, Same goes for Pegasii. I do hope you're not going to argue MLP invented them, too.

370037 That is an equine-dragon hybrid. I still doubt that a pony-dragon hybrids existed before MLP, though.

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Today I learnt neither ponies nor dragons existed before this show.

Let alone in Ancient Chinese mythology

369965 Pony-dragon hybrid existed before MLP fandom? How so? :unsuresweetie:

Kirin existed long before this fandom.

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