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Come one! come all! To the group celebrating one of the fandoms greatest creations! KIRINS! How could you not enjoy a good story about a Pony/dragon Hybrid? If you'd like to become an Admin just contact me. Rules are:
*Must contain Dragon/pony hybrid(duh!)
*Must have backstory(again, duh)
*Have fun!

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Because a kirin is not a pony/dragon hybrid. OP is woefully undereducated.

370040 No, I don't want to argue about it. I was just expressing my irk with equating Kirins with pony-dragon hybrids.

Since then, I've managed to form a head canon in which pony-dragon hybrids are a subgroup of Kirins. This has, indeed, worked wonders for my buthurt.

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Wow. Pedantic, much?

Unicorns weren't ponies before MLP, either, Same goes for Pegasii. I do hope you're not going to argue MLP invented them, too.

370037 That is an equine-dragon hybrid. I still doubt that a pony-dragon hybrids existed before MLP, though.

Professor Plum
Story Approver

Today I learnt neither ponies nor dragons existed before this show.

Let alone in Ancient Chinese mythology

369965 Pony-dragon hybrid existed before MLP fandom? How so? :unsuresweetie:

Kirin existed long before this fandom.

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