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There is still a chance. We havent seen much of outside equestria. Lately a bit of Zecoras land now but there is still time to show a Kirin Nation like China or Japan.

Makes me wish we got to see them and the changeling at beginning of series. Sometime imagine that species of main six was Pegasus, unicorn, earth pony, batpony, changeling, and kirin. Seeing as they technically all have similar pony shape

China was the first. In the Jin and Ming the Kirin are described as dragons but in the Ming dynasty are described to have fish scales. Korean Quilin are more like deer or giraffes. Japan are more deer like with dragon features. In my culture, Vientiane and Thailand, the Kirin also have fish like scales. Each vary but all of them breathe holy fire from what I’ve read. I’ll say the Kirin are very powerful. In China they rank as a 3 tier Beast behind the Dragon and Phoenix. In Japan they are ranked #1 above the dragon. Dragons are gods and can form weapons that can kill gods in Asian mythology. That means the Kirins should be a power level around the princesses if not higher. They cannot die, age etc. They can walk on air and travel into the heavens.


Aren't the scales on the body of kirin fish scales not dragon scales and I do also agree that kirins are not half dragon or half ponies as that would be something else entirely. Kirins are supposed to be a peaceful species and only become aggressive by attacking the wicked. I still find it strange most people keep making kirins hybrid species between dragons and ponies for some reason. Nothing against them as some stories are interesting but kirins should be different. Im unsure If they breathe fire or not, I do not know much about their lore and what they are capable of.

Technically Kirins/Quilins vary throughout many cultures. The staple trait in mythology is breathing fire, 'flying' and scales. Kirins in all culture breathe holy fire to eliminate evil doers. Kirins can 'fly' by walking among the air, floating over grass to not disturb it and walking on clouds. Scales and their heads are always described as dragon-like while their bodies are parts of tigers or deers.

before i get into what i wanna say i first off wanna start with saying that this isn't a personal attack on this group or a critisizm against kirins in general just an honest to celestia personal oppinion (which i kinda feel entitled to as one of my stories got stuck in here without me even being consulted) I believe Kirins are NOT dragon/pony or dragon/equine hybrids. Kirins in mythology are said to be FLIGHTLESS and UNABLE to BREATH FIRE. now dragons don't need to be able to fly but the DO need to be able to breath fire to be considered proper mythological dragons. I personally do not believe Dragon/equine and dragon/pony hybrids should be even considered kirins but a completely separate species all together.

In fact if anyone had even taken the time to read my story i made it clear that my character WAS NOT in anyway a Kirin as he could both fly AND breath fire.

Because a kirin is not a pony/dragon hybrid. OP is woefully undereducated.

370040 No, I don't want to argue about it. I was just expressing my irk with equating Kirins with pony-dragon hybrids.

Since then, I've managed to form a head canon in which pony-dragon hybrids are a subgroup of Kirins. This has, indeed, worked wonders for my buthurt.

Wow. Pedantic, much?

Unicorns weren't ponies before MLP, either, Same goes for Pegasii. I do hope you're not going to argue MLP invented them, too.

370037 That is an equine-dragon hybrid. I still doubt that a pony-dragon hybrids existed before MLP, though.

Today I learnt neither ponies nor dragons existed before this show.

Let alone in Ancient Chinese mythology

369965 Pony-dragon hybrid existed before MLP fandom? How so? :unsuresweetie:

Kirin existed long before this fandom.

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