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Pony Hybrids. PM me if you have ideas for future folders.

This is not a transformation group, but hybrids can be made through transformation. However, for them to become a hybrid, they must show a balance of physical traits between pony and whatever creature they are tuning into. Here are some examples.

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Hey everyone, Im making a sequel for my story the hybrid and I want your hybrid OC to appear please if you want, send me in the mail your hybrid oc and personallity and traits

The son of Princess Eira and The Boundary Pokemon Kyurem... I have arisen.

Hey folks!
I'm kinda new on this Side, but have some OC-ideas to share :3

i'm half changeling queen and half alicorn style naga :) shapeshifting, magical power (alicorn of air( OP if you really think about your science)) and 2 types of mind control

not sure if i should put this in a blog or forum, but has any1 seen or written about the idea of a pony/chimera hybrid? it seems to me like a great opportunity to make a pony OC with multiple traits [ie. a snake or something similar for a tail, pheonix or dragon wings.etc..]

P.S. Ok, now I have time to continue my definition:
By now everypony already heard the story behind The Longest Night. Princess Luna was being ignored by everypony, nopony loved her. She got mad, turned herself into Nightmare Moon and assaulted Celestia. What is not know is that she did attack just like that, Black Lady had a plan. She wasn't that stupid to just kill Celestia. She wanted to rule, and to do so she needed an army. Luna Had few loyal Night Guards at the time but they weren't enough, and when she couldn't find more soldiers, she decided to make them. The Nighthoppers.
Now, at first glance this doesn't seam scary "the Nighthoppers", what could they do, jump at night? But that exactly why they are so terrifying, because they don't jump on legs, but on shadows. And they do so with the speed of shadows. Jumping Nighthopper is faster that teleporting unicorn. Yet in opposite to unicorn they don't vanish at point A to appear at point B. They actually move through that space, and they don't have to move in straight lines....

One of my OC: White Tulip
She is acutally a Pegasus-Nighthopper hybrid. Her mother works in Cloudsdale Weather Factory -Winter department, her father, Dark Claw, was a Nighthopper who died while escorting caravan to some other town.
What exactly is a Nighthopper? Well short answer: monster, living nightmare. Long answer: (gonna write later shameless clifhanger)

I guess you could count me as a hybrid. I'm a Pegasus who can change into a Draconequus

I think I'm half robot but I'm not sure. I do know a pony hybrid though. He's a wingless griffon. His mother is a Unicorn and the power of a Unicorn's horn was put into his front claws.

I watch a lot of doctor who and it reminds me of THE HYBRID he talks about in current times in season 9

I have a Pony that is hybrid with a Fox!! How is that? :yay:

I'll explain the Hellbloods in story form.

You don't see it on me, but actually I have the powers of a Hellblood.

Hellblood. The Darker Umbrum. The True Meaning of "Your Worst Nightmare."
The Killers of Nighmare Moon. S O M B R A ' S W O R S T N I G H T M A R E !

Hey, guess what hybrid I am................

Hint: RuN lIkE hElL!

Part Hellblood, Part Pony and also xenomorph.

I actually AM a pony hybrid, I am half-pony half-changeling.

MY fanfic is HUGE, like FoE huge, and while hybrid ponies may not be the main focal point to my story, they are definitely present. Half-changelings, half-demons, half-dragons, cyber ponies, steampunk ponies. These are all hybrids that will be present in my story and more. I want to get my story out there, spread it around, and since my story caters to a wide demographic I figured I should share it with as many as possible!


Thanks for reading!

I'm trying to write a story about my OC who is Siren-Unicorn half blood. Can I post it here?

You need to put in a 'Half Human' folder, that's what I'm writing about y'know.

Hello members of the Pony Hybrids group! Is the main character of your story a pony hybrid, gryphon, dragon or any other creature? Consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria! It is a group dedicated to organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind!
-Rising Dawn

381922 do note that dragon ponies are larger than the average pony and their wings are about as large as an alicorns

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