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Sapphire the Gem

Please enter. No really come in, I'm delighted to have you here. I invite you to turn a page, pull open a drawer, peek inside a room, or slither into a nook. In fact, I insist.

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It's Been Awhile · 4:37pm Sep 8th, 2016

Hey hey y'all! I'm still alive and I'm still here. :ajsmug: I just haven't had much time to write and I'm still catching up on episodes of MLP. Some stories have been cancelled :raritydespair: while others I'm still working on, one measly sentence at a time. :trollestia: Anyway, I'm going try and be more active here, besides, this is where I made some of my first internet friends. :twilightsmile:

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My Favorites

A little BTW I have an O.C for every fandom, so...
Best Pony: Aria Blaze
Favorite of the Mane Six: Twilight Sparkle
Favorite Couple: Aria Blaze X Foxy the Pirate Fox (I have no regrets)
Favorite Dazzling: Aria Blaze
Original Character: Choral Flourish
Steven Universe
Best Gem: Sapphire
Favorite Crystal Gem: Garnet
Favorite Homeworld Gem: Lapis Lazuli
Favorite Couple: Sapphire and Ruby
Original Character: Blu Topaz
Five Nights at Freddys
Best Animatronic: The Mangle
1st Game Favorite: Foxy
2nd Game Favorite: Mangle
3rd Game Favorite: Phantom Freddy
4th Game Favorite: Plush Trap
Original Character: Misty the Cat

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You're welcome, :twilightsmile: and thank you for the watch. :pinkiehappy:

You have just been to generous. The comments, the favourite, the like, Too good! Call me easy to impress, but you just got yourself a friend.

2031553 You're most welcome.:twilightsmile:

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