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Pinkie Pie was enjoying a day with Twilight Sparkle, shopping for supplies for Rarity's birthday party. All is going well until they pass by some items in candy store. Pinkie didn't see the price tags and decides to take some. As soon as Twilight discovers this not only does she make Pinkie fess up and tell the truth, but, also humiliates her in public (which is very hard to do).

Just a silly idea. (Like most of my stories :facehoof:)

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Just a silly idea. (Like most of my stories :facehoof:)

I's okay. You only seem to have two of those published here, so that still holds true if you use a relaxed definition of "most" and this is the only story based on a silly idea.

Will read later.

I really enjoyed this, I am not sure where Pinkie was embarrassed in public but I sort of see it. The story was wrote great so I don't see where the dislike came from but I will like this story.
Thank you for the entertainment.
I am looking forward to more of your work.

You should see that you find someone to look over your story for grammar and stuff before you publish it. If you want to, you can contact me for your next one.

Pinkie stealing and pushing away her own doubts like this seems a little bit off, as does Twilight being physically abusive out of anger.
Apart from that, nice one.:pinkiesmile:

I really liked it . How about later on when Twilight steals something like a book , or fluttershy a new animal ?:rainbowhuh::pinkiehappy::heart:

Interesting idea. I'll have to think about it. :raritywink:

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