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When Sonata's wish to be a pony for a day comes true, the Dazzlings are stunned. But shock soon turns to chaos as Sonata, only 1 1/2 feet tall, makes her friends' lives a nightmare. Can Adagio and Aria make it through the day with their sanity intact? Or will they sucumb to the sheer adorableness of an adowable wittle Sowawa? :rainbowkiss:

Featured 12/31/14, 1:50 a.m.! Thanks a bunch guys! :pinkiehappy:

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Well, I have been confirmed to have Sonatabetes... I am not going to have it cured.

5444273 Fool.

It is a fatal disease with no cure.

You will die of HNNNG before the hour is out...

5444300 then I only have two words for it: worth it!

OH GOSH! You really did make a story about my little sketch! OMIGOSH! THE FREAKING STORY IS SO CUTE! I have to admit that I had a few 'HNNGGGG' moments! And laughing moments aswell! c: Overall this is such a diabetic story :D

I...I had a cuteness-induced heart attack and died.

BUT HEED THIS WARNING, TENNIS MATCH FAN!!! You have unleashed upon the world this Sonatabetes, and while it may be all fun and games now, imagine if it was weaponized. Imagine if the weaponized Sonatabetes strain fell into the wrong hands. It could cause the end of Humanity and Ponykind as we know it...
The wrong hands--->

Do not let the Nazi Vampires use it! It will be World War III!

Okay, enough joking around. I really liked this story. I swear to God, some parts really did give heart palpitations, they were so cute!

This is the apotheosis of everything I hate about Sonata Dusk.

I smiled through the whole thing. When Adagio and Aria finally gave in to Sonata, it was great:rainbowlaugh:. Just about had a HNNNG induced heart attack when a saw the picture in the story. This is good stuff. (loved the addition of Dusk Shine, too:twilightsmile:)

This is both cute and heart warming at the same time!:rainbowkiss:

...I just caught a severe case of Sonatabetes. Thanks a lot. :trixieshiftleft:

I am going to be sick

The LD 50 of Sonata is about 500 mg/kg. Deadlier then metallic arsenic!
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!!! :pinkiegasp:


No. couldn't break me. See: I am like :ajbemused: ...

:rainbowhuh: What.. what's that feeling? :rainbowderp:

No. I WILL RESIST!!! :rainbowkiss:



A Challenger Approaches...

It's Breezie 6 V.S Tiny Sonata!



Who doesn't like Super Smash Bros at this point?

5444750 I can never resist referencing my crack ships! :scootangel:

"Your u watch her."


This story was just soo adorbs! I was hnnging like the entire way through... I think I have Sonatabetes now. XD

There were a couple grammatical/spelling errors throughout, but I won't list them here cuz I'm too lazy plus they didn't take away from the story too much.

So many daww moments and just the right amount of laughter. Great job.:twilightsheepish:

5445393 Thanks for pointing that out!

Can you do a fic in which Aria or Adagio turn into a baby pony like Sonata? That would be so cute!!!! :rainbowkiss:

This is indeed such an adorably heartwarming one-shot :rainbowkiss::heart:

This is the cutest thing :rainbowkiss: Congrats on the Feature, you rock! :rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::moustache:

5446436 I'd love to, but this took so long to write! :twilightsheepish: Art is almost as good, though. Let's start a trend! :pinkiehappy:

Dang it, I've got Sonatabetes too. THIS WAS ADORABLE AND FUNNY AND I LOVE IT! And it's just a few days shy of my birthday! BEST EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER! :pinkiehappy:

Totally worth being up at three forty-five in the anti-matter.

WE STILL HAVEN'T FOUND OUT ADAGIO'S TYPE. ((or if we have and I missed it, please fill me in))

Awesome story, though.

5451492 Um, which type are you referring to? :rainbowhuh:

5451492 Like who she's interested. Mostly on Tumblr, most of the Dazzlings/Adagio blogs have made "What's Adagio's type?" of person a running joke.

5451804 Probably the popular guys who can only match her beauty and amazing style. :raritywink:

5451808 True...

Celectia have Mersey it's so adorable

I'm gonna die of Sonatabetes now!!
It was too cute....:rainbowkiss: :heart:
TOO ADORABLE!!!:flutterrage:

5456799 I did this to murder you. :pinkiecrazy:

Me: Doctor, I'm sick.
Doctor: No, you're no-
Doctor: ...
Mom: ...
Dad: ...
Everyone: ...
Bronies: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But seriously, too adorable. :heart:

Not bad, I expected worse...

let us begin...

Sonata stroked the little fuzzball, feeling his warm, feathery down.

that feels wierd.

"One," mouthed Adagio to Aria, *two, three!" She pushed the door open and stared into the room. There was nobody inside.

missing a " there.

She placed another foot forward, not keeping her eyes off the lump.

I think it should be either: "not taking her eyes off the lump" or "keeping her eyes locked on the lump".

As Adagio stared at the repulsive creature, she noticed a jagged blue music on the pony's flank, layered on top of a pink heart.

jagged blue music note on the...

When she opened her eyes again, a pair of large magenta eyes was staring straight at Adagio.

were staring straight...

"I know. We were never this adorable back in Equestria, but she's so small, it's like the smaller you are the cuter you all,"

the cuter you get?

"We keep her out to sight,"

keep her out of sight.

A snickering sound made Adagio to turn around.

I think that "to" is not needed there.

Everything became to clear.

that one too. maybe "everything became clearer"

"Wheeee!" Sonata cried as she swung.

"as she was swung"?

'Now I've got you, little Sonata,"

should be a " instead of a '

As she sniffled, Adagio shot at a glare at Aria.

that "at" shouldn't be there.

"What if she's been always been this smart?"

that been shouldn't be there.

Adagio froze before she nodded vigorously.

i think it should be "before nodding vigorously".

Who would have guess, one day I would be begging Sonata?


"Or am I?" Sonata's smile morphed into the devilish one she had worn several bourse before.


Adagio sat up looked at Aria.

sat up and looked at...

Adagio stopped laughing. "Sorry.

I don't know if when you continue what the character is saying on the next pharagraph you can forget about the " at the end, but better be sure than sorry.

"Aria and I waiting for news of her death."

not sure if you missing an "are" there or just making a pun with Aria's name.

Aria clamped so hand over Sonata's muzzle.

a hand? her hand?

Sonata glared at her through curtains of tears.

"through a curtain of..."

Dusk Shine had gone; probably to call the cops and report a missing girlfriend.

was gone.

well, that's as far as I will get tonight. really fun to read.

5460433 I have a question about

When she opened her eyes again, a pair of large magenta eyes was staring straight at Adagio.

were staring straight...

Isn't "pair" the noun, if you took out "large magenta eyes" it would be "a pair was staring..."

Damn. I made a mistake. sorry about that. :fluttercry:
lets continue:

Adagio cried, dropping to her knees and patting Sonata on the head her sword.

with her sword.

"Let's go was this makeup off," Aria suggested, drawing a line down her cheek with her finger.


and that is all. I really had a good laugh at it all. ebola joke aside.

I think you gave me Sonatabetes... why else would I see a bright white light and hear my ancestors calling out to me?

Also, dat DuskDusk ship moment :pinkiehappy:

5465123 Welcome! I know some other people would want it to be a story.

If you have Sonatabetus and are on Medicare call us today for your free meter. You don't have to suffer any longer you can live a better life today."

Also I loved the fic, it was so cute and made me laugh more than a few times. Good thing I have Medicare though, because I was diagnosed with Sonatabetes as well.

HNNNNNNNGGG!! *drops to the floor dead from Sonatabetes*
Love this fanfiction, it actually gave me an idea for a spin off, but instead of just one of the dazzlings it happened to both Aria and Adagio, meaning I can make people suffer from Adagiobetes and Ariabetes XD! Unfortunately I've never made a proper fic.

5466919 This is a very open idea, so I wouldn't mind if you were to write a story inspired by this. :pinkiesmile: Rahkshi is already doing a similar story, though. :pinkiesmile:

5468413 Ah yes I do recall that, though hopefully he too doesn't mind and our styles don't clash for being too similar, as we might end up with different types of comedy or "story" if you could call it that :pinkiehappy:

I like the concept. Bookmarked for future reading. I have a lot of those to get to someday lol.

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