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You've found yourself in a rather awkward predicament with the Dazzlings. Will you be able to evade them, or will they find out that you're not from this world?

Sequel here: Not A Trick?

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Please continue....

5732813 I've never overly cared about the whole "sex" scene thing. I know lots of people enjoy it, but I can't say I'd write it very well.

I do, however, have a sequel in the works that follows after the events of Rainbow Rocks. Will post it ASAP, but it may not be for a little while. We'll get a slight bit of back-story from this one.

Also another sequel to follow after that, possibly, but I haven't started on it yet.

This seems like a good story. Will there be a sequel?

At *best*, this is a Teen rated fic, not a Mature-rated story.

5732976 Yes there will, it's in the works right now! :D Hoping to post it within the next week!

5733041 Ah thank you for the advice. :) I was afraid it'd fail moderation if I didn't post it as mature. I shall try it if I can!

He just couldn't start running in the 90s when the phone call was interrupted could he? I would've outran them if i was running that speed.


Well, Mature usually requires explicit content, whereas teen can stand mentions of it up until the act itself.

I tend to avoid second-person/Anon fics, but this was awesome. And your Adagio is perfect.

Take my likes.

5733364 Where would he run to? :)

5733413 Thank you! :D I had fun writing it, though I had certain doubts about uploading it here. xD Now I feel a bit more confident about uploading the sequel which should be done within a week or so.

5733549 Did you forget hallways and spots to hide in? Bully scholarship edition motherfucker

5733722 hahaha well yes there IS that xD

The last scene was confusing. Was he texting Sunset after Adaggio captured him and while she was sucking him?

5734240 He only got a partial voice message before Adagio broke his phone. :P

I'm really looking forward to the sequel for this story. Very well written story you've created my friend.

He's about to get three boxes...

"Oh, believe me. I've had bigger things than this in my mouth..."

That's what she said!

I like it but i hope you're not really going to end it there. We didn't even get to the good stuff. Any chance of seeing some more chapters?

5735058 I kinda wanted to, but I've tried it before and it turns out terrible! :P I just don't think I'm cut out for writing those kinds of scenes...




Alright, you guys get your wish. :P A second chapter is in the makings. I'm not terribly good at this, but I shall do my best! xD

I'll also have to remember to set the story back to "Mature" once it's uploaded. ;)

5735675 I dunno why I hadn't thought of that... ;-; I suppose in my mind I pictured them walking around the school doing exactly that, but I just never put it on paper lol.

Why didn't that idiot just send a text message? Or use headphones?

keep this story coming its amazing

That was excellent, I love cat&mouse stories.Favorite.

Thank you guys for all the favorites. I've done my best to keep up with all of them, but I had 150 more when I woke up this morning.

My reaction: media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9hu6suqzL1ruo07t.gif

I just can't get to all of them, so I'm sorry if you haven't received a thank you from me. I really do appreciate it! xD

While I was originally writing this story, I had no intentions of uploading it because I was afraid of what kind of feedback I'd get from it. Now, I'm surprised I hadn't done it earlier, and I am surprised at how popular it has already gotten.

You guys are wonderful :) Thank you!

5737234 Thanks! xD It's been fun to write!

Ha! Read it before it was featured and look! I have worked DA MAGICKS! :coolphoto:

I suggest this song for at least one read-through.

This is interesting, and my first EQG fic, if not the last one I'll be reading.

So is it just after school hours? If so, shouldn't there be a janitor or maybe a principal or staff member still there to lock up?

Still trying to figure out why Anon ran, :moustache:

Cause adagio is a crazy. Itch who wants to rape him

"Mmmh, who says I've had my fill?" She moans, "I'm only just getting started..." She gestures to Aria and Sonata. "We've got a surprise for you..." The three of them drag you into a nearby classroom where they've laid down a queen-sized mattress on the floor. "Who knew this place had a bed?" She smirks evilly. "I think this will do just fine..."

the dazzlings (minus sonata) remind me of the kankers, now this further proves my point.
but after reading one part over, anon/I am an idiot for not texting sunset....

5738989 this comment alone made me want to read this story (loved ed, edd and eddy as a kid), but makes me wonder, should it have an adult tag?

When three girls that hot try to jump your bones and you run the other way, you better have a pretty convincing reason... like, you're married or you play for the other team, or... somethin', :applejackunsure:

5739074 w
Maybe he wants to save himself

5738989 omaigawd yes please xD

Oh hey Trevor, nice to see you again.

I liked the story, excited to see where it goes from here.

5739074 Actually xD He's afraid that they'll torture him.

I suppose that makes sense... if the Dazzlings 'tortured' me I'd probably tell them whatever they'd like to know, :raritywink:

5739300 Mmmmh :) You'll find out soon enough. Next chapter is in the workings.

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