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A blizzard has hit Canterlot, and because of it, schools out. Sonata uses this as an opportunity to show Aria and Adagio just how fun winter can be.

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I like how in the beginning Sonata was like "I FUCKING LOVE WINTER" and other two are just looking on with hate in their eyes basically thinking "I hope winter gets ass cancer and dies" But end the end they all enjoy it yaay:yay: ..I don't know what's wrong with me today...

Good to know that Sonata loves winter. :rainbowlaugh:

Aww I absolutely loved this :heart:
Winter being my favorite season, I'm glad to see some of my favorites sirens enjoying it too :rainbowkiss:

Simply marvelous and very well done once again :twilightsmile: Can't get enough of your amazing stories keep up the amazing work! :twilightblush: and another awsome story to add to my fav's yay:yay:

This was such a enjoyable story, seeing the sirens in a different way is nice. A sisterly relationship I wish we got more. :yay:

That was a really nice read.

I miss snow. My winter was nearly snowless. And I´m that kind of guy whowould most likely act like Sonata. Not only because she is best siren, but I love playing outside with family and friends in the snow.

A few things should be edited here and there, but all in all it was enjoyable,


all three donning jeans, hoodies, and jeans.

Are you trying to make up for the fact that Sonata wore gym shorts a size too small in your last story by giving her more pants in this one? :rainbowderp:

(j/k, you know I love you, :trollestia:)

What is snow like? I've never seen snow. (Eeyup. Sue me.) I've only seen the cheapo shredded ice they use at Snow City when I used to live in Singapore.

Oh god, you really had me at the end. I love a good pun :rainbowlaugh:

More cute Sirens please

:rainbowkiss: That was adorable!
Dem puns...
Wow! I mean, I knew there would be a blizzard in NY, but, just... Wow.

5562879 Well when you ignore the fact it can freeze up the road, cause accidents, create traffic and come in blizzards, it's BEAUTIFUL.mentalfloss.com/sites/default/files/styles/article_640x430/public/111798556-565x376_1.jpg

Never change Sonata Dusk. Never change :rainbowkiss:

Cutesy names for all three Dazzlings found! :pinkiehappy:

'Dagi' was obvious, I've only heard 'Ari' a few times, but 'Nata' is a first for me. Probably because the only ones likely to be close enough to her to use a term of endearment don't really seem the types to do so.

Poor Nata. :pinkiesad2:

5564390 oh they use it. When no one's around :pinkiecrazy:

For all who knew about the snowstorm: It didn't drop any more than 5 inches on NY. TheNewYorkBrony is in Long Island, which got nailed with 10+ inches of snow. The storm was originally a coastal storm that was supposed to make landfall and go west. Instead, eastern wind currents kept it at bay and it went north to Canada.

This was cute and I love it, keep making more please. X3

SOUNDS AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

Do not apologize, all these one-shots were great. I can only hope to get more of them.


5564423 You're gonna end up like that last guy who made stuff short and sweet like this: piss out a featured story whenever you feel the need to.

“Wait, where ya goin’ Dagi? You should just stay! You’ll have an ice time!” Sonata called to her.

“Yeah Dagi, why don’t you just chill?” Aria joined in with a smirk.

“I’m not listening to either of you!” Adagio shouted as she stomped up to the back door.

Sonata ran after her, laughing breathlessly. “Aw, c’mon Adagio don’t be such an ice queen!”


(Nice job.:twilightsmile:)

"You know better than to bother me before I've had my morning coffee."

I know this aspect of Aria well... :raritywink:

I enjoyed how you took the storm that wasn't quite historic and turned it into a snowball fight between the three Sirens! From the introduction of the breakco to Aria's puns at the end, it was a fun read! I have a feeling that Sonata's enthusiasm will eventually thaw out Miss Cheetos Curls. Great work!

5566346 that means a lot coming from you :twilightsheepish:

I never see any interaction between the Dazzlings and Spike.

I really enjoyed that story! You're very creative. It's also the first story I've read that wasn't one of mine on FimFiction. After only being on this site for a couple of months or weeks or so, it's pretty awesome! ^-^

Well, that was very enjoyable to read! I specially liked the part where Adagio laughed out of character XD I had a good laugh out of that :D Keep up the good work!!

Very cute, but noticed something

How in Aquastria can this be fun to humans?

Was that a joke I didn't catch or a typo? :unsuresweetie:

5974580 they're hypocampi so their from Aquastria the "equestria" beneath the sea.

"How in Aquastria can this be fun to humans?"


"Would you mind telling me why you're running through the house banging on doors like the British are coming?"

Alright, girl, don't get your hopes up.

I swear, Aria delivers the best one-liners. :derpytongue2:

7423684 or it's a typo. But I like your idea better

What a fun little story! I'm trying to come up with a fluffy oneshot about Aria, and this was just the inspiration I needed. The characters were on point, I got more than a few good chuckles, and the end had me laughing out loud.

A very cool story that I had an ice time reading. :pinkiehappy:

booo! haha im glad you liked it and that i inspired you! xD

well that was a dazzling time till Dagi got grumpy, ok I think I'm more of an Adagio because I don't like cold and it's snowing outside so lol😜

Sonata kicked her feet happily like a little kid as she set her waffle on the table. She took a sausage from the serving plate in the middle of the table and put it in the middle of the waffle. Then, taking the bottle of syrup she had placed down earlier, drizzled some onto the sausage and threw some cereal on the waffle before turning up the sides in a 'U' shape.

Gross :fluttershbad:

There must have been snow up to their knees. The front yard of their house was stacked high with the stuff. Icicles twinkled when the sun peaked out from the white clouds. It had to be at least twenty seven degrees or lower and it hadn’t even stopped snowing yet.They weren’t exactly dressed for this either, all three donning jeans, hoodies, and sneakers.

They really weren't prepared for this. :ajbemused:

Adagio ungracefully scrambled to her feet. “I did not!” She said defiantly. “I just, slipped up!”

Uh huh. 😒

I laughed so hard at the ice jokes at the end, this is such a good story. Having only been on this site for a few weeks or so, this is definitely one of my fav fanfics!! :pinkiesmile:

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