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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


Adagio always thought that she'd had everything in the palm of her hands. But that all came crashing down after the Battle of The Bands. Now her, Aria, and Sonata must find a way to navigate through this world in a whole knew light. This is the story of their new life as they take everything day by day. This, is life as they know it.

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Looking good so far...

Okay so it's pretty obvious what the pairings of this fic are gonna be but I'm gonna not say it Lol.

Sonata x Aria and Sunset x Adagio
Am I right:ajsmug:

fairly good, I like :ajsmug:
I hope to see soon the continuation :raritywink:

5959657 why wouldn't she be? I mean, yeah she defeated the dazzlings, but I'm sure it has probably crossed her mind that she was going to bump into a disgruntled siren who wants to kill her.

I'm liking very much what you have so far, specially how they're coping with their loss. I can totally see aria as a stress smoker, also good choice on their jobs they all seem very fitting for them. The only thing I don't like is the shipping but ehh since the story is looking good I guess there's nothing to do about it. I couldn't help but imagine adagio dressed something like this with a darker colored vest and skirt but without the smile of course:rainbowwild:

barley spoke to anyone

I wasn't aware that cereal grains were capable of holding a conversation, let alone that they were chatterboxes, :trollestia:

And then Sunset Shimmer was raped repeatedly over and over again and she began to like it. Calling it.

Let's see how this goes!

5959725 I imagine her as one of the strongest humans - she wouldn't have been feared by the entire student body if one of them could beat her up.

I liked the scene with the coffee hehehe :pinkiehappy: It's coming along well though, I'm excited to see where this one goes!

I would not be in the place of sunset :twilightsheepish:
I wonder who thought adagio? :trixieshiftright:
I'm dying to see what happens :pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for Chapter 2. xD This is really cute so far. :3

Ooh, really good so far. You have my attention.

Ooh, interesting! I'm really looking forward to seeing what Adagio's up to...

Sunset best be careful

FINALLY!!!! :pinkiehappy:
I've been waiting for this for a month!!! :pinkiesad2:
each time it gets better!!! :rainbowkiss:
please...do not delay in publishing the next chapter :fluttershysad:
please, if you do I get to mourn :raritydespair:
(kidding) :twilightblush:

interesting chapter :trixieshiftright:
I know you are busy :ajsmug:
I understand :twilightsmile:
a good story takes time :pinkiesmile:
good chapter :heart:
I waited patiently the next :scootangel:

Liking the story so far, though the college kids made me laugh. There's no way college kids wold leave a $20 tip, we're way to poor for that haha.

She had a special formula down for each kind of customer. For families she was polite and gave the kids free sundaes. For women on their lunch break, she commented on their appearance. And for the rowdy boys from the college a few blocks down, well, all she had to do was to put a little bounce in her step to show off her "girls" and there'd be a twenty dollar tip waiting for her.

I swear Sonata is smarter than people think. I'm liking this story a lot, I hope to see more soon.

This story sounds interesting. I really like your style and hope to read more soon.

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