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Hi! Name's Trebly. I love writing, guitar and gaming. Okay this sounds like a dating webpage profile bio HAHAHAAHAH Buuuut it'll suffice. :D


Sunset Shimmer needs some champagne, and ends up taking in an air-headed housemate and prospectively reform-able Siren. An uncertain friendship is formed as Sunset struggles to educate Sonata on how forming emotional ties with other humans works, and takes the former siren under her care in an attempt to change her for the better as the siren herself wrestles new vices and old hatreds.

Set in the EQG universe, right after Rainbow Rocks, before Friendship Games.

Rated Teen for alcohol use.

(Additional Tag - Sad)

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A nice start, will be watching to see where this goes.

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All this is missing is a reference to tacos or "for realsies" and yeah =/

Listen to mythrilmoth. Don't be one of those.

Aawww i expected Sunset to notice her empty bottle, but I guess I can wait till next time till the story realy starts. Was it late afternoon in the story? I was confused, why Sunset didn´t saw Sonata earlier, I mean how she looked like.

6500707 Okay thank you, I guess I didn´t noticed that part, but in the end I thought that it was probably rather late.

"I don't think they'd be so direct with their moves to gift you with books of such a... "come hither" sort, hmmmm?" She purred into her ears. "Those you conveniently placed under your bed...?" She let out a bubbly giggle before being shoved aside by a blushing Rarity.

lately every Human Pinkie Pie, is really foward in a way.

Should I stick a "Sad" tag here? just wondering. :/

I would say no till now.

Nice chapter, I think this story could get pretty could later, or even better.

Not sure if I said it here already, but in the few fanfictions I had read the last to weeks, there is always something similar to a pervet Pinkie Pie.

6526358 Yup, I realised that's the trend. It's fun too have her as that actually, but I plan to make her something more than a simple sex object further into the story.

>>to be honest, it is not that bad, but still a bit weird, but as long as she doesn´t looks like it wouldn´t mean more to her than just the fun I guess I´m going to like it a bit more.

Let´s just say, I hope that she isn´t trying to get everyone in the bed, that would look akward. To be honest, I´m still not sure how far the thing with the new type of Pinkie Pie goes.

edit: What´s even rare, seems to be a Pinkie Pie, that can have a serious moment with her special somepony, but even for an active Pony like her, I see now reason why she shouldn´t be able to do that.

6526445 A serious Pinkie Pie's not easy to write I think XD One would have to go all "Slice of life" or "Feelsy" mood, yet keep the bright enthusiasm Pinkie always has. Tone in writing! :D

6526763 Well I had one story where she was just like the Pinkie Pie we know, but she was able to have calm moments, or...let´s say she didn´t needed to overreact in every alone time with her special somepony.

Well It is the same with Rainbow Dash, an active Mare doesn´t means she has to be the most foward one, that was common for a while too. It probably still works like that in most of the storys. The same for Viny Scratch.

I kinda figured they regret mistreating poor Sonata

I like Aria rather much, nearly, or even more than Sonata, so I guess I´m happy to read that she is there too, in this story I mean.
At first I was not sure if I wanted to have only Sonata or not, but I really liked that chapter, and to be honest, I nearly thought the other Sirens, had a whole other job, as I had read their stage names.

Loving this story. Great work.

Well, this is escalating.

I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
Damn you! Now I have to listen to this song during this fic

7172772 Nope, but will take some time before things get up and running again, sorry

Huh. This chapter totally slipped by me.

Also, yikes. I can sympathize with Sonata, but still, yikes.

I only understood half of it, I mean I understood part of Sonatas problem here, but I don't exactly remember what happened between Sonata and them in this story so far.

7176310 do you know when you'll get back into this?

Excuse me but i think that 10 should be 11, unless there something i miss

I would like to have a new chapter please.

Oh, believe me 'Dagio she aaaaaaalright

Adagio rolled her eyes, a small smile playing across her lips. "Oh, shush Aria. It isn't often you find people who can recognise nail polish and their manufacturers." Tapping off a text on her mobile she hit send, looking up only to find Aria looking, a smirk plastered on her usually surly face.

Pffffff hahahahahaha really Adagio? Really?

“ Ria “
Huh. Never heard her nickname that before. It’s usually Ari. Five out of five mustaches for originality.

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